The 10 Best Whole-House Water Filter Systems: Reviewed and Compared 2022

Finding the right whole-house water filter is a tricky task.

There are many available options to choose from, but how can you tell one filter from the next? Do you even know what kinds of harmful contaminants you should be worried about? The last thing you want to do is pick a whole-house filter that can’t handle the capacity of an entire house!

To ensure you can find the right whole-house water filter for your home, I’ve spent five months reviewing, comparing, and ranking the best whole-house filter options on the market. Here’s what I found.

1. Springwell CF+ Whole House Water Filter System — 9.89/10 (Best whole-house water system for your home) $3,341

The Springwell CF+ Whole House System is the best whole-house water system for your home because of its ability to clear chlorine and deliver water that tastes like it’s coming straight from a natural spring. 

Its four-stage filtration system ensures that you’re only drinking, bathing, and washing your food with the purest water possible, and its impact is noticeable almost immediately. My skin felt softer, my vegetables tasted better, and my water lost the chlorine smell of a city pool in August.

One of the best features of this unit is its ability to filter water for up to nine months before needing a filter replacement. Most systems require a filter change every three months, which can add up over time. 


With the capacity to handle over 1,000,000 gallons of water, this unit is built for larger homes that use its fair share of water. It’s great knowing that your whole-house filter will be able to stand the test of time.

The moment I unboxed the CF+ system, I could tell it would positively impact my water supply. Everything was neatly packaged with strong, durable, and dependable parts with no cheap plastic components that felt like they were days away from failing.

Another thing I liked about the CF+ Whole House Filter is that it uses catalytic carbon as its filtration media. It’s far better at removing chlorine from my city-supplied water than activated carbon, and I found it improved both the smell and the taste almost instantly.

I noticed that the residue buildup on my taps and inside my sink basins started to clear up, and overall, cleaning became a lot easier once I began using the Springwell water filtration system. 

Customer service is huge when reviewing water filters, especially if installations get complicated (like this one did). The service team at Springwell went above and beyond to help me locate parts and install my system correctly, so it was operating at peak capacity.

One bonus, which turned into the best benefit that I didn’t even consider, was this filter’s impact on my skin. I usually suffer from itchy skin and always thought it was since I had a dry skin issue. After testing out the Springwell whole-house system, my itchiness has disappeared!

The one thing I hate more than anything is when a new filter drastically reduces the water pressure in my home, as most of them do. My showers are weak, and it takes a lifetime just to pour myself a glass of water. The best thing about this unit was when it came to overall water pressure, the system was, hands down, the best option. I noticed a slight reduction in pressure only because I was looking for it.


If I had to call out one thing about the Springwell system, it’s that it wasn’t that easy to install. If you have DIY knowledge and you’re capable of understanding what else you’ll need to add to the install to complete it, you will be okay. On the other hand, I went the route of a professional install, and I was glad I did. The installer knew what parts were needed to make the CF+ system work in my home, and within two and a half hours, he was done. 


Springwell’s CF+ Whole House Water Filter System is the best whole-house water filter because it delivers high-quality water without a massive drop in water pressure like most filters.

From its ability to filter larger volumes of water to its use of catalytic carbon as its filter media, the CF+ is the perfect whole-house filter for the entire family. Throw in Springwell’s epic customer service and the positive impact on my skin, and you’ve got more than enough reasons why Springwell’s CF+ Whole House System is my number one choice for your water purification needs.

While the CF+ has a slightly more complicated installation procedure, its ability to deliver great-tasting water without compromising water pressure puts it in a class all its own.

If you want a complete water filter that maintains powerful pressure, contains catalytic carbon media, and results in much healthier skin and hair, get the Springwell CF+ Whole-House Water Filter System here.

2. Pentair Pelican Whole House Water Filtration and NaturSoft Salt-Free Softener Alternative System — 7.93/10 (Incredibly clean tasting water but lacking in water softness) $3,319

Pentair’s Pelican PSE2000-P is #2 because it delivers fantastic-tasting filtered H2O, but it also comes up short for overall water softness.


The Pelican PSE2000-P delivers water that is right up there with the quality of my number one choice. Its taste and clarity are pretty similar, and I had no problem drinking water from my fridge’s water dispenser. Even my ice cubes tasted better.

It also did a great job removing all the chlorine present in my water supply. After testing the water supply, I was happy to see it had cleared up so well because of its sediment filter.

Installation was more accessible than my first choice, but not by much. I had all the extra parts I needed, making it easy to put them together. It took me three and a half hours to wrap it up successfully. 

I also noticed an immediate impact on my laundry, of all things. My towels and clothes started feeling softer once I installed the Pentair Pelican, and even my bed sheets felt more comfortable than before.


The big downside to Pelican is that even though it’s supposed to improve my water softness, I found that it made a minimal impact when erasing the effects of hard water. My shower and bathtub even appeared to be a little worse due to the built-up residue it created. It seems like the included water softener alternative is no match for a real-deal water softener system.


The Pelican PSE2000-P Whole House Water Filter is my #2 recommendation for the best whole-house system because it delivers clear, refreshing water with impressive chlorine reduction.

While it doesn’t deliver the same water pressure or the fantastic customer service that the Springwell CF+ comes with, it’s a reliable second option.

If you’d like to know more about Pentair Pelican PSE2000-P Whole House Water Filter, you can learn more about it here.

3. Aquasana Rhino — 7.78/10 (Best for removing bacteria and algae) $4,935

The Aquasana Rhino is #3 because while it didn’t make a big difference in the amount of sediment in my shower, and it has a few too many filters to replace, it’s still the best for removing bacteria and algae.


Overall, the Rhino has a more straightforward installation process and was one of the most effortless out of all the whole-house filters I tested. The system was pretty much a plug-and-play situation save for adjustments I had to make due to my house’s water pipes being further apart. The entire system is quite large, though, and took up more space than I expected it would.

The best thing about the Rhino is that it utilizes bacteriostatic media to ensure the system is actively restricting bacteria and algae from growing inside of it, which is always a concern. The downside of this is that to add the UV filter I had to spend another $700.


For a whole-house filter system, the Rhino has a unique filtering process, which is a plus for sure, but that means there are more filters and parts to swap out in future. By opting for the five-stage system, which includes salt-free conditioning and a UV filter stage, I created more costs for myself down the line.

When I factored in the size of the system, the cost of maintaining it, and the fact that I had to buy more to get the system I needed, the choice was clear. Even though it’s a very efficient system that delivers great tasting water, I decided that the Rhino belonged in third place.


Aquasana’s Rhino is #3 on my list because while it can be costly to upkeep and the system is quite large, it still produces great filtered water.

You’ll get far more clarity and flow rate with Springwell CF+ System, but if you want to learn more about the Rhino, do so here.

4. US Water Systems BodyGuard Plus Whole House Water Treatment System — $3,150

The BodyGuard Plus Whole House Water Treatment System takes the number four spot because its carbon filter can last for up to five years before you need to replace them.

The system itself is very sleek, and its two-stage process means there aren’t too many pieces to be installed and it hides away very well. It did a bang-up job at knocking quite a bit of chlorine out of my water supply.

The fact that I had to pay $200 extra to make the Bodyguard Plus a two-stage system was a bit of a downer, if I’m being honest. I don’t think a primary sediment filter should have to be added on. Not including a pre-filter is one of the big reasons this water filter ended up in fourth place.

I also didn’t like that even though it would be five years until I had to purchase a replacement cartridge, the replacement itself would cost upwards of $900. Yikes.

With the cost of the US Water Systems BodyGuard Plus seeming to grow over time, I would go with the Springwell CF+ Filter System instead.

5. Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Filter — $1,673

Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Filter uses catalytic carbon and coconut shell granular activated carbon to supply crystal clear drinking water.

This system comes in three different sizes, and you can even use a smartphone app to track your water usage. The bells and whistles are terrific when you first get the system, but my interest in them diminished pretty quickly.

The sediment filter cartridge replacements are crazy expensive compared to the rest of the tested filter systems. You get surprisingly little out of the filter for the price tag.

With its higher price tag versus features and the expense of maintaining this system down the line, it’s pretty clear that my first pick, the Springwell CF+ System is the best bang for your buck.

6. SoftPro Whole House Catalytic Carbon Filter — $1,000

The Softpro Catalytic Carbon Filter has a lower cost while delivering a flow rate well worth its price.

This whole-house water filtration system did an admirable job of removing chlorine from the water supply while increasing storage capacity. A bonus is that it doesn’t require electricity to function correctly, which was a pleasant surprise.

A big downside against this water filter was that it actually raised my water hardness, resulting in a bad lathering experience in the shower and adding the cost to buy an additional softener.

With softer water and all-around better taste, the CF+ by Springwell delivers far better value for dollars spent.

7. NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System — $499

This filter’s unique pressure gauge eliminates the filter change guessing game. It gave me peace of mind knowing I wasn’t pulling filters too quickly or too late.

It’s an excellent filter for buyers looking to save a little money but access all the features that come with the heftier price tag. 

The unfortunate part about the NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Filter system is that it’s super bulky, and I had a really tough time fitting the unit into the space it needed to go. 

Another downside was that it didn’t come included with a bypass valve. That means that filter replacements and any needed maintenance would require me to completely shut off my water. Not cool.

The NU Aqua 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System features a wide board of options, but with the extra valve needed and the size and look, I would stick with the CF+.

8. Express Water Whole House Water Filter — $399

The Express Water Whole House Water Filter system does an admirable job of removing sulfur from the water supply.

This three-stage water filtration system’s gauges work well, and it sits nicely in its housing unit. Getting a view of the filters through the little window on the first stage housing unit is quite helpful for determining when it’s time to change your filters.

After a few weeks of using this filter, I could already see that it wouldn’t be long before I had to switch out the filter cartridges. I could see maintenance costs being an issue in the near future.

Compared to the complete system you get with the Springwell CF+, the Express Water offering feels like a cheaper imitation that can’t compete.

9. Home Master Whole House Filtration System — $356

This system has a great price point and a straightforward installation as well.

The Home Master HMF2SmgCC Whole House Filtration System is a solid choice for cleaning out sediment and total dissolved solids for those looking for a budget whole-house filter.

You get what you pay for in life, and even though this unit does a fair job cleaning your home’s water supply, its cheaper plastic feel has me wondering how long it will be before it cracks.

Based on what I felt and saw of the Home Master, it won’t be long before you’re ordering new parts on the phone with customer support—the CF+ is by far the better unit.

10. General Electric Household Pre-Filtration System — $59

In my final choice for the best whole-house water systems, the General Electric GXWH35F Household Pre-Filtration System is the best you can buy for under $100 bucks.

Great at removing chlorine and basic sediment at a price that can’t be beaten, this system is basic in every way but does an admirable job of removing sediment.

It’s a basic unit, so if you’re looking for the bells and whistles that come with my first choice, you will not find them here. 

Although the GE system is a great starter unit, the CF+ by Springwell is by far a bigger and better unit.

The Bottom Line

After five months of extensive testing, I do not doubt that the Springwell CF+ Whole House Water Filter System is the best whole-house filter on the market today.

By using advanced catalytic carbon media, maintaining top-notch water pressure, and boasting a 1,000,000-gallon water capacity, this system can be counted on over time to deliver pristine water to your home.

Installation went easier because Springwell’s customer service team is one of the best in the business, and I noticed the difference in my water quality immediately. My hair felt softer and my soap lathered without any work at all. 

It even affected the taste and texture of the vegetables and fruit in my home after washing them with filtered water.

Although the setup was a bit more complicated than I would have preferred, the customer service team was fantastic at providing instructions so I could finish the installation properly.

If you want a whole-house water filter system that won’t affect your water pressure and is built to stand the test of time, get the Springwell CF+ Whole House Water Filter System today.


To help you find the best whole-house water system for your home, I spent five months ordering, installing, and testing over 25 different designs. Here’s a peek at how I did it.

Step 1: A big list of every product and service available

To begin my adventure, I spent three days scouring the internet and coupon savers to learn what filter options were available.

After I compiled a list of 25 different filter systems, I had a turkey sandwich and congratulated myself for completing step one of the process.

Step 2: Online reviews

After I finished my step one sandwich, I started researching the websites and reviews for the 25 house water filter systems I had selected. 

It turns out whole-house water filters are no joke. There is a massive market for them, and many house water filters appear to talk a good game but are, in actuality, pretty disappointing. 

After spending a day working on breaking down the reviews of different filtration systems and discovering the many reviews available for each water filter, I managed to knock 10 water filters off the list.

Step 3: Product/service analysis

When I began breaking down the features and benefits of the 15 water filters left, I had many questions about which house water filtration system was the best. I began by asking myself the important ones:

  • Was it possible to find a whole-house filtration system that was effective and wouldn’t reduce my water flow?
  • How many stages do whole-house water filters have?
  • Which filtration system could be counted on to handle the capacity of water I needed for my home?
  • Do whole-house water filters produce drinkable water?
  • Do I need multiple whole-house water filters, or would just one work?
  • Which of these filtration systems has the cheapest replacement filters?
  • Would I have to install a water softener as well?

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

From there, I figured nothing helps test a product better than reaching out to those who have used them for a while. 

I contacted two real-life customers of each water filter and asked them some questions regarding how they felt about their whole-house water filters after experiencing the filtration systems firsthand.

I found out that some hated them, some loved them, and some hung up on me straightaway.

Step 5: Interviews with Springwell, Softpro, and Pentair

After contacting real customers to find out about their whole-house water filters, I reached out to the filtration system creators to see what they had to say about their filtration process and the water filters they were offering the public.

All three companies I got a hold of were quick to call me back and set up a time to talk. They were knowledgeable and accommodating. 

Step 6: Test drives

I ordered and installed the 10 water filtration systems I had whittled the list down to and began to get to work. 

I installed each system at our city water testing facility and ensured that the same municipal water supply was used for each water filter, and began sampling the water over the five months. 

Testing included showering, drinking, and cooking with each sample of water.

Step 7: Ratings

You’re probably asking yourself how I arrived at my ratings for each of these sediment filters. I focused on these questions to develop a rating system based on what is most important for those looking for purified water:

  • Which water filtration system had the best capacity and water flow?
  • Which water filtration system delivered the best-tasting water?
  • Who had the most effective filtration media?
  • Which water filter was the easiest to install?

Best Whole-House Water Filter for Purifying Your Water

After five months of reviewing, ordering, installing, and testing, I discovered a lot about whole-house filter systems, carbon filters, industrial solvents, and volatile organic compounds. I also learned that most whole-house filters are crucial for cleaning municipal water supplies.

The Springwell CF+ Whole House Filter System answered all my questions, produced crystal clear water, and had a customer service experience like no other, and that’s why it’s my number one choice for your home.

It checked all the boxes and delivered these specialized features:

  • Undefeatable flow rate and unbeatable pressure
  • A large filter capacity
  • Catalytic carbon filtration media for removal of chlorine, heavy metals, and other organic chemicals
  • A low maintenance experience
  • A customer service team like no other
  • A system that cleans my drinking water, makes my veggies taste better, and my skin feel softer

While installing the CF+ is a bit tougher than most, the customer service team helped walk me through the process with ease and followed up later in the week to make sure things were still going great.

If you want a whole-house water filter that will keep your drinking water tasting great, retain your current water pressure, and deliver low-cost and low-effort maintenance, get the Springwell CF+ Whole House Filter System now.