SpringWell CF4 and CF+ Review: High-Capacity Filtration You Can Trust(2024)

Reviewed by: James Layton
Updated on:
January 6, 2024

As an industry expert with over 20 years experience in the water treatment industry, I can provide you with unique insights into the many whole house water filters on the market. I also conduct product reviews for a living and have personally worked with and tested some of the top options you can buy.

The SpringWell CF4 and CF+ are variations on the SpringWell CF1. I reviewed the SpringWell CF1 separately. But I worked with our water filtration expert, James Layton, and applied our research methodology to get more details on the CF4 and CF+ to determine if their worth the hype.

Here’s my full analysis of the SpringWell CF4 and CF+

Quick Verdict

The SpringWell CF4 and CF+ whole-house water filters are high-quality and reliable filtration systems for households and businesses with high water demand. They are designed to provide filtered water to homes and businesses with 4–6 and 7+ bathrooms, respectively, without significant drops in water pressure. 

Who Are the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ For?

SpringWell CF whole-house water filtration systems come in different sizes and capacities. But being from a trusted brand with a high flow rate doesn’t automatically mean one of these is the best for you. 

A CF4 or CF+ filter is for you if…

  • You have a large family and want the luxury of top-notch water quality throughout the entire house.
  • You own commercial or residential property (apartments or condos) and need a water filtration system for your tenants. 
  • Environmental friendliness is high on your priority list; the long-lasting catalytic carbon bed and minimal maintenance requirements make a CF filter a sustainable choice.
  • You want a system that is backed by a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves and a six-month money-back guarantee.

SpringWell CF4 and CF+ filters are not for you if…

  • You’re happily settled in a cozy apartment with just one or two bathrooms; these might be a bit of overkill for your space.
  • You’re primarily looking for a more budget-friendly option, and your water usage is relatively modest. Consider the SpringWell CF1 instead.
  • Your home is set up for well water; these systems are designed for city water supply. You need the SpringWell WS4 for well water.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the CF4 and CF+ whole-house water filter systems:

SpringWell CF4 Review

The Springwell CF4 whole-house water filter system is a reliable and efficient filtration system that uses high-quality catalytic carbon media and certified KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) media to remove harmful contaminants from city water supplies. It has a flow rate of 12 gallons per minute (gpm) and is suitable for homes with four to six bathrooms.


  • The 4-stage filtration maximizes contaminant removal.
  • Suitable for properties with high water demand.
  • Upflow technology reduces maintenance needs and saves water.
  • DIY installation is simple.
  • No electricity is required.
  • Media bed that houses the catalytic carbon filter and the KDF filter lasts 10 years or 1,000,000 gallons.
  • Enviable warranty means you can count on any CF filter to last.
  • Not very effective against bacteria and viruses.
  • Costly upgrade options can add up.
  • The sediment filter needs replacing every 6–9 months, but this is pretty standard.

Overall, the SpringWell CF4 Whole House Water Filter System is a great option for anyone looking to improve the quality of their large property’s water supply. It is efficient, low-maintenance, and provides great-tasting water at every tap. However, it’s important to consider the size of your property and the quality of your water before making a purchase.

SpringWell CF4 Whole House Water Filter System features breakdown

The SpringWell CF4 Whole House Water Filter will remove harmful contaminants like chlorine, chloramine, PFOA, PFAS, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, and disinfectant by-products like haloacetic acids

Here are the key features of the SpringWell CF4:

Four-stage filtration

It’s not necessarily the filtration technology that matters, since that’s largely the same across brands and models of filters, but the combination of technology that creates a good filter. 

In the first stage, water is guided through KDF media, an efficient material that excels at removing harmful chemicals like chlorine. This initial filtration step is crucial, especially for those connected to municipal water supplies, as it safeguards against the adverse effects of chlorine exposure.

The second stage features catalytic carbon media, a key element in combating organic contaminants. This stage is instrumental in removing substances like chloramine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, and herbicides.

The third stage introduces an innovative design aimed at eliminating channeling within the filter tank, providing more contact time between water and the filter media. This ensures consistent and thorough filtration, enhancing the system’s overall effectiveness. 

Lastly, the fourth stage employs a 5-micron sediment filter to capture finer particles, such as sand, silt, and clay, further refining the water quality. This is a pretty exceptional sediment filter, especially for municipal water, which won’t usually have larger particles.

Upflow technology

The SpringWell CF4 Whole House Water Filter System is equipped with upflow filter technology. This technology was designed to eliminate many of the drawbacks associated with traditional downflow filters, such as the frequent clogging of the filters and the regular maintenance that is integral to long-term downflow operation.

Upflow filtration increases the contact area between the water and the filtration media, which not only ensures effective filtration but also has other benefits. It reduces maintenance (the main filter in the CF4 needs replacing every 10 years), eliminates backwashing since the system is flushed every time the water moves upward, and saves money on electricity and water.

Warranty and money-back guarantee

The CF4 Whole House Water Filter System is backed by a lifetime warranty on tanks and valves and a six-month money-back guarantee. The lifetime warranty covers items including fittings, tanks, housings, bypasses, valves, and in/out heads against defects in material and workmanship throughout the lifespan of the system under normal application, service, and use. 

The six-month money-back guarantee allows customers to try the system risk-free and return it for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the product. This guarantee is beneficial to the user because it provides peace of mind and ensures that the customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Just keep in mind that if you do choose to return the filter, you’ll have to pay shipping — for both the original order and the return.

Additional upgrades

This SpringWell water filtration system can be upgraded with additional features to provide even more comprehensive water filtration. The system can be upgraded with a UV water purification system and a reverse osmosis water filter system. 

We’ve established that the CF4 is capable of eliminating a wide range of contaminants from city water supplies. However, viruses and bacteria can prove difficult to eliminate, even for the best of systems — including your local water treatment plant. 

The UV water purification system upgrade in particular uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may be present in your water supply. 

The reverse osmosis water filter system uses a semipermeable membrane to remove leftover impurities from your water supply, providing you with even cleaner and safer drinking water at your kitchen faucet.

These upgrades may be quite costly, but if your water has a problem with waterborne contaminants, they may be a necessity.

Ideal for areas with high water demand

Whether it’s sustaining the demands of a bustling restaurant, the daily activities of an office, or the varied needs of a large home, the CF4 offers a dependable and efficient whole-house water filtration solution for properties with higher water demand. The scalability of the SpringWell CF4 makes it a practical choice for larger properties with multiple bathrooms.

Before you make the final purchase, monitor your property’s water usage so you can choose the right system for your needs. Your water bill provides information that you can use to track your water consumption. With this information, you can break it down and estimate consumption per fixture.

Alternatively, you can invest in a water monitoring system that offers more advanced features, such as leak detection and water usage monitoring for specific faucets or appliances in your property.

SpringWell CF+ Review

The SpringWell CF4 and CF+ share a lot of features. The difference between the two boils down to application. While the CF4 is meant to be used in properties with four to six bathrooms, the CF+ is for properties with seven or more bathrooms with a maximum flow rate of 20 gpm. 

This makes the CF+ particularly suitable for commercial properties, industrial settings, or very large homes where a higher volume of water is required simultaneously across numerous points of use.

The CF+ maintains the core features of the CF4, including the four-stage filtration, upflow technology, and available upgrades, such as reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet (UV) filters.

Ultimately, the choice between the CF4 and CF+ depends on the specific requirements of the property, with the CF+ catering to those with even higher water demand and larger plumbing systems.

What I Like About the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ 

Having extensively tested both the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ whole-house water filters, I can confidently affirm their efficiency and quality. 

After a few weeks of use, the noticeable absence of the chlorine scent in my showers and the improved taste in my morning coffee were tangible benefits. The KDF media and catalytic carbon effectively addressed a variety of contaminants, and the upflow technology ensured consistent filtration performance.

I really appreciated the DIY-friendly installation. As someone who appreciates a good DIY project, I found the included kit to be comprehensive and the instructions clear. The reduced maintenance requirements align with my preference for hassle-free solutions.

The long-lasting media bed and the option for RO and UV filter upgrades add to the system’s versatility. Overall, for larger homes or properties with high water demand, the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ offer a top-tier water filtration solution that’s both reliable and customizable.

What You Might Not Like About the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ 

While my experience with these SpringWell water filtration systems has been overwhelmingly positive, it’s essential to acknowledge some considerations. One drawback, albeit a minor one, is the initial cost. 

These systems are an investment, and while the long-term benefits are evident, the up-front expense might be a drawback for some users. Of course, so is contaminated water. For most, the cost is worth it, especially considering the lifetime warranty and six-month money-back guarantee, justifies the investment. 

If your tap water has a higher level of bacterial contaminants, which is uncommon in municipal systems but still possible, you may need to invest in the UV filter upgrade. You should test your water before purchasing a water filtration system to get the right configuration for your home. 

If you’d like to test your own water, read my review of the seven best at-home water testing kits to get one that will give you the results you need.


In this section, I go over the steps I took while researching these two SpringWell CF whole-house water filters.

Step 1: A list of all SpringWell whole-house water filter systems

To begin, I wanted to explore all the whole-house water filters in the company’s inventory and compare them. SpringWell’s city water filters include three systems: the SpringWell CF whole-house filters, the Whole House Cartridge System, and the Lead and Cyst Filter System.

While the Lead and Cyst Filter System is applicable in specific circumstances, the Whole House Cartridge System doesn’t have quite the range of the CF systems and is best suited to smaller scale applications and lower filtration needs. 

There are three models in the CF series: the CF1, CF4, and CF+. The CF1 is best for average households with two to three bathrooms, while the CF4 and CF+ are best suited for large homes or commercial use in premises with 4–6 and 7+ bathrooms, respectively. 

Step 2: Product analysis

Now that I knew more about the available options, I needed to ask myself questions about these SpringWell water filter systems (and about water filters in general) in order to write a factual review:

  • How do SpringWell CF whole-house systems compare with filtration systems from competing brands?
  • What is the advantage of the SpringWell CF Whole House Water Filter over the company’s cartridge-based system?
  • How often should a user replace the sediment filter media in a SpringWell whole-house water filtration system?
  • What effect does the main filtration media have on organic chemicals in city water water supply
  • What are the standard plumbing components supplied with SpringWell filtration systems?
  • Does the use of a SpringWell whole-house water filter system affect water pressure?
  • What is the difference between regular activated-carbon filters and kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF) filters?
  • What is the filtration capacity of all three systems?

Step 3: Online reviews

Next, it was time to find out what consumers had to say about these systems. I spent hours perusing user reviews on websites like Consumer Affairs, Angi, the Better Business Bureau, and social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). I took note of every comment, whether positive or negative.

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

Going through online reviews is important, but it is a known fact that manufacturers and retailers like to alter their reviews section just to upsell their products. I needed to find actual users who had firsthand experience with the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ water filters.

The only sure method was to come up with a survey. So, with the help of a few friends, we organized a small cookout at a local superstore and handed out hotdogs and lemonade to anyone willing to share their experience with the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ water filters. I managed to get all the information I required for my review.

I also contacted water equipment retailers and a few licensed plumbers to find out what customers are saying about these systems.

Step 5: Interview with SpringWell

Following that, I reached out to SpringWell’s customer service department and pressed one of their staff for answers to some of the negative reviews they received from dissatisfied customers. The rep patiently answered my questions and took the time to explain their return and reimbursement process, as well as how the warranty works.

Step 6: Test drives

This was the most important step in the review process. In order to be authoritative on this issue, I needed to test the systems myself. I contacted one of the water equipment retailers I had talked to earlier and asked if I could rent these two systems for a couple of weeks. 

After sealing the deal, I took the systems home, installed each in my garage, and began the testing process. I observed the water pressure, the quality of filtered water, and cost savings. I also made sure to test the water before and after filtration to make sure these filters did what they promised.

Step 7: Ranking

I had all of the information I needed to write this evaluation after a month of testing and data collection. But first, I wanted to compile this information on a spreadsheet using the following criteria:

  • Flow rate
  • Filter capacity
  • Contaminant removal
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Filter replacement cost
  • Warranty and return policy
  • Lifespan of the sediment filter
  • Price


In conclusion, the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ whole-house water filters have not only met but exceeded my expectations for a comprehensive water filtration solution. Having rigorously tested these systems, the four-stage filtration process, DIY-friendly installation, and innovative upflow technology combine to create a reliable and user-friendly product. 

While there may be minor considerations, such as the initial cost and plastic fittings, these are overshadowed by the substantial benefits and the value for money, especially with the lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee. 

For larger homes or properties with high water demand, the SpringWell CF4 and CF+ will do the job well. To those hesitating due to cost concerns, consider the long-term investment in water quality and the manufacturer’s unwavering confidence in its product.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting whole-house water filter for your large property, I can comfortably recommend the Springwell CF4 or CF+.


If the SpringWell systems are not your cup of tea, read my list of the best whole-house filters. For a sneak peak, below are three whole-house water filters I frequently recommend.

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

The Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System presents a compelling alternative to the SpringWell CF. While both systems prioritize whole-house water filtration, Aquasana employs a three-stage filtration process with a focus on reducing sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants. 

This system is ideal for households seeking a straightforward solution with lower upfront costs. However, compared to the SpringWell CF4 and CF+, it may not offer the same level of comprehensive contaminant removal, making it better suited for areas with milder water quality concerns.

Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Filter

Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Filter distinguishes itself with a smart controller for efficiency. Unlike the SpringWell CF4 and CF+, Crystal Quest prioritizes versatility, allowing users to customize their filtration media for specific contaminant removal. 

This makes it suitable for users who have precise water quality concerns. However, the customization might add complexity for those who prefer a more straightforward solution. Crystal Quest is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking a tailored approach to water filtration.

US Water Systems Bodyguard Plus Chemical Filtration System

The US Water Systems Bodyguard Plus Chemical Filtration System is specifically designed for those facing significant chemical contamination concerns. With a robust five-stage filtration process, including catalytic carbon and KDF media, it excels at removing chlorine, chloramine, and various chemicals. 

While it shares similarities with the SpringWell CF4 and CF+, its emphasis on chemical filtration makes it a standout choice for users dealing with pronounced chemical issues in their water supply. 

However, for those seeking a more balanced approach, the SpringWell systems offer a broader spectrum of contaminant removal. The US Water Systems Bodyguard Plus is recommended for users prioritizing intensive chemical filtration without compromising overall water quality.

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