How We Review Products

Updated on:
November 19, 2023

How We Review Products

At, we recognize the importance of clean and safe drinking water in an era where contaminants increasingly threaten our water sources. With the plethora of water purification methods, products, and solutions available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s where our expertise comes into play.

Our review process begins with actual testing of the products with extensive research on water quality standards and innovations. This ensures that every recommendation we provide is not only accurate but also transparent and honest.

Whether it’s a water filter, a purification method, or the latest research on water safety, you can trust our commitment to ensuring every sip you take is as pure as nature intended.

What We Do

Before crafting any of our reviews, we dive deeply into our research and analysis. Our review process is a bit different for each product category. In other words, water filters don’t have the same grading criteria as water heaters, but below is a general overview of what we do for every product.

Test products: We believe in firsthand experiences. Our team personally tests water purification products to assess their efficiency, durability, and overall performance in real-world scenarios.

Engage with manufacturers: We communicate directly with product manufacturers to gain insights into the design, purpose, and technological advancements of their products, offering us a broader understanding that mere usage might not provide.

Consult water quality experts and scientists: We extend our knowledge pool by reaching out to professionals in water research and safety, such as James Layton, as well as collaborating with environmental scientists. Their insights, especially on the intricate details, evolving technologies, and long-term implications of a product or method, are invaluable.

Incorporate eco-friendly considerations: Recognizing the significant role of water in our ecosystem, we prioritize products and methods that are environmentally sustainable. We evaluate the ecological impact, considering factors like waste production, energy efficiency, and material sustainability.

Analyze user feedback: Beyond expert opinions, we factor in the experiences of everyday users. By reviewing forums, comment sections, and direct customer feedback, we understand the community’s consensus, noting both the praises and concerns tied to a product.

Stay updated: With innovations and discoveries constantly emerging in water safety and quality, we ensure our reviews remain up to date, revisiting and revising content to ensure relevance and accuracy.

If you’d like to dive deeper and see how we test for each product category, please click on the respective link below.

What We Don’t Do

Our dedication to providing trustworthy and unbiased information has its foundational principles. Here are things we consciously do not do when reviewing water treatment and other household systems:

Base reviews on hearsay: While external insights enrich our content, they aren’t our sole source. Our reviews are grounded in hands-on experience and factual data.

Ignore genuine feedback: We ensure that genuine feedback is addressed and considered in our reviews.

Compromise on our standards: Every product undergoes the same rigorous assessment. Our dedication to quality and accuracy never wavers, regardless of a product’s market presence.

Rely on outdated data: The water purification industry is in constant flux. We prioritize presenting current and relevant information, ensuring our readers remain well informed.

Generalize products: Each water-related product has distinct features and benefits. We invest time in understanding these nuances rather than making blanket statements.

Overlook after-sales support: Our reviews factor in the entire user experience, including post-purchase support. A product backed by commendable customer service often speaks volumes about its quality.

Deviate from consistent review standards: Our reviewing criteria are consistent, irrespective of a product’s brand or price. We believe in evaluating every product with equal rigor and dedication.