SpringWell LCRSS-1 Review: A Solution to Cleaner and Safer City Water (2024)

Reviewed by: James Layton
Updated on:
February 22, 2024

When it comes to protecting the water my family and I drink every day, there’s nothing more concerning than the possible presence of lead. Known to cause a number of health concerns, I wanted a system that would keep us safe no matter what. I also have hard water, so I wanted to find a solution that could address all my water concerns. Enter the SpringWell LCRSS-1!

I’ve used my years of experience in the water treatment industry to test various water filter and softener systems, including products made by SpringWell. With our water treatment expert James Layton, I’ve analyzed and tested the LCRSS-1 to determine if it’s a trustworthy solution to lead, hard water, and other water quality concerns. 

My goal is that by the end of this SpringWell LCRSS-1 review, you will know if this is the right fit for your water supply. 

Quick Verdict 

The SpringWell LCRSS-1 Whole House Lead & Cyst Removal System With Salt Based Softener is an excellent system for people dealing with or concerned about a combination of hard minerals, lead, cysts, chlorine, and PFOA/PFOS in their city water. 

The long filter life, digital metered control head, Bluetooth management, and easy maintenance reduce costs all make owning a whole-house filtration system a pleasure.

Combining the SpringWell Lead & Cysts Removal System and the SpringWell SS1 Salt-Based Water Softener System, the LCRSS-1 does more than most whole-house filters because it can remove pathogens as well as heavy metals and chemicals. 

  • Removes lead, giardia, crypto, chlorine, chloramine, and PFOS/PFOA.
  • Softens hard water intuitively by measuring your water use.
  • Improves skin and hair quality by removing hard minerals that soak up your natural oils.
  • Removes bad taste and odors associated with municipal chlorine disinfection.
  • Long filter life of 100,000 gallons lasts up to one year.
  • Won’t affect water pressure or flow rate.
  • Digital notification head notifies you when filter life is waning.
  • Convenient Bluetooth control on water softener lets you manage it from your phone.
  • Includes an impressive lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.
  • The water softener comes in three classifications to suit homes of all sizes.
  • The lead and cyst filter comes in only one size.
  • The yearly cartridge replacement is a bit expensive.
  • The lack of a sediment pre-filter can result in clogging of various components.
  • Includes no safety features or overflow prevention on water softener.
  • Monthly salt refills can grow tedious and expensive.

Who Is the SpringWell LCRSS-1 For?

The SpringWell LCRSS-1 is for you if you’re dealing with or are concerned about lead, cysts, organic pollution, and chlorine in your city water and also suffer the effects of hard minerals, aka calcium and magnesium.

Due to its specific capacity to handle these contaminants, the SpringWell LCRSS might not be for everyone. Every household has unique water quality challenges requiring tailored solutions — there’s no one-size-fits-all system. Before you start your search for a whole-house filter, we always recommend you test and analyze your water.

Once you know what’s in your water, the SpringWell LCRSS-1 is for you if…

  • You reside in a city with aging pipes and a corroding plumbing system.
  • You have lead, cysts, chlorine, and hard minerals in your water supply .
  • You prefer a water treatment system that can accurately indicate filter life.
  • You seek an easy-to-maintain solution for your water treatment needs.
  • You’re tired of dealing with the brittle hair and dry skin caused by hard water.
  • You wish to monitor your water softener through your smartphone. 
  • You want lifetime protection on your whole-house filter system.

The LCRSS-1 may not be your cup of tea if…

SpringWell Features Breakdown

Whole-house filters and water softeners often share common filtration technology, component quality, and durability. It’s the features beyond the basics that make a product stand out. Here are some notable features of the SpringWell LCRSS-1:

Wide-ranging contaminant removal

SpringWell’s Whole House Lead & Cyst Removal System removes 99.95% of lead, along with cysts, chlorine, chloramine, and PFOA/PFAS. 

Lead can enter the water supply through corroded or aging plumbing pipes that connect your house to the main water line. It can exist in soluble and insoluble forms and is hazardous even in small concentrations, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency has set the maximum contaminant level of lead in water to zero

The SpringWell lead removal filter targets both soluble and insoluble forms of lead, making it one of the most effective lead filters on the market. It traps particulate lead in a 0.5-micron-rated filter cartridge with special binders that chemically bond with the soluble lead molecules. As a result, the water is entirely free of lead down to the last molecule.

This 0.5-micron-rated filter also traps parasites like giardia and crypto, common causes of waterborne diseases. 

The SpringWell lead and cyst removal filter has a long life of 100,000 gallons, typically lasting over a year. 

Digital notification head

One of the key features of the SpringWell lead removal system is its intuitive electronic head, which provides real-time information about the filter’s remaining life. 

This dynamic LED system monitors the water flow rate and signals you with three colors: green indicates the filter is operating optimally, yellow signals when a 10% filter life remains, and red alerts you to change the filter immediately.

This feature is particularly crucial because you want to avoid missing the filter replacement and inadvertently consuming lead and other harmful contaminants.

Ion exchange water softening

Once your water is cleared of contaminants, it passes through a salt-based water softener. Using ion exchange technology, this system attracts calcium and magnesium ions to its resin beads and swaps them for sodium ions. The calcium and magnesium ions are then washed away down the drain.

While ion exchange technology is pretty much the same across water softeners, the SpringWell system is superior in a few ways. Most notably, the SpringWell water softener utilizes 10% crosslink resin, which, compared to the typical 8% crosslink resin, lasts longer and works better. 

This ion exchange water softener has a grain capacity of 32,000, which can treat moderately hard to very hard water in one- to three-bathroom households. You’ll observe that your water has a silkier feel, doesn’t leave white scale deposits on your fixtures, and requires less detergent to get your laundry clean.

The system requires salt refills every month, depending on your water hardness. If you’re on a low-sodium diet, you can use potassium salt instead. This doesn’t affect the system’s softening abilities. 

Bluetooth control head

The SpringWell SS1 softener system is outfitted with a cutting-edge control head that offers seamless smartphone integration, enabling you to monitor the system in real time from virtually anywhere. This feature provides remarkable convenience by eliminating the need for manual checks of your water softener, which may be located in your backyard or basement.

You can take control of various aspects of your water system through the dedicated mobile app. This includes adjusting valve settings, closely tracking water usage, and scheduling backwashes and regeneration cycles. 

The advantage of this is not only in the convenience it offers but also in the potential for water conservation. By timing backwashes just right, you can save a lot of water that would otherwise go to waste during unnecessary and untimed backwash cycles.

If you’re seeking additional information, you can access my detailed review of the Springwell SS1 here.

Easy maintenance 

While this system does require some maintenance, it’s a breeze to keep up. Replacing the filter once a year is a quick job, taking no more than 10 minutes, and you can easily do it yourself. No need to worry about guessing when it’s time for a replacement because the system head displays the remaining filter life, saving you the hassle.

You’ll also need to periodically refill the salt, as is typical with salt-based water softeners. Buying salt may seem a bit troublesome initially, but you can arrange for it to be delivered right to your doorstep on a regular schedule.

If your water has a lot of sediment, you’ll want to add a 5-micron sediment pre-filter. It usually needs replacing every six to nine months.

DIY-friendly installation 

Every SpringWell filtration system includes thorough installation instructions and video tutorials. If you have basic plumbing skills and some experience, you can handle the installation on your own. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the unit and voiding your warranty.

However, if you’re new to this and feeling a bit unsure, I recommend hiring a professional plumber to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Extensive warranty 

SpringWell’s lifetime warranty and six-month money-back guarantee offer significant peace of mind to users who invest in their systems. 

The lifetime warranty means that you can trust in the long-term performance and durability of your chosen system. Should any unexpected issues arise, SpringWell has you covered, providing necessary repairs or replacements.

Note that the warranty won’t cover regular wear and tear, damage due to improper installation or maintenance, or issues linked to changes in water quality.

What’s cool is the six-month money-back guarantee shows how SpringWell is all about keeping customers happy. You can give the system a spin, see if it floats your boat, and if not, return it within six months. Just a heads up, though — the shipping fee won’t be part of the refund.

What I Like About the SpringWell LCRSS-1

I really appreciate that the SpringWell LCRSS-1 provides an all-in-one solution for cleaner and safer city water. Once I got it up and running, I quickly noticed significant improvements in my water’s smell, color, and overall quality. It did a great job getting rid of chlorine and its by-products, as well as those pesky hard minerals, leaving my skin and hair feeling much better. 

I did the smart thing and tested my water both before and after installing this unit, as everyone should. I was thrilled to see that it brought the lead concentration down to a perfect zero.

I really enjoy the ease of managing the backwash and regeneration for the softener using my smartphone. It keeps things hassle-free and ensures the system stays optimized.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that a lifetime warranty and a six-month money-back guarantee are not commonly found in the water filter market. This assurance not only saves you potential future expenses but also reflects the company’s confidence in the quality of its products. 

What You May Not Like About LCRSS-1

There are a few drawbacks to consider with this whole-house water filter system. First, it doesn’t include a sediment pre-filter, which is essential for protecting both the main filter and the water softener resin from potential damage. If you’ve tested your water and you have issues with sediment, you need this initial layer of protection, but you’ll have to purchase it separately.

Another limitation to be aware of is that the lead removal system (LCR) is available in only one size, suitable for households with one to three bathrooms. If you live in a larger home with higher water demand, you might find that the filter needs replacement before its one-year expiration date.

Speaking of replacement filters, the lead and cyst filter costs nearly $400 at the time of writing this, and that’s a subscription cost. At the regular price, it’s even more. However, the cost of lead poisoning is much greater, so most people will find a way to reconcile with this.

As far as the water softener goes, it’s worth noting that a salt-based water softener is not particularly eco-friendly. It discharges a salt solution — that you have to buy and load every month, keep in mind — that can build up in soil and threaten aquatic ecosystems, which is why some states have banned its use. 

One thing that bums me out about this water softener is the lack of an overflow protection feature. A variety of factors can lead to water softener overflow, but many systems come with what’s called a “safety float” to cut off the water supply to the system when the water level gets too high. 

SpringWell’s water softener doesn’t have one. It kind of surprises me because SpringWell is so on the ball about everything else.

Lastly, if you have mildly hard water and want to reduce scale buildup in your home with a more environmentally friendly option, you may want to explore water softener alternatives, also referred to as water conditioners. However, they don’t remove hard minerals, and they won’t improve your hair, skin, and laundry, only reduce scale on pipes, fixtures, and appliances. 


Here’s the detailed methodology I followed to analyze and test the SpringWell LCRSS-1 system:

Step 1: A list of all SpringWell whole-house water filter systems

I began by compiling a list of all of SpringWell’s whole-house water filter systems, with a specific focus on the LCRSS-1. This initial step allowed me to identify how it compares to other models. Its suitability for addressing lead and cyst concerns makes it unique among SpringWell’s filters.

By comparing this system with other whole-house filter and softener combos, I learned more about it and what makes it stand out. 

Step 2: Product analysis

I conducted in-depth research to understand the technology and features of the LCRSS-1 system. This involved exploring key questions:

  • How does the system effectively remove lead and cysts?
  • How common are lead and cysts that they need their own filter?
  • What common impurities can this filtration system not remove?
  • How does the lead and cyst filter’s technology compare to others?
  • How does the LCRSS-1 address water hardness and other common contaminants?
  • What are the key specifications, including grain capacity and durability?
  • Does the system incorporate any smart features to enhance efficiency?
  • What is the warranty coverage for the LCRSS-1?
  • Is it user-friendly in terms of installation and maintenance?

Step 3: Online Reviews

Next, I dived into the world of online reviews and testimonials about the LCRSS-1. I wanted to get the lowdown from real users, so I checked out Consumer Reports, Trustpilot, and Angi. It was all about sifting through the feedback to see what folks had to say about how the system performs, whether they’re happy customers, and where there might be room for improvement.

The key to this step is identifying repeated praise and criticism. That way I knew which direction to take in my next few steps.

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

I also had a chat with folks who’ve actually used the LCRSS-1 system. These one-on-one conversations were all about getting the inside scoop that you might not find in online reviews. I used my NextDoor app to find people nearby who had this system. A few people didn’t want to meet me for fear I was a serial killer, but a few brave ones gave it a go.

I asked them all about their experiences, from how the system works to the nitty-gritty of delivery and shipping. It’s all part of painting the full picture of the customer experience.

Step 5: Interaction with SpringWell

As the next step, I got in touch with SpringWell to have a heart-to-heart about its customer service and warranty fulfillment. I fired off a bunch of questions about the LCRSS-1 system, including some of the issues and complaints customers had mentioned, as well as requesting a clear explanation of how the warranty works — and how it doesn’t. 

It was all about checking out how SpringWell handled things — from how quickly its representatives got back to me to the eagerness with which they tackled questions. They even offered to hop on a call for a deep dive into the conversation. 

Step 6: Hands-on testing

This was my favorite part of the process — I actually got my hands on the LCRSS-1 system. With a little help from a friend, we set it up in my place, and for the next month, we put it through its paces. 

I looked at how easy it was to install and checked out the quality of the parts. I played around with all the smart features, watched the regeneration and backwash in action, and ran frequent tests using at-home water quality kits to see how it performed. 

I was sad when I had to part with this system, but water treatment devices won’t test themselves.

Step 7: Ranking 

In the end, I boiled it all down by using a bunch of factors to rate the LCRSS-1:

  • Filtration technology
  • Grain capacity
  • Water pressure and flow rate
  • Filtered water quality
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Smart features
  • Longevity and durability
  • Ease of installation
  • Maintenance
  • Cost, include replacement filters and salt
  • Warranty


The SpringWell LCRSS-1 delivers a robust and comprehensive solution for treating the challenges of hard city water, tackling issues like lead, cysts, chlorine, and PFOS/PFOA head on.

By employing a 0.5-micron-rated filter cartridge, it effectively diminishes lead levels by an impressive 99.95%, addressing both soluble and insoluble forms and leaving you with safe and pure water. No need for guesswork here — the filter comes with a handy life indicator, ensuring timely replacements and keeping you away from unfiltered contaminants.

SpringWell’s salt-based water softener boasts a 10% crosslink resin, known for its water softening efficiency and extended lifespan. Once you’ve got it installed, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your water quality.

To top it off, the exceptional lifetime warranty and six-month money-back guarantee seal the deal, offering added peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

To protect your family from the dangers of water-borne illnesses, get the SpringWell LCRSS-1 Whole House Lead & Cyst Removal System With Salt Based Softener today.


Look, the LCRSS-1 is pretty great, but like I’ve said, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to water treatment. While this model might be the ideal solution for someone’s water needs, maybe it’s not yours. Check out these alternatives:

SpringWell CSS1 Water Filter and Salt-Based Water Softener

If lead isn’t your primary concern, consider the SpringWell CSS1, which boasts a robust four-stage filter system. It utilizes KDF media, sediment filters, and catalytic carbon to address common city water contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, PFOS, and more.

Additionally, the system includes the SpringWell SS water softener, which efficiently eliminates hard minerals, resulting in fresh and clean water.

The beauty of this filter and softener combination is that it comes in three different sizes, making it suitable for households of all sizes.

For a more detailed analysis, consider delving into my comprehensive review of the Springwell CSS1.

SpringWell CSF1 Whole House Water Filter and Salt-Free System

If you’re using city water in an area where salt-based water softeners are prohibited, or you’re following a low-sodium diet, the SpringWell CSF1 is an excellent choice for you.

This alternative SpringWell water filtration system effectively eliminates chlorine, chloramine, and other common city water pollutants, all while sparing you the trouble of constantly refilling a salt tank.

It’s specifically designed for mildly or moderately hard water and plays a significant role in reducing scale buildup around your home without any threat to local ecosystems.

If you need more information, you can access my detailed review of the Springwell CSF1 here.

US Water Systems Whole Home Filtration and Salt-Based Softener

US Water Systems’ Whole Home Filtration and Salt Based Softener combo serves as an excellent choice if your city water is contaminated with hard minerals. Much like SpringWell, it effectively addresses issues such as chlorine, chloramine, and other potentially harmful chemicals. 

What sets it apart is the built-in safety features within its water softener system, designed to prevent flooding and overflow, ensuring your peace of mind.

If you’re seeking assessments of water filtration systems apart from SpringWell LCRSS-1, you’re in the right place! Our extensive collection of water filter reviews encompasses a diverse range of brands and models currently accessible in the market.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the water filter brands and models we’ve thoroughly analyzed: