7 Best Whole-House Iron Filters for Well Water: Reviewed & Ranked (2023)

By: Jake Gallagher | September 13, 2023

Iron contamination in well water is so common that almost all homeowners have it at least once in their lives. 

Although a small amount of iron doesn’t pose a health risk, excessive concentration of ferrous iron destroys the color, taste, and smell of your well water. Not to mention the nasty yellowish and brownish scale it leaves on porcelain sinks and toilets. If you’re one of the victims, you’ve come to the right place. 

After researching and analyzing the most popular whole-house iron filters for well water on the market, I have ranked the seven best units that will clean your water perfectly. 

I documented all the details of my six-month research here so you can decide wisely. Let’s get into it.

Best Overall

SpringWell WS1

Flow Rate: 12 and 20 GPM

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on tanks, bypass valves, and filter housing

Removed Contaminants: Trap and remove iron, as well as manganese and hydrogen sulfide

#2nd Best Choice

iSpring WGB32B

Flow Rate: 12 and 20 GPM

Warranty: 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

Removed Contaminants: Iron, manganese, chlorine, pesticides, and industrial solvents

#3rd Best Choice

Matrixx InFusion

Flow Rate: 10 to 25 GPM

Warranty: 10-year warranty on valves and the associated electronics ; lifetime of warranty on the carbon tank

Removed Contaminants: Iron and hydrogen sulfide, iron- and sulfur-reducing bacteria

1. SpringWell WS1 Whole House Water Filtration System — 9.67/10 (Best overall iron filter for well water) — $2,128.95

The SpringWell WS1 Whole House Well Water Filter is the best iron filter on the market because of its high cleaning efficiency, durability, and self-cleaning capability.

This system uses a heavy-duty air injection system paired with a greensand filter to trap and remove iron, as well as manganese and hydrogen sulfide. 


SpringWell takes the lead among the iron filters on my list because it never compromises on quality. I’m all for filter systems that can last longer than five years with zero to minimum maintenance, and this unit ticks that box. 

The WS1 comes in two sizes designed for both medium and large households offering a flow rate of 12 and 20 GPM, respectively. 

It is built to tackle up to 7 PPM (parts per million) of iron, 1 PPM of manganese, and 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, leaving your water fresh, healthy, and odorless. 

This iron filter also eliminates the rotten egg smell in the taps due to hydrogen sulfide buildup. And you can finally bid farewell to the unsightly brownish scales in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. I could immediately note a big difference in the taste of my drinking water. Even food cooked in this water tasted yummier.

The combination of air injection oxidizing system (AIO) and greensand filter is one of a kind and not found in any other iron filter. SpringWell smartly utilizes the AIO technique to oxidize iron, manganese, and sulfur in the water passing through an air pocket. The oxidized contaminants are trapped in the greensand filter, which are later flushed out in the cleaning phase. 

SpringWell provides a detailed manual, and you can also watch its YouTube video on installation. If you’re handy, installing this unit will take only a couple of hours. The installation kit includes a filtration tank, bypass valve, electronic head, drain line, and hose clamp. You might need to invest in adapters and fittings according to the size of your water pipes.

One annoying aspect of water filters is maintenance. Some units require consistent and often expensive maintenance. The SpringWell WS1 system, however, has a built-in cleaning system that doesn’t require any maintenance. 

The best feature of this unit is its interactive Bluetooth control head that can be connected to your smartphone and tablet through an app. With just a few taps on your screen, you can control the duration of backwashing cycles, water pressure and valves. You can measure and adjust the pressure settings and backwash cycles from anywhere in your house.

SpringWell has won many hearts (including mine) with its six-month money-back guarantee. This just shows its confidence in its products. You can return this unit within six months if it fails to meet your needs. Moreover, the company offers a whopping lifetime warranty on tanks, bypass valves, and filter housing. 


Some people may find this unit very expensive. But considering it’s only a one-time investment and does not require regular maintenance, it can save you a lot of cash in the long run. 


The last thing you want is an interruption in the clean water supply due to a malfunctioning filter. I’ve been using this iron filter for six months, and it has truly made my life easier. 

SpringWell‘s proprietary AIO and greensand technology filters out ferrous iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from well water. You will feel a significant difference in the taste and freshness of your drinking water. 

If you want to permanently get rid of the iron and rotten eggs smell in your well water, visit SpringWell and get a WS1 for your home today.

Feature summary

Peak flow rate12 GPM
Water capacity100,000 gallons
Min. working pressure25 PSI
Max. working pressure80 PSI
Operating temperature 36°–120°F
pH range6.5–10

2. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System — 8.77/10 (Best iron water filter at an affordable price) — $516.99

The iSpring Whole House Iron Filtration System deserves second place on my list because it offers a three-stage filtration system that removes iron, manganese, chlorine, pesticides, and industrial solvents in well water. 

This unit comes at only $516.99 and is affordable to all. 


iSpring uses a third-grade cartridge specifically designed to filter out iron and manganese from well water. 

The first filter is responsible for filtering out sediments and silt greater than 5 microns without clogging the cartridge. The second step utilizes a carbon block filter that removes contaminants from well water, making it fresh and odorless. And the last step removes iron and manganese up to 0.01 PPM. 

I’m so glad my friend let me examine his iSpring filter. The water tasted really fresh and healthy. 

This system offers a flow rate of 15 GPM, which is good enough for a small to medium household. You can shower and use other taps simultaneously without fearing a pressure drop. iSpring’s water capacity is 100,000 gallons, which can easily provide a whole year of clean water. However, to ensure quality, it is best to replace the filters within 10 months.

The system is pretty easy to install. If you face any problems, you can contact iSpring’s customer service or read the detailed installation guide. 

iSpring provides a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. And all of its components are NSF certified.

If you have hard water, iSpring recommends installing a water softener in tandem with this unit.


Unlike SpringWell, this filter can tackle only 3 PPM of iron in your well water. If you have a higher concentration, iSpring cannot help you. 

Moreover, this unit will require regular maintenance and filter replacement. 


iSpring is a great option if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your filter. At just $516.99, it provides many features and efficiently cleans your iron-contaminated well water. But if you have a high concentration of ferrous iron in your well water, you should go for SpringWell WS1

Feature summary

Peak flow rate15 GPM
Water capacity100,000 gallons
Min. working pressure25 PSI
Max. working pressure80 PSI
Operating temperature 40°–100°F
pH range6–11

3. Matrixx InFusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System — 7.56/10 (Best filter for removing iron and sulfur bacteria) — $2,606

The Matrixx InFusion iron filter by US Water Systems has made its way to the third spot because it targets iron along with iron bacteria. However, this unit is the most expensive on my list. 


The Matrixx InFusion utilizes the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide and oxidation to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide. It also claims to remove iron- and sulfur-reducing bacteria. 

This unit worked great for my well water with iron and sulfide greater than 7 PPM. 

I only judge a unit on its cleaning efficiency, but while installing, I just couldn’t ignore its strong and durable build. It’s made of high-quality plastic, and a dual-tone finish steel. Such premium quality and NSF-certified components are hard to find.

US Water Systems offers four variations of this unit, with flow rate ranging from 10 to 25 GPM, to cover all household sizes. 

Like SpringWell, this system is also equipped with backwashing technology that removes the contamination from the filter every two days. You can even program it using an app and control the backwash cycles, oxidation level, filtration rate, and valve pressure.

It won’t require maintenance, except for refilling the hydrogen peroxide tank. 

It comes with a 10-year warranty on valves and the associated electronics, 5-year warranty on the injection panel, and a lifetime of warranty on the carbon tank.


The Matrixx InFusion costs a whopping $2,606. Now, this is just the standard price of this unit. If you include the cost of add-ons and hydrogen peroxide refills, you can cross $3,000. 

It’s definitely not a viable option for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on their water filters. 


Marixx InFusion is a powerful system that effectively cleans out iron, sulfur, and bacteria from your well water without breaking down. 

Although it’s expensive, I must say its price is justified to some extent. 

Learn more about US Water Systems here.

Feature summary

Peak flow rate10–25 GPM
Water capacity100,000 gallons
Min. working pressure20 PSI
Max. working pressure100 PSI
Operating temperature 39°–100°F

4. SoftPro Iron Master AIO Water Filtration System — $1,519

The SoftPro iron filter for well water lands in the fourth position because of its ability to remove 30 PPM of iron in your well water—the highest concentration a filter can remove on my list. It’s also the only brand with four safety certifications by NSF, ANSI, IAPMO, and WQA

At $1,519, it offers a flow of 6 GPM, which can only cater to small homes. If you have a bigger flow rate demand, you can buy other variations of the same unit at a higher price. 

Other than iron, SoftPro removes 7 PPM of manganese, 5 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, and 120 ppb (parts per billion) of arsenic. 

You can always replace or return your model and get a full payment refund—no questions asked—within six months of use. Check out SoftPro’s website for more information on its warranty policies.

This model also has an LCD control head that automates backwash cycles—a very handy feature if you want to avoid frequent filter replacements.

However, installing this unit is not easy. If you lack plumbing experience, it’s better to leave this job to a licensed professional. 

The unit is quite expensive, considering it offers only a 6 GPM flow rate. The overall price will only increase if you add the cost of frequently replacing the Katalox filter media. 

Overall, SoftPro is a durable and efficient filter that will take care of iron particles in your well water for four to seven years without the need for replacement. 

5. Waterdrop WHF21-FG Whole House Iron Filtration System — $179.99

Waterdrop’s two-stage whole house filter uses a combination of iron- and manganese-reducing filter and granular activated carbon (GAC) filter to tackle a blend of contaminants. Also equipped with three sediment filters, this system can remove sediments greater than 5 microns.

Waterdrop has done a commendable job manufacturing such an efficient product and making it available for just $179.99. The filter reduces 99% of iron and 96% of manganese, as well as reducing rust and other contaminants in the well water. It does a great job removing the rotten egg and bleachy smell in the taps as well. 

Both filter cartridges will need replacement every six months. Waterdrop offers a 30-day return policy, in which it will refund your money if you no longer wish to use the product. Other than this, I see no warranty on this unit. 

Some customers reported that this filter started leaking right after installation. It requires frequent maintenance and can get on your nerves on bad days. But if you’re willing to take the trouble, you can learn more about it here

6. DuraWater Air Injection Iron Eater — $690

The DuraWater iron filter system is a one-cubic-feet single tank that uses the AIO method to oxidize impurities, which are then removed in an iron blend media bed. It comes with a Fleck 5600 SXT control head programmed to run the backwashing cycle daily—flushing down all the impurities from the filter. It claims to remove 12 PPM of iron, 2 PPM of manganese and 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide.

Installing this unit can frustrate you unless you’re an expert in plumbing. You might need to call a professional plumber.

The system was very efficient initially but started losing power within a few months of continuous use. After exactly six months, I started noticing unsightly brownish stains in sink basins and toilets. The water tasted like a mouthful of pennies. 

I have placed this in fifth place on my list because of DuraWater’s epic customer service. They take criticism positively and help customers solve their issues.

Luckily, my unit was still under the five-year warranty, so I got it replaced with a new one. 

7. PRO+AQUA Pro-Well-1E Whole House Iron Water Filter — $665

Pro+Aqua’s Pro Well 1E well water iron filter is yet another affordable iron filter system that takes care of dozens of impurities in the well water, such as iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, zinc, copper, lead, and some radionuclides. 

It has a compact build that is easy to mount and can be installed in small spaces. You will find tons of information on installing this unit on the Pro+Aqua website. 

The Pro-Well-1E is equipped with a smart digital valve that can be adjusted and programmed in a few easy steps, or so Pro+Aqua claims. I spent an entire day figuring out how to program the control head but in vain. If it’s not set up correctly, the system doesn’t clean itself and brews harmful chemicals inside.

Pro+Aqua offers a five-year warranty and free lifetime technical support, which is great. But what is the use of technical support that doesn’t respond immediately? Many customers reported bad customer support staff behavior and delayed responses, which is why this unit is in the last spot on my list.

Bottom Line

After vetting almost 25 whole-house water filters on the market by different brands, I can confidently say that SpringWell takes the lead on all fronts.

The SpringWell whole-house filtration system is a perfect iron filter for well water, appropriate for a medium to large family as it offers a 15 GPM flow rate and 100,000 gallons water capacity. It is designed to efficiently remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from your well water. The system also has a spin-down sediment filter that removes average-sized dust and silt particles.

The AIO technology combined with a greensand filter produces fresh and clean water with no rotten egg or metallic odors. 

With its automatic backwashing technology, the unit regularly cleanses itself of toxins. Just set up and program the electronic control using the app from your smartphone and kick back while the system takes care of itself. 

This unit can be expensive for some users but note that SpringWell offers its customers a lifetime warranty and free technical support. The maintenance cost is virtually zero. You will get an uninterrupted supply of clean, iron-free well water for a lifetime.

To begin removing ferrous iron from your water as soon as possible, head to SpringWell’s website


To help you find the best iron filter for well water, I spent 6 months and 13 days examining and analyzing the 25 iron filters on the market. 

The whole experience helped me learn a lot about iron water filters. Here is the research methodology I followed to reach my conclusion. 

Step 1: A list of popular whole-house water filters

As the name implies, my first mission was to gather as many whole-house iron filters for well water as I could find in different online stores, such as Amazon, Lowes, and Wal-Mart. I made sure my list included only the most popular filters with the highest sales. 

But this wasn’t enough. I had to find a few real-time private well owners to help me build the list further. I achieved this by emailing all my friends and asking for suggestions. And voila! Almost everyone replied with a recommendation or two. 

It was time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Online reviews

I knew this step would take a long time, so I had my snacks ready before I flipped open my laptop.

I went to online marketplaces and skimmed through all comments and reviews left by verified customers on the iron filters I had selected. This gave me a lot of information, and I noted the important ranking factors. 

Some people had terrible experiences with customer service, while others were very happy with their purchases. I also noticed how companies responded to the comments and compensated the customers. 

Step 3: Interviews with real customers

Since I don’t take comments on the internet at face value, I decided to jump on a call with customers. Some were helpful enough to invite me to their homes, while others were willing to send me videos of their filters and the before-and-after well water test results. 

Speaking of test results, check out my article on how you can treat different types of contamination in your well water to make it safe to drink.

Step 4: Testing the iron removal systems

This step is the continuation of the previous step. I requested the customers, who were also my friends by now, send details on how their filters were performing after five months of use. 

This helped me establish my view on the durability and efficiency of most iron filters. 

I crossed off almost 10 units on my list in the testing phase. 

Step 5: Interviews with manufacturers

To check the quality of customer service, I contacted every manufacturer and discussed the shortcomings of its iron removal system. 

Some companies were willing to answer my queries, while others were reluctant to respond.

I factored this and every other step into my ranking, and used the results to eliminate several mediocre iron filters from my list. 

Step 6: Product analysis and ranking

The final step was all about scoring the remaining iron filters on my list and ranking them from #1 to #7. 

I took out my old whiteboard from the attic and started scoring all the units (of course, I could use an excel sheet, but where’s the fun in that?) 

Following are the essential features that define the best iron filter for well water. 

  • Filtration stages
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Taste, color, and odor of filtered water
  • Flow rate
  • Water capacity 
  • Leakage 
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Durability 
  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Customer service 

Now I was ready to recommend the seven best whole house water filters that you could try out for your iron contaminated well water. 

What is the Best Filter to Remove Iron from Well Water?

After almost 6 months and 13 days of intense research and analysis, I can safely conclude that the SpringWell WS1 unit is the best filter for removing iron from well water.

SpringWell’s proprietary technology of AIO and greensand works in tandem to filter out iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide. It also comes with a sediment pre-filter with a micron rating of 5. This iron filter offers a nice flow rate of 15 GPM, which is suitable for a medium to large household. With a water capacity of 100,000 gallons, this unit is guaranteed to run for a year without interruption. 

Its latest backwashing technology cleans the insides of the filters without the need for any external maintenance. You can either set your cleaning cycles or let the system perform the job by itself. There’s no need to walk down to the basement or crawl space when you can control your filter using an app on your phone. 

As far as the installation is concerned, you will find a detailed user manual and YouTube videos by the company explaining the nitty-gritty of the installation process. The whole process will only take you a few hours. If you face any trouble along the way, just send SpringWell a message, and someone will respond immediately. 

The SpringWell whole-house water filter will produce squeaky clean and fresh water throughout your house, with no trace of iron. You will find no rusty sediments or ferrous stains on your kitchenware and bathroom fixtures. 

You will get all of the above features with a six-month money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Since there’s no risk involved in trying out SpringWell, head to the website and check out the WS1 today. 

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