The 7 Best Whole-House Water Filters for Well Water: Reviewed and compared

When buying a whole-house water filter for well water, you’re actually entrusting your entire family’s clean water supply to one system. So yes, choosing the right water filter can be daunting, and I totally get it! 

A good quality water filter not only improves your water’s appearance but also banishes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, organic compounds, heavy metals, and all kinds of sediments from your well water. 

To help you choose the best filter for well water, I have ranked the seven best water filters for well water after testing and reviewing them for six whole months! My research will definitely help you make the right investment.

Let’s get into it.

1. SpringWell WS1 Whole House Water Filter — 9.62/10 (Best overall filter for well water)

The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter is the best well water filter on the market because of its proprietary combination of air injection oxidizing and greensand filter media to remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in the well water, making it fresh and free of rotten egg smell. 


There’s a lot to love about the SpringWell WS1.

For starters, it offers a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute (GPM) and a water capacity of 100,000 gallons, which is perfect for a small to medium house with one to four bathrooms. If you need a higher flow rate to service a bigger house, upgrades are available.

If you have high iron content in your well water, you will notice orangish and blackish stains in your toilets and sinks, no matter how often you wash them. SpringWell is specifically made to tackle an elevated iron content in your well water. This system removes up to 7 parts per million (PPM) of iron, 1 PPM of manganese and 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide. The greensand filter also removes arsenic and radium.

What impressed me the most is its ability to clean itself using the backwash technology. Backwashing removes any accumulated contaminants in the filters and flushes them down the drain on a daily basis. You can also control the frequency of these cycles using the electronic head on the system.

If you’re a busy person and can’t keep a regular check on the filter, this unit allows you to connect it to your smartphone or tablet via an app and adjust the valve and pressure settings from anywhere. Once you have programmed the settings, sit back and relax, as the SpringWell filter will take care of everything by itself.

SpringWell has the best customer service. It has a live chat feature on its website where you can ask any query at any time of the day. 

Last but not least, SpringWell offers a six-month money-back guarantee for its WS series and a lifetime warranty on filter media, tanks, and valves.


SpringWell is the most expensive unit on my list. The second most expensive unit is almost half the price. This price may be out of budget for some users, but considering that it offers features that no other filter possesses, it is definitely worth the price tag. Investing in this unit means saving hundreds of dollars on regular maintenance and filter replacements. 


SpringWell manufacturers have done a great job combining greensand and air injection-oxidizing filtration systems to tackle iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. If you’re into DIY, installing this system will take you only an hour.

The backwashing process significantly improves the filter life and makes this system practically maintenance free.

It’s my fifth month with this unit, and I’m super satisfied! I haven’t experienced any drop in water pressure or water cleaning efficiency. The filtered water tastes fresh, clean, and delicious. So far, so good.

If you want filtered water that tastes fresh, clean, and delicious, from a water filter system that you can control from any device and won’t break down, you’ll find it in the SpringWell system

Feature summary

Peak flow rate12 GPM
Water capacity100,000 gallons
Min. working pressure25 PSI
Max. working pressure80 PSI
Operating temperature 36°–120°F
pH range6.5–10

2. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System — 8.77/10 (Best water filter at an affordable price)

The iSpring Whole House Water Filtration System wins second place because of its effective three-step filtration method and tremendous flow rate to tackle the needs of a big family. 

It ticks all the boxes of an excellent whole-house water filtration system that won’t break the bank.


The first thing I look for in a water filter is its ability to remove contaminants. What use is a filter if it doesn’t clean your well water, right? 

This iSpring WGB32B model works wonders to make the water pristine, not only in terms of removing contaminants but also improving the taste and color. Even the vegetables and fruits washed with this filtered water tasted better than before.

The secret is its three-step filtration process. The first step involves mechanical filtration through which any solid particles, dirt, rust, and sediments are removed. In the second step, well water is filtered through a CTO (chlorine, taste, odor) carbon block filter, which removes 99% of chlorine and cloudiness from the water. The last step filters out iron and manganese.

If you have hard water with total dissolved solids (TDS) greater than 700 PPM, you must install a water softener to improve this system’s filtering efficiency. 

This filter provides a flow rate of 15 GPM and a water capacity of 100,000 gallons, which is excellent for a family of five or more. 

You need to replace the filters only once a year. What’s more, you can activate your product’s one-year warranty and free lifetime technical support by registering online. 

What I liked most about this product was the detailed user manual and explanatory YouTube videos on how to install it. It took me only two hours to get it up and running on a nice Saturday morning. The iSpring customer service staff was quite amiable and quick to respond to my queries. 


If your well water has an iron concentration greater than 3 PPM and a manganese concentration higher than 1 PPM, this model is unsuitable for you. You can always go for other heavy-duty iSpring models designed to treat higher levels of TDS. 

If you have a high amount of heavy metals in your well water, you should check out other models by iSpring (such as WGB32B-KS) explicitly designed to tackle metals. 

Some customers reported leakage in this filter, but you can prevent this by watching iSpring’s YouTube video on how to use plumber’s tape correctly during installation.


The iSpring water filter offers a great deal and comes with all the bells and whistles at just $516.99. With three filtration steps, this device will make your well water squeaky clean and healthy to consume. It offers a high flow rate and huge water capacity to tackle the needs of a big family. 

Installation is a breeze because of iSpring’s detailed video tutorials. Moreover, you can always contact customer service and get immediate technical help. 

No other product on this list offers a one-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. If you have high concentrations of iron and manganese in your well water or want to improve the overall water quality, check out the iSpring website.

Feature summary

Peak flow rate15 GPM
Water capacity100,000 gallons
Min. working pressure25 psi
Max. working pressure80 psi
Operating temperature 40°–100°F
pH range6–11

3. Aquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV Well Water Filter — 7.56/10 (Best filter for removing bacteria and viruses)

UV filters are the best remedy for treating bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in your water caused by sewage or surface water runoffs in the wells. And what’s better than getting squeaky clean and healthy water in all your fixtures and water taps?

The Aquasana Rhino well water filter grabs the third spot because of its high-quality UV filtration system and long-lasting durability. However, I had a pretty bad experience with Aquasana’s customer service. 


The Aquasana UV filter has a dual-tank design that increases the water contact time with UV light and removes 99% of the microbes in your well water. This unit will provide clean drinking water throughout your home. 

This filter has a good flow rate of 14.7 GPM and a water capacity of 100,000 gallons. You can easily install and maintain it yourself using the detailed user guides.

Aquasana is kind enough to send you a free pro-grade installation kit that contains brass fittings, shut-off valves, bend supports, and extra filters. 

What sets this unit apart is its five-year warranty and a free trial period of 90 days. You can test the unit and return it within 90 days if you are not satisfied. Aquasana is willing to give a full refund, no questions asked. No other brand on this list provides such an offer, except SpringWell.

This unit can be easily counted on if your well water is prone to bacterial and microbial contamination. Moreover, my skin felt moisturized and healthier after bathing with Aquasana filtered water.


Aquasana offers a warranty, but it’s only valid if a licensed professional installs the unit in your home. This means you can’t DIY the installation process to save some bucks.

Many customers I contacted say Aquasana’s customer service is a “joke.” They don’t respond satisfactorily to your problems and make you pay for the shipping of the replacement unit. So, in addition to its high price, you’ll pay extra for installation and return shipping. 


The Aquasana UV filter is pricier than the rest of the recommended systems on my list, but it does an excellent job of removing microbial contamination from the well water. It has a great flow rate and water capacity—perfect for a big household. 

The system has a five-year warranty, and Aquasana provides a full money-back guarantee for the first 90 days of usage. However, you might have some trouble dealing with customer service. 

Overall, I’d give it an 7.56 out of 10. 

Feature summary

Peak flow rate14.7 GPM
Water capacity500,000 gallons for five years
Min. working pressure20 PSI
Max. working pressure75 PSI
Operating temperature 40°–90°F

4. HQUA-TWS-12 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter

The Hqua-TWS-12 is one of the most affordable well water filters on the market, boasting an effective sterilization process that kills 99.9% of germs and harmful microbes in your well water. However, it’s at the fourth spot because of its leaky structure and low-quality ballast. 

HQUA UV water filter’s high-quality lamps and quartz sleeves work in tandem to kill microbes. According to the manufacturers, this lamp has a life of 9,000 hours. The system comes with an extra UV lamp. 

For UV to work efficiently, your well water must be pre-treated to remove sediments, dirt, dust and heavy metals, such as iron, lead, and arsenic. In fact, HQUA has mentioned some of the conditions that must be met before you incorporate its UV filter. For example, iron should be less than 3 PPM, and manganese should be less than 0.05 PPM.

I’m not much of a plumber myself, but with a proper instruction manual, I can do a pretty decent job. The installation guide was fairly easy to follow, and it took me a total of 120 minutes to set up the filter from start to finish. Not bad!

The filter proved a flow rate of 12 GPM, which is good enough for an average household. 

HQUA offers a ten-year warranty for its UV chamber, a one-year warranty for the electronic ballast, and a six-month warranty for its UV lamps and quartz sleeves. I must admit, it’s a pretty good deal. 

However, after installation, I noticed a leak in the chamber. After contacting the customer service and troubleshooting the system according to their provided guide, I was able to rectify the issue. 

Some customers I interviewed complained about the ballast beeping red all of the time after a few weeks of installation. Although customer service kept sending help, the problem surfaced again after a few weeks. HQUA could put some effort into improving its ballast’s quality.

5. Pro+Aqua Elite (pro-100-E) Whole House Water Filter

Pro+Aqua Elite filter is another whole-house filter offering three cleaning stages at only $445. 

The first stage removes all kinds of sediments from well water. The second step is designed to handle contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide, lead, iron, manganese, and chromium. The third stage is the filtration through an activated carbon block made of coconut shells, and it removes chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides, providing you with fresh, healthy, and tasty water.

This filter boasts three stage filtration but it’s down at fifth place because of its inefficient design. Moreover, the system itself is too big! It is a foot tall and requires a strong bracket to mount on a wall.

What I do like about this unit is the stainless steel pressure gauges that show the water pressure levels, so you know when it’s time to change the filters. 

Although Pro+Aqua provides a one-year warranty, it doesn’t provide extra filters with this unit. You will have to buy another set of filters that will cost you around $120. 

Some customers were not happy with the quality of the pressure gauges. According to them, the gauges stopped working after a few weeks, and they had to get them replaced. 

Others reported that it stops filtering out contaminants after some time. It’s best to invest in a durable product that cleans well water consistently and efficiently, like the Springwell WS1.

6. Express Water Whole House Water Filter

Express water filtration system is yet another three-stage water filter available at an affordable price of only $449.99. The Express whole-house filter for well water offers a flow rate of 15 GPM and a water capacity of 100,000 gallons. It also includes three pressure gauges for easy monitoring. 

According to the company, this filter can clean 52 contaminants from your well water, including dust, sediments, chlorine, rust, volatile organic contaminants (VOCs), and total organic carbons (TOCs). Depending on the dirt and contamination level of your well water, you’ll have to change the filters within two months.

I faced no hassle while installing this unit. It’s made of high-quality materials and doesn’t leak. After using it for only a week, I noticed my filter turning brown with all the dust and contamination from my well water. My skin felt fresher than before, and I could feel a big difference in the taste of my well water. 

The only downside is that you’ll have to change the filters every two months. If left unchanged, the filters become a nest of algae and fungi. 

The frequent change of filters only adds to the total cost of this system, which in the end, is not really worth it. 

7. Aquaboon Whole House Filtration System

Aquaboon tries to attract customers by offering a free mounting stand, but that cannot cover the fact that its filter can’t clean the water efficiently, which is why it’s in last place. 

This water filter system offers three filtration stages: sediment filter, carbon block filter, and granulated activated carbon filter (GAC). It offers a flow rate of 15 GPM and a water capacity of 100,000 gallons. It also has pressure gauges that are used to monitor and determine water pressure.

The major problem with this system is its low-quality structure, which leaks a lot. You will need tons of tape to wrap the joints and threads to stop the leakage. At one point during the installation, I got so frustrated that I had to take a stroll in my garden just to calm myself down. This is not a good option if you have a short temper (like me)! 

Instead, go for a unit that does not need tons of tape to prevent leakage, like the SpringWell WS1 unit.

The Bottom Line

After whittling down twenty whole-house filters, I can confidently say that the SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter is the best water filter system on the market. 

This filter fits the bill for both medium and large households. It uses an air injection oxidizing filter combined with greensand filter to remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from your well water. SpringWell significantly improves your water’s taste and color and banishes odors, making your water fresher and healthier. 

In addition, SpringWell offers a six-month money-back guarantee with lifetime warranty on its tanks, valves, and filter media. This unit comes with a detailed installation guide, and you can watch tutorials on the website for a seamless installation. 

SpringWell effortlessly ticks all the boxes for the best whole-house filtration system. For more information, head to the SpringWell website


In this section, I’ll give a detailed account of how I researched the best whole-house water filter for well water. 

Well water doesn’t work the same as municipal water, and there’s actually quite a bit more to consider when dealing with well water, for example, pumping your water from your well into your home. For more information about well water pumps, click here.

To establish the best whole-house filter for your well water, I applied the following six-step methodology and analyzed all the necessary features required in the best whole-house water filtration systems. 

Step 1: A list of popular whole-house water filtration systems

The first step was to make a list of all the popular whole-house water filters on the market.

After scouring the internet for a few hours, I found eight best-selling filters on online stores like Amazon, Lowes, and Walmart, but I didn’t end my search here.

I sent a WhatsApp message to all my friends and family and asked them about the filters they use in their houses. And to my surprise, I got a lot of replies, even from the people with whom I hadn’t talked for years!

By the end of step one, I had a meaty list of twenty whole-house water filters.

Step 2: Online reviews

This step was dedicated to reading and skimming through thousands of online reviews left by verified customers on the internet. I kept the notepad containing the list and a cup of coffee beside me while I visited different online marketplaces and read what the customers had to say about each model. 

This helped me filter out five of the worst water filtration systems from my list. 

Step 3: Interviews with real customers

The next step (and my favorite one) was to contact the verified customers and my acquaintances who had these filters installed in their houses. Some customers were kind enough to invite me to their homes to observe the system and taste the water. Others sent me videos of their units and described their experiences in detail. 

This step took up my whole weekend, but I ended up making a lot of friends and eliminating a few more units from my list.

Step 4: Testing the filters

This step is a continuation of the previous step, as I kept in contact with the owner of the filters and asked them to report their experiences six months after installation.

I went to see the units myself and documented the changes in the cleaning efficiencies of their filtration units. Some systems were performing with the same efficiency while others started leaking a lot and stopped filtering out the contaminants from the well water. 

Step 5: Interview with manufacturers 

In the previous step, many customers mentioned “poor customer support” while narrating their experiences. So I decided to contact the manufacturers and discuss the problems their customers frequently face. Not everyone knows how well water works, so sometimes a conversation with the manufacturer can help consumers understand the functioning of its products. 

These conversations gave me an insight into how each company tackled their shortcomings and how it planned to improve its services. 

Step 6: Product analysis and ranking

Now that I had plenty of information, I decided to make a scoreboard and rank every model. Here are the most important features an average well owner looks for in a whole-house water filtration system:

  • Filtration stages
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Taste, color, and odor of filtered water
  • Flow rate
  • Water capacity 
  • Leakage 
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Durability 
  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Customer service 

This stringent evaluation helped me strike off a few more filters, and now I was only left with the seven best systems. 

In the final stage, I evaluated the last bunch of whole-house filters and ranked them from #1 to #7 based on their performance, durability, and cleaning efficiency. 

These factors are essential in making sure you get a quality filter for your home. If you have problems with iron in your area, read my article about the best whole-house iron filter for well water. And if it’s sediment that’s mucking up your well water, find out the best sediment filter for well water.

The Best Water Filter for Well Water 

After six months of hectic research and analysis of the leading water filtration systems, I can safely say that the Springwell whole-house water filter takes the lead on all fronts. 

It offers a range of features that no other filter currently offers. With a flow rate of 12 GPM and a water capacity of 100,000 gallons, SpringWell can easily fulfill the needs of a medium to large household. The well water passes through an air injection oxidizing and greensand filtration system that effectively removes iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from well water. You can bid farewell to the off-putting rotten egg smell and the stubborn rust stains in your toilets and sinks. 

You can even control the SpringWell water filter from your mobile phone and tablet! It is super convenient, as you can check your filter’s working conditions and adjust valve settings or backwash cycles from your lounge or bedroom! And there’s no need to change the messy cartridges every month because your SpringWell filter will clean itself using the backwash technology.

This unit is available at $2,128.95 and comes with a six-month, full money-back guarantee. 

The SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System is the best option if you want a good-quality, durable, and efficient water filter at a reasonable price.