Updated on:
October 23, 2023

Safe drinking water is a basic human necessity. Unfortunately, more than one out of every six people still does not have consistent access to this vital resource. In underdeveloped countries, the situation is more acute.

This project looks at how the world’s water supply is currently and what may be done to enhance it. It is divided into parts about drinking water sources, treatment, and distribution.

The overview section discusses:

The sources section explains where water may be found on the planet and how these regions can be preserved. The kind of water sources available also influence the management approaches that might be utilized to make the most of each drop.

The treatment section looks at how humans and nature both pollute our water, as well as what may be done to clean it up.

Finally, since most people do not live near their water source, the distribution section discusses the many methods for moving or transporting water to individuals who utilize it on a daily basis.

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