The 7 Best Sulfur Filters for Well Water: Reviewed and Compared (2024)

Reviewed by: James Layton
Updated on:
January 6, 2024

Does your well water smell like rotten eggs? If so, you probably have hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfur bacteria in your water. 

The only way to treat the off-putting sulfur smell is to install a whole-house sulfur filter. But which one should you buy? 

I’ve spent four months researching, analyzing, and ranking the best sulfur water filters for your well water so that you can spend your money wisely and make a quick decision without wasting another day.

Here’s what I found.

1. SpringWell WS1 Whole House Water Filter (9.62/10)

  • The best overall sulfur filter for well water
  • Highly-effective, low maintenance, and equipped with a lifetime unlimited warranty

The SpringWell WS1 Whole House Water Filter is easily the best sulfur filter for well water because of its high efficiency, long life, and unlimited warranty. 

The air-injection oxidation (AIO) filter, combined with green sand resin, removes almost 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, 7 PPM of iron, and 1 PPM of manganese, removing that sulfur smell and making your well water fresh, crisp, and odor free.


There are plenty of good things to say about a SpringWell WS1 filter. 

SpringWell uses high-quality and long-lasting AIO technology to oxidize sulfur, iron, and manganese into solid particles, which are then mechanically filtered and flushed out. 

The contaminated well water first passes through an air pocket on top of the tank, oxidizing and precipitating out all the nasty compounds. In the next step, the built-in sub-micron filter captures these solid precipitates and releases only fresh and odorless water. The filtered water was so fresh that I gulped down a couple of glasses in a matter of seconds. No really, I did. It was quite impressive.

The SpringWell AIO whole-house unit comes in two sizes: one with a flow rate of 12 GPM to cater to a household with one to four bathrooms and the other with a flow rate of 20 GPM for more than four bathrooms. You can turn on multiple taps at the same time and face no fluctuation in the water pressure around the house.

The filtration process uses only one compact tank that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your basement and is easy to maintain and look after. Spending money and time on the maintenance of a filter is the last thing you want, and SpringWell understands that.

What intrigued me the most is its automatic control valve that does the entire job without your input. You just need to program it the first time, and voila! The tank will backwash itself, flush the captured toxins down the drain and regenerate without your assistance for the rest of your life. 

You can also connect the system to your smart phone and control the frequency and timing of backwash cycles. What I absolutely loved about this unit is that you can save tons of water by carefully setting up the backwash cycles according to the level of contamination in your well water, unlike other AIO systems on the market. 

I am down for brands that use certified components in their units. SpringWell uses only certified and tested components, which is why its units last a lifetime. But this is not all. SpringWell offers a lifetime warranty on its components and a six-month money-back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied (which is unlikely given the reviews), you can always return the product and receive your money back within six months.

If you’re handy, you can install this single-tank unit yourself. SpringWell also has a tutorial video on its website explaining the installation process. 


Some people may find this unit a bit pricey, but buying the SpringWell WS1 is a one-time investment. The price tag doesn’t seem too high if you think about not spending a penny on any other whole-house filter to treat sulfur for the rest of your life.


The SpringWell WS1 whole-house filter system takes the #1 spot because it’s a complete package to treat sulfur, sulfur bacteria, iron, and manganese. The system is guaranteed to take out every last bit of these contaminants and make your water fresh, healthy, and tasty. 

It uses a certified AIO filter to oxidize and remove solid particles. The automatic backwashing system will save you a lot of the time, money, and effort that goes into manual maintenance. 

Due to its high flow rate, the filter will not disturb the normal water pressure around your house, and you can turn on multiple taps simultaneously. Moreover, SpringWell WS1 is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. 

If you’re worried about the rotten egg smell in your well water and want to get rid of it for good, get yourself the SpringWell WS1.

I’ve prepared a comprehensive review of the SpringWell WS1 for those seeking additional information.

2. US Water Systems Matrixx Infusion Iron & Sulfur Removal System (8.70/10)

  • Effective filtration with a high flow rate
  • Much more expensive than other options without providing too much added benefit.

The US Water Systems Matrixx Infusion takes the #2 spot because, while it effectively removes rotten egg smell from well water, offers a high flow rate, and provides a good warranty on components, it’s too expensive. 


The Matrixx Infusion iron and sulfur removal system utilizes the oxidation and disinfection power of hydrogen peroxide to remove sulfur, iron, manganese, and bacteria in well water. The strong oxidation removes all the nasty odor-causing compounds, leaving the water tasting delicious and fresh. 

The high-quality chemical injector, combined with a control valve, injects a measured amount of hydrogen peroxide into the water. The configuration also contains catalytic carbon filters, which work best against iron and sulfur bacteria in well water. 

An added advantage of this unit is that hydrogen peroxide doesn’t leave any chemical by-products in your water. 

US Water Systems offers four different flow rates in this model: 10 GPM, 15 GPM, 20 GPM, and 25 GPM. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

The proprietary combination of the chemical injector and catalytic carbon is encased in a chrome tank that gives a sleek look and is super easy to clean. Like SpringWell’s well-water filter, the Matrixx Infusion can also connect to your smartphone and you can control it from anywhere in the house. You can program the backwash cycles, saving a huge amount of water that is otherwise wasted in unregulated backwashing.

I applaud US Water Systems for using NSF-certified components in its units. I also appreciate the generous warranties on its valve electronics, carbon filter valves, precision injection panel, and carbon tank.


Although you can find a detailed installation guide on the US Water Systems website, there’s no way you can install this water filter without a professional’s help. This will set you back a few hundred dollars in addition to the huge equipment cost. 

The Matrixx Infusion comes with a 10-gallon pre-filled hydrogen peroxide tank, which must be refilled every five to six months. Hydrogen peroxide costs about $12 per gallon and is typically more expensive than chlorine. 

Every time your tank runs out of chemicals, you’ll need to call the maintenance guy to help you refill it. So, expect to spend about another $1,000 annually on its maintenance. 

In addition, hydrogen peroxide is a weak disinfectant and doesn’t work effectively against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. To deal with microbial contamination, you might need to install an ultraviolet filter separately. 

Although it provides warranties on its unit, US Water Systems doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee like SpringWell does. No satisfaction guarantee on an expensive appliance is a bit of a red flag.


The Matrixx Infusion is the second recommendation on my list because it’s highly effective against sulfur, iron, sulfur bacteria, iron bacteria, and manganese. 

The combination of hydrogen peroxide and catalytic carbon oxidizes every last bit of iron and sulfur, removing the objectionable odor, taste, and color in water. 

All the components are certified, guaranteed to last long, and come with generous warranties. 

The Matrixx Infusion is a sturdy and reliable unit but is quite expensive. If you’re willing to splurge $2,994 on the equipment and an additional $1,000 annually on its maintenance and installation, you can learn more about the product here

3. SoftPro Iron Master: 7.50/10

  • Effective sulfur remover though not quite as good as other options
  • Much more affordable, making it an excellent budget option

The SoftPro Iron Master whole-house sulfur removal filter effectively removes sulfur and iron from well water using AIO technology, but it offers a low flow rate and requires high maintenance.


SoftPro’s whole-house iron filtration system uses AIO technology, like SpringWell, to remove up to 30 PPM of iron, 5 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, and 7 PPM of manganese. 

You will get a flow rate of 6–12 GPM, which is decent for a small household. The system itself is easy to install if you’re handy. But you might need to maintain it regularly. 

The brand claims that its resin media is made to last up to 10 years, but if your water is full of gunk and has high concentration of iron, it may lose its efficiency and last about only 5 years. 

I like that SoftPro gives a lifetime warranty and six-month money-back guarantee. 


SoftPro is a sound filtration system, but I couldn’t rank it higher than third.

Unlike the SpringWell model, SoftPro doesn’t use certified components, so there’s no guarantee this unit will last long. The website claims SoftPro is IAPMO and NSF certified but I couldn’t find any more information regarding the certifications.

Furthermore, SoftPro’s flow rate is not as impressive as the first two recommendations on my list. It’s good, but it’s not great.

Also, you can’t control the backwashing cycles using a smart device. Instead, you’ll need to walk down to the basement or backyard, wherever this unit is installed, and check the control system manually. These days, consumers expect a bit more convenience.


The SoftPro iron removal system will remove the rotten egg smell like magic. But when you’re buying a whole-house system worth more than $1,000, you expect it to at least have a high flow rate, solid certifications, and an advanced control system. 

Still, it’s a good alternative to tackle excessive iron and sulfur in well water, especially if your well water filter system budget maxes out at $2,000. If you want to learn more about the SoftPro Iron Master whole-house filters, check out the website.

4. Aquasana Rhino EQ-600 Whole House Water Filter System 

Aquasana’s EQ-500 is specially designed for private well water. This system is a good option if you have a combination of sulfur, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals in your well water. This upgraded model can eliminate rotten egg smell and chlorine compounds and make your water crystal clear and fresh.

All of Aquasana filter’s components are NSF certified.

The catch? It has a low water pressure rating of 7 GPM. After turning on more than two taps simultaneously, my tap water was reduced to trickles. 

Aquasana provides a six-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is a great package considering it costs only $749.

Overall, Aquasana Rhino is a decent, affordable alternative for removing sulfur in your well water, but isn’t suitable for large families.

5. iSpring WCFM500K Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Water Filtration System

The iSpring Water Filtration System earns a spot on my list because it produces great-tasting water by removing up to 20 PPM sulfur and 12 PPM iron and manganese. This sturdy unit can filter five million gallons of water, meaning it can last for about 10 years.

iSpring provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is quite underwhelming compared to the six-month money-back guarantee from SpringWell, especially considering its high purchase price of $2,449.

While the top contenders on this list provide a lifetime of warranty on their units, iSpring offers only one-year warranty. And if you want an extended 10-year warranty, you’ll have to pay an extra $2,500 in addition to the original price of this unit. This adds up to almost $5,000!

Why pay so much for this unit when you can get better performance and a free lifetime warranty at half the price from SpringWell?

6. Pro+Aqua Pro-Well-1E Whole House Well Water Filter System for Iron and Sulfur

I had to mention the Pro+Aqua Whole House Filter on my list of water filtration systems for removing sulfur smell because, besides sulfur and iron, this water filter claims to remove zinc, copper, lead, uranium, radionuclides, and heavy metals, all at just $600. 

This sounded too good to be true, so I performed at-home water tests of contaminated water before and after filtering the water. The water filter worked effectively against hydrogen sulfide and iron but couldn’t completely remove heavy metals.

Pro+Aqua provides a 5-year warranty and a lifetime of technical support, which is good enough for a product worth only $600. Some customers that I interviewed mentioned that this unit starts leaking after some time and I faced the same issue.

Overall, Pro+Aqua is a good option for the sulfur smell but don’t rely on it for treating heavy metals in your water. You can also expect to need that unlimited technical support.

 7. AquaOX for Sulfur Removal

AquaOx takes the last spot because it’s costly at $3,499 and is only suitable for a small concentration of hydrogen sulfide in water. 

According to the website, if the rotten egg smell is intense and you can smell it across the room after taking a shower, you need another unit called AquaOX RE edition ($1,999) in conjunction with this one. The total cost of this configuration adds up to almost $5,000, which is bizarre. You can find better sulfur removal systems with more features at half the price. 

AquaOX uses a catalytic carbon filter, KDF media, granite, and activated carbon filters to treat other pollutants as well. But this is not the best option if you need a filter to remove only large amounts of sulfur and iron. 

Bottom Line

After four months of extensive research on various water filtration systems, I can confidently say that the SpringWell WS1 is the best whole-house sulfur removal system for well water. 

It provides the best value for money by removing up to 8 PPM hydrogen sulfide, 7 PPM iron and 1 PPM manganese. The AIO technology, in conjunction with a catalytic carbon filter, removes all the soluble and insoluble odor-causing pollutants. It also boasts an industry-leading flow rate of 12 GPM and 20 GPM for medium to large households.

You can control this unit’s backwash cycles from the palm of your hand. Yes, just download the app for your smart device and connect it to your filter.

SpringWell offers a lifetime warranty on all its components and a six-month money-back guarantee. No other brand on my list provides such a superb offer to its customers.

If you want a whole-house water filter that produces clean and crisp water, takes care of the hydrogen sulfide smell in your taps, and comes with a lifetime warranty, SpringWell is the right choice. 


Hydrogen sulfide gas in well water is common but can quickly become a nuisance. To help you find the best sulfur whole-house filter for your well water, I spent four months researching, testing, and reviewing 20 popular water filtration systems on the market. 

If you’re wondering how I ended with my list of the seven best sulfur water treatment systems, keep reading.

Step 1: A big list of the most popular sulfur water filters available on the market 

I started my research with a simple Google search: the most popular sulfur filters for well water. After a few keystrokes and clicks, I gathered about 10 popular brands and their sulfur removal systems. 

But this wasn’t enough for me.

I picked up my phone and sent a text message to all my contact list, asking about the whole-house filters they were currently using for their water supply. And to my utter surprise, I got replies even from people I hadn’t talked to in years.

My list grew big, and I soon had a list of 20 sulfur filters. I called it a day and had a relaxing lunch.

Step 2: Online reviews of water filtration systems

After a refreshing break, I sat on my couch again, flipped open my laptop, and started reading online reviews of the products I had just listed in the morning. This step took me hours as I skimmed through hundreds of comments and reviews by people from different states. 

After a few hours of researching, I had enough confidence to strike out seven filters from the list due to their poor performance, false claims, unreliable systems, and weak flow rates.

This left me with 13 filters. 

Step 3: Product/service analysis

Before delving deeper into my research, I decided to brainstorm some crucial factors that made a whole-house filter the best on the market. This helped me judge the rest of the filters on my list a bit more strictly. I asked myself the following questions:

  • How efficiently does the water filter remove sulfur and sulfur bacteria?
  • Will it reduce the water pressure around my house?
  • Does the water filter improve my water’s color, taste, and smell?
  • Which of these water filters offers the best value for money?
  • What is the overall cost of the water filter (including installation and maintenance charges)?
  • Do I need an additional water filter with this unit to make my water drinkable, or is this enough?

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

I decided to call and email all the verified customers I could find to gain a deeper insight into how the filters were performing. I asked them about their experience with the water filters and how the model they purchased helped them improve their water quality and remove hydrogen sulfide. This step was my favorite because I ended up making a few new friends.

Some people were kind enough to get back to me after two months to tell me their experience with the sulfur filtration system they had recently purchased. This helped me cut four more hydrogen sulfide filters out of the list.

Step 5: Interviews with the companies 

During my interviews with customers, some people mentioned they had terrible experiences with customer service, so I decided to confirm that by calling the companies directly. Companies like SpringWell and US Water Systems were quick to respond to my queries and even set up Zoom sessions with company representatives. They were friendly and knowledgeable. 

I struck off two brands that proved they weren’t interested in confirming positive experiences or clarifying negative ones. 

Step 6: Test drives

Now that I had the list of the seven best filters, I decided to give them the final ranking by testing the quality of water they produced. I called the friends that I had made during the interview sessions and some of my family members who were also using the filters. They invited me to coffee (and cookies!), and I tasted and tested the water. That was one good weekend.

Step 7: Final ranking

So, it was finally time to give the filters the final ranking. I made an Excel spreadsheet and scored all the units individually against the following features:

  • The efficiency of removing hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Taste and appearance of filtered water
  • Flow rate 
  • Water capacity 
  • Certifications 
  • Cost of water filter (including installation and maintenance) 
  • Ease of installation
  • Warranties
  • Durability 

Best Sulfur Filter for Well Water

After four months of testing, reviewing, and analyzing whole-house sulfur filters, I can safely conclude that the SpringWell Whole-House Filter for Sulfur and Iron Removal is the best on the market for removing hydrogen sulfide gas from your well water. 

This sturdy equipment uses AIO technology to oxidize and remove almost 99.9% of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese from well water. No need to worry about changing filters because the system backwashes and regenerates itself without your assistance. One feature that will please you technophiles out there is that the system’s backwash cycles can be operated using a smartphone. The best part is that it doesn’t affect your water pressure no matter how many taps you run simultaneously

SpringWell provides a lifetime warranty on all of its components and a six-month money-back guarantee, which is the highest any brand is offering on the market right now..

If you want a whole-house water filtration system that lasts long, doesn’t break down, cleans your water effectively without changing the water pressure and demanding full-time maintenance, and offers superb warranties, get the SpringWell WS1 Whole House Water Filter today.

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