Everything You Need to Know About Well Water

Using water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning is something we do daily. However, most of us don’t bother to consider the source. But water quality varies wildly around the world, and that, in turn, can affect the quality of life.

Nearly 300 million Americans rely on public water sources. Over 42 million people in the United States use individual or private wells to supply water for their families. Many of them are in rural areas, where homes often can’t tap into municipal water systems because it’s simply too expensive to expand the infrastructure.

Here you will find different information about well water systems and how they work.

My Well Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs! How Can I Fix It?

The presence of sulfur bacteria in well waters is very common. This is the reason why well waters can sometimes smell fishy or it gives out a rotten egg odor.

But fret not, you can easily identify the source and possible solutions to the problem by going through the article below.

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How Does Well Water Work? All You Need to Know!

Many new rural homeowners have no experience with well water and have no idea how it works. They can’t tap into municipal water systems because it is expensive to expand the infrastructure.

With the use of modern plumbing, you can now have well water in your own home and have water access straight from the source, resulting in fresh water that has not been through any extensive filtering from the city.

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Where Does Well Water Come From? A Guide to Nature’s Largest Freshwater Resource

People in rural areas actually own private wells. Most of the freshwater they consume comes from vast resources hidden deep underground.

However, the majority of people don’t quite grasp the phenomenon behind groundwater and how it goes from deep in the earth’s layers to a glass of water.

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All You Need to Know About Treating Well Water Supply

Underground water is not always safe to drink as unregulated industrialization and poor sanitation practices can degrade groundwater quality and introduce impurities and pathogens into your well water.

Treating well water is the only way to get rid of water contamination. Find out everything you need to know about treating well water.

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Is Well Water Safe to Drink?

The first thing that comes to mind when getting water from tap water is “is this safe to drink?” While groundwater is usually safe, a few factors could contaminate it.

I made some research about the different toxins that could contaminate your well water and also what you can do to keep your well water safe and clean for drinking.

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What is Good Water Pressure For a Well?

Nothing is more refreshing than a good shower after a long day at work. But it is a different story when the water pressure from the shower is very weak.

If you want to know the culprit behind it and how you can make the water pressure in your taps stronger, click below.

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