9 Best Sediment Filters for Well Water — Reviewed And Ranked (2023)

By: Jake Gallagher | September 27, 2023

A quality sediment filter is your ticket to water that is free of sludge and other impurities. Yet while every sediment filter manufacturer claims their product is best of the best, too many of them are simply a waste of money. It’s all too easy to wind up with something that just doesn’t get the job done.

To avoid this potential disaster and get you access to clean well water, I went to work reviewing user manuals, talking with both happy and unhappy customers, and testing out a number of sediment filters myself.

After this two-month-long process, I am confident I have found the best sediment filters for well water.

In total, there are nine products worth considering, with three that stand out. Here’s what I found:

1. SpringWell WS1 Whole House Well Water Filter System — 9.80/10 (Most efficient sediment water filter)

  • Best sediment filter for well water on the market
  • Provides crystal-clean drinking water to the entire house
  • Durable and practically maintenance free

Get the SpringWell WS1 Whole House Well Water filter if you want a product that can clean even the dirtiest well water and provide clean drinking water to every faucet in your home. Reasonably priced for a whole-house system, this Springwell unit is built-to-last and requires very little attention to run. I love this unit. If I had well water, it’s what I would use.


What’s nice about the SpringWell WS1 Whole House Well Water filter system is that while super effective at filtering sediment out from your water supply, that’s far from its only function. It also oxidizes sulfur to remove that rotten egg smell from your well water, and the spin-down filter removes more dissolved solids than any of the competitors.

A lot of people worry about losing water pressure when they install a whole house filter, but this is not a concern with the SpringWell WS1. High flow rates keep water running through your system as if the filter weren’t there. The only way you can even tell it’s working is by seeing that crystal clear water run out of your faucets.

Installation was super easy and doesn’t take much more than an hour to do with the right tools. And thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled controls, it’s easy to monitor that the filter is doing its job and spot any performance issues before they become too serious.

After comparing all of these different choices, this SpringWell whole house water filter also provided the best tasting water of any of the filters I looked at, according to the blind taste test I conducted with my team. I would say this is the top reason to buy it, but taste remains subjective. But considering how well it did filtering sediment and other contaminants, I am not surprised it delivered such a delicious finl result.


I would say the only con is that the price may seem daunting to some. But whole house water filters aren’t going to be cheap, at least not the effective ones. SpringWell’s WS1 is right in line with its competitors in terms of price, but its performance helps set it apart as a better value.


The effecient and innovative filtration technology used in the SpringWell WS1 Whole House Well Water filter is second to none, which gave me no choice but to place it at the top of my list. If you want the best in sediment filtration from a brand with a solid reputation for quality, buy the SpringWell today.

Feature summary

Brand & modelSpringWell WS1
TypeWhole-house filter
Micron rating1
Max. water pressure150 PSI
Flow rate20 GPM
Filter replacementNone
CertificationNSF/ANSI 58

2. RKIN CBS 5 Micron Sediment Whole House Filter — 8.77/10 (Best budget sediment filter)

  • Fraction of the cost of other sediment filters for well water
  • Great at removing sediment, but not so great at removing other harmful contaminants

RKIN CBS sediment filter is hands down the best product when it comes to budget-friendly whole-house filtration systems, and it’s the perfect option if sediment is the only issue with your drinking water. But if you’re worried about other impurities, you’ll need to add on to this system to boost its effectivness.


While a budget option, the RKIN CBS sediment filter is shockingly effective at removing impurities from your water. The five-micron filter allows it to catch even the smallest particles.

If your well water has an extraordinary amount of sand, shale, soil, and silt, this filter can handle it no problem.

In addition to being cost-friendly and effective, this is a It is a cartridge-type filter that demands replacement every 12 months. It is easy to do and won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Since RKIN CBS is designed to filter water at the point of entry, it makes your water supply ready to use for other applications, such as laundry, water heater, cooking, and showering.

The RKIN CBS whole house filter is efficient and long-lasting and has an ergonomic design. It’ll fit well if you have a confined space.

The water is clear and feels good on the skin, like spring water. My laundry came out cleaner and there wasn’t any clogging in the pipes due to sediment buildup.

RKIN claims that the filter housing is made of bacteriostatic technology, which is a fancy way of saying it prevents bacterial growth inside.

Buying it won’t deplete your bank balance, as it only costs $249.99, and the company provides free shipment across the US. Plus, you don’t have to worry about its quality as RKIN gives a one year money-back guarantee on all its products.


I wouldn’t rely on this filter for drinking water because the main purpose of this filter is to clean dissolved and undissolved sediment in well water. You may require a UV filter placed in series with this unit if you want safe water for drinking, or you could purchase a separate point-of-use filter This one has only a five-micron filter, which isn’t enough to trap viruses and microbes.

The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System has a 1-micron rating for contaminants and thoroughly filters out sediment.


The RKIN CBS whole house filter is efficient and long-lasting and has an ergonomic design. It’ll fit well if you have a confined space. RKIN’s products are certified, and the company provides excellent customer service. If you want clean and clear water with little to no sediment, then RKIN is your reliable second option. Learn more about it here.

Feature summary

Brand & modelRKIN CBS
TypeWhole-house cartridge filter
Micron rating5
Max. water pressure125 PSI
Flow rate20 GPM
Filter replacement12 months
WarrantyOne-year, money-back
CertificationNSF/ANSI 58

3. Aquasana Rhino Well Water With UV — 7.88/10 (Great performance but high maintenance cost) — $1,399

The Aquasana Rhino whole-house filter lives up to its name and packs colossal cleaning power. It’s a high-performance multistage filter that meets all the water needs of an average household. Rhino is third on my list only because of the hefty price and maintenance costs.


The Rhino whole-house filter is a complete filtration solution for your house. It has a contemporary design different from the ordinary cartridge-type filters you’re used to. The Rhino sediment filter has two types of filters, called pre- and post-filters, that host the whole gamut of filtration process.

Furthermore, the water passes through UV radiation, killing all harmful bacteria and viruses. I could actually feel the difference in taste and color of the water. The water is much healthier, food tastes much better, and cooking time is reduced.

This unit can filter 500,000 gallons of water which, in layman’s terms, means it has five years of filter life.

This Aquasana sediment filter comes with a free installation kit that includes fittings, bend supports, and shut-off valves. It’s also less messy to replace the filters. You just have to remove the tank and swap it with another. That’s it. It also comes with a cool LED display that tells the remaining life of filters and the UV lamp.

Another good thing about this product is its five-year warranty, which is a relief considering the whole unit costs more than a thousand bucks.


Even though the Aquasana Rhino whole-house water filtration system is one of the best out there, it’s certainly not without some flaws. First, the whole system is only certified to reduce chlorine in the water. I like my whole-house filters to come with all the top-of-the-line safety certifications.

Second, the price tag is just crazy! It’ll cost you $1,399 the first time, and then you’ll have to spend $210 every year on the maintenance. Ain’t nobody got money for that.


This Aquasana Rhino whole-house filter system is a high-performance sediment filtration system. While it’s not as practical and reliable as the SpringWell sediment filter, I would still recommend it for clean and safe water. You can learn more about this product here.

Feature summary

Brand & modelAquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV
TypeWhole-house cartridge filter
Micron rating0.35
Max. water pressure100 PSI
Flow rate14.7 GPM
Filter and UV-light replacement6 and 12 months
Warranty5 years
CertificationChlorine reduction only

4. Viqua IHS12-D4 Sediment Filter for Well Water — $1,377

Viqua IHS12-D4 sediment filter is an efficient water filter, but it lacks performance compared to the top three filters on my list.

Viqua’s whole house sediment filter has all the latest gimmicks, like multistage water filters, UV sterilizers, and an end-of-life timer that makes everything interactive. I found out that the pre-filters actually do all the heavy lifting when it comes to sediment removal, while the rest of the filters and UV lights remove bacteria and microbes.

Since your main concern is sediment removal, these filters worked quite well, and I was satisfied with the results. However, at higher sediment concentration this filter failed to perform.

The brand claims to remove chlorine. I was a tad skeptical about this at first but was pleased to notice a reduction in the chlorine smell and an improvement in the taste and color of the water.

The flow rate is up to 12 GPM, which is okay for normal flow in showers and faucets. Although, if more than three facets are turned on simultaneously, you might notice a sudden drop in water pressure.

Viqua’s sediment filter for well water is easy to install and requires electric power to run. This particular unit consumes 50 Watts. Viqua’s warranty policy is quite odd as it gives different warranties for each component. You can claim the filter housing for ten years, electric components for three years, and UV lamp and sleeves for one year.

One thing that bothered me straightaway was that Viqua doesn’t have any certifications for its products except for its UV lights. Moreover, the whole unit costs $1,377, which is quite expensive considering the added cost of replacement filters.

5. Waterdrop WD-WHF21-PG Whole House Water Filtration System — $140

Waterdrop’s filter is a strong competitor when it comes to the top sediment filters. At first glance, it looks like a sturdy and durable purifier. However, there is an issue with its structure—it starts leaking right after installation. That’s why I put it in the fifth spot.

The issue is caused by brass adapters that might not be compatible with your pipeline. I recommend using a plastic adapter, as this solved the problem for me.

Waterdrop’s WD-WHF21 can hold its own against sand, soil, and silt. It’s also effective against chlorine and sulfur, thanks to its granular activated carbon filters.

Waterdrop’s filter delivers steady water flow up to 15 GPM. It’s not as impressive as SpringWell but can meet your daily requirements. 

Waterdrop WD-WHF21 is priced at $140 and requires filter replacement every three to six months. The brand only provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is disappointing, to say the least.

6. Culligan WH-S200-C Whole House Water Filter System — $89.99

I didn’t expect much from this product, since it only costs $89.99. Surprisingly, the Culligan WH S200 C performed quite well despite its low price.

It has an efficient filter that removes most of the sediment from water. Even though it has a 5-micron rating, the quality is subpar compared to the top bunch. Also, you won’t be getting higher flow rates, as it can only go up to 4 GPM.

Installing it wasn’t a pleasant experience either—the 1” threaded openings don’t fit properly into the pipeline. You may also need Herculean strength to open the casing for filter replacement because it gets stuck after some time.

In spite of that, it’s an excellent investment if you’re on a budget. I wouldn’t recommend this water for cooking and drinking. However, feel free to use it for other applications, like laundry and cleaning.

7. Rusco Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper — $65.95

The Rusco sediment filter features spin-down filtration technology that uses centrifugal force to separate debris from the water. You have to occasionally flush out the sediment-clad water, which is a hassle. Failing to do so will clog your Rusco sediment filter and result in a loss of pressure. 

The Rusco Spin-Down filter can capture average-sized sediment. Multiple polyester and stainless steel elements are available for this filter, ranging from 15 to 711 microns.

So to make it work, I advise you to have your well water tested and checked for the micron rating of sediment. Only install this filter if the sediment particles are greater than 15 microns.

Rusco Spin-Down filter is priced at $65.95 and requires biannual replacement of filter elements. The maximum flow rate these filters can handle is 25 GPM with 125 PSI pressure. One good thing about this filter is that the brand provides a lifetime warranty for the product.

8. SimPure Spin Down Sediment Filter — $35.99

Coming in at second to last position is SimPure’s spin-down sediment filter. It comes with two filter options, 40- and 200-micron rating filter elements. Frankly, it’s more accurate to say that it works best as a pre-filter in the water supply line, since 40 microns isn’t much protection.

SimPure’s sediment water filter only works for large granules of sand, slit, and minerals, the kind you can see with your naked eye. Anything smaller than that can easily slip through.

The SimPure is budget friendly, but it doesn’t come with a warranty, which is a big turn-off for me, and it doesn’t filter much anyway. 

9. iSpring WSP-50 Reusable Whole House Filtration System — $65.99

iSpring makes high-quality under-the-sink and reverse osmosis water filtration units, but they lack performance when it comes to spin-down filters.

It’s rated at 50 microns, which isn’t great, and has a flow rate of 12 GPM, which seems good, but the flow rate falls as sediment builds up. You must flush the wastewater at least three times a day to regain the flow rate. It’s too much of an inconvenience. I’d recommend the company add an auto-flush system like SpringWell’s sediment water filter.

The iSpring WSP-50 is priced at $65.99, which I think is still overpriced considering it requires a lot of effort and maintenance to keep the water flowing.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have gone through the list, I am sure you are ready to invest in one of these good-quality water sediment filtering systems. This ranking is a result of extensive research I performed to find the best filter available on the market.

After the rigorous process, it was a no-brainer that the SpringWell sediment filter for well water was the best of the lot. This product filters even the tiniest of impurities while keeping things convenient and easy to use.

SpringWell can filter sediment particles as small as 1 PPM and can maintain a 20 GPM flow rate regardless of continuous usage. So you can enjoy an uninterrupted clean water supply throughout the day. The filtered water is great for cooking, laundry, and cleaning. Furthermore, you can make it safe to drink as well by adding SpringWell’s UV purification system. It clears the well water from microbes and viruses.

The whole water filtration system costs around $2,129, which may seem pricey, but the lifetime warranty and low maintenance cost make it worth the price tag.

If you want the right sediment filter, one that ensures protection of your loved ones, then I don’t see any better choice than SpringWell’s whole house water filtration system.


Finding the best sediment filter wasn’t a piece of cake. To make my research authentic and manageable, I devised a methodology that helped me find the ONE. Here is what my month-long research looked like.

Step 1: List of the top sediment filters for well water

I must confess I was overwhelmed at first when I came across so many well water sediment filters available on the market. I narrowed down the list by choosing the ones with the most sales and popularity.

Since water consumption is directly linked to human health, I made sure to pick safety-certified filters with the right micron ratings. Finally, I got a list of 15 filtration products to start my quest. 

Step 2: Product analysis

Before moving forward, I gathered a list of specifications that must be kept in mind while sorting through these filters. My main goal was removing sediment in water, which is a combination of soil, clay, sand, shale, and silt particles.

This sediment clogs pipelines, destroys machinery, harms skin, and damages laundry. You may notice that I left the drinking part out. That’s because I focused on getting rid of dissolved sediment and making the supply clean enough for other uses.

This saves tons of money because water filters and treatment plants that make water clean enough to drink are way more expensive.

So, I compiled a list of critical elements to look for in sediment filters:

  • A whole-house sediment water filter attached to the point of entry
  • Easy to install and require low maintenance
  • Able to withstand the high pressure of the pressure storage tank
  • Able to capture particles as small as 5 microns, which is the average size of a dust speck
  • Able to provide steady pressure in the taps throughout the house

Step 3: Surfing through online reviews

Going through online reviews is a double-edged sword, so to keep things authentic I didn’t count the potentially fake reviews on company sites. Instead, I went to online stores and looked for only verified customers.

These reviews were an eye-opener; I found that people had many complaints about some of the popular products on my list. They ranged from frequent leakages to utter failure of the filter. After going through hundreds of comments, I struck off a few products from my list and was left with nine competitors only.

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

Online reviews can only get you so far, so I contacted real people with real experiences. Some of them are my friends, and some I happened to find online. I live in Michigan, which also happens to be the state with the highest number of domestic well users, so it wasn’t difficult to find real-life customers.

They gave me valuable insight into how filter quality is affected by long-term usage. Some had issues with warranty claims. Others weren’t too happy with the performance. I included everything in my scoring system.

Step 5: Interviews with the companies 

Keeping things fair, I contacted the companies. I asked them about the common complaints I read or heard about their products. Some brands had outstanding customer care services, such as SpringWell, RKIN, and Aquasana.

Others were not very helpful. They replied late or shared barely any information. A few of them completely ignored my emails and calls. I included this in my scoring system and ranked such brands lower. 

Step 6: Test drives

Moving on to the most important step: taking the contenders for a test drive. I contacted a local vendor and asked for samples to test. Fortunately, I was able to get all nine of the filters on my list. I attached all of them to my private well supply in a parallel fashion. The water in my supply line has total dissolved solids (TDS) of 1000 PPM and is mixed with tons of soil and silt.

I ran all sediment water filters for three weeks and monitored their filtration efficacy, flow rate, and pressure. I also examined the filtered water and inspected its quality. This was the final phase of scoring and analysis.

Step 7: Ratings

Once I had all the theoretical and experimental data, it was time to establish the criteria for ranking the filters. Here are key points I looked for in the best sediment filter for well water:

  • Ease of installation
  • Authentic certifications
  • Micron rating
  • Stainless steel mesh size
  • Filter type (for example: spun cartridge filters, pleated cartridge filters, and spin-down filters)
  • Low maintenance
  • Budget friendly
  • Warranty

After my extensive research, I found SpringWell’s whole-house sediment filter taking a lead on all fronts. It has the highest sediment-removing filter capacity and requires the least maintenance. If you need the most reliable sediment filter, learn more about this product at the website.

The Best Sediment Filter for Well Water

Determining the best sediment well water filter when so many companies are competing wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the extensive research methodology I followed.

The SpringWell performed extraordinarily well among the nine competitors and secured the number one spot.

Sediment-infused water can wreak havoc on plumbing lines and appliances, clogging tubes and leaving stains. And don’t get me started on cooking—everything tastes like dirt.

The SpringWell sediment filter counters all these problems efficiently and clears the water of all sediment. The water becomes crystal clear and feels as fresh as spring water. Here are some of the key features this phenomenal water filtration system has to offer.

  • 1-micron ultra-efficient rating
  • 20 GPM of steady flow rate
  • 1,000,000 gallons capacity
  • Interactive and automated technology
  • Certified components
  • Customized for a private well
  • Low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping through the USA

The SpringWell whole house filter is pricier than the average filter, but it’s not a one-trick pony. With inexpensive maintenance, superior quality, cutting-edge cleaning technology, and a lifetime warranty, it’s the right investment.

If you want a sediment-free water supply without having to worry about troublesome maintenance, check out SpringWell’s Whole House Well Water Filter System today.

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