The 7 Best Shallow Well Water Pumps

Reviewed by: James Layton
Updated on:
January 15, 2024

If you’re seeking a dependable solution for extracting water from your well without diving into the deep end, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll highlight the seven best shallow well water pumps on the market.

Whether you’re aiming to maintain your garden’s lush foliage or secure a reliable water source for your rural abode, my curated selection has you covered. Join me as we analyze the features, benefits, and unique characteristics that set each pump apart, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision.

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1. Red Lion Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump: 9.4/10

  • Overall best shallow well water pump
  • Price: $388.99

The Red Lion RJS-100 Shallow Well Jet Pump is the best pump I’ve encountered so far. Its effectiveness is attributed to a combination of a powerful motor, well-engineered components, and reliable design.


At the core of its efficiency is the pump’s 1 hp (horsepower) motor. This motor delivers robust power, enabling the pump to create the necessary suction and pressure for drawing water from shallow wells. 

The motor’s strength ensures consistent water flow and pressure of 23 gallons per minute, contributing to a reliable and continuous water supply for various household needs. The included pressure gauge helps you monitor the water pressure.

The Red Lion RJS-100’s venturi system and intake pipe work harmoniously to generate the vacuum required for water lifting. This design optimizes hydraulic performance, allowing the pump to efficiently extract water from the well and deliver it to the desired location.

The pump’s heavy duty motor has a dual voltage design. It is factory rated at 230V (volts), but you can easily switch to 115V to conserve energy. A glass-filled thermoplastic impeller and diffuser enhance performance and water flow. To protect against overheating during continuous use, the pump is fitted with a thermal overload protection feature.

Constructed from cast iron, the pump is built to withstand continuous operation and various environmental conditions. It is also NSF/ANSI 372 certified, which ensures your water isn’t contaminated by any components of the pump. In case something goes wrong with your purchased unit, Red Lion provides a one-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

The Red Lion RJS-100 is generally easy to install, often accompanied by clear instructions that guide users through the setup process, making it more accessible for DIY installations. The pump is suitable for a range of shallow well applications, including residential water supply, irrigation, and other light-duty tasks, making it versatile and adaptable to different needs. 


There really isn’t much wrong with the Red Lion shallow well pump. In fact, this product has 714 five-star reviews on Amazon alone, which shows how well it has been received by customers. However, there are a few issues that I need to mention.

First, a few customers I spoke to complained of leaks. These customers may have struggled with installation. 

Despite the easy-to-follow installation guide supplied, Red Lion highly discourages its customers from attempting DIY installations with its products. For the best results, you’ll need to hire a certified technician to install the jet pump.

The Red Lion jet pump also has a shorter warranty period compared to other brands on this list.


The Red Lion RJS-100 Shallow Well Jet Pump is a robust and reliable solution for efficient water extraction from shallow wells. With its powerful 1 hp motor and durable cast iron construction, it ensures a steady water supply for residential and light commercial needs. 

The pump’s jet assembly facilitates effective water lifting, maintaining consistent flow and pressure. User-friendly installation and its versatile nature make it suitable for various applications.

If you’re seeking a dependable, quiet, and efficient pump, you should consider the Red Lion RJS-100 for its longevity, ease of use, and ability to meet your water delivery requirements effectively.

2. BurCam Shallow Well Stainless Steel Jet Pump: 8.8/10

  • Best with pressure tank
  • $531.06

The BurCam 506547SS SW Stainless Steel Jet Pump is a popular pump designed for drawing water from shallow wells. Its 6.6-gallon pressure tank is designed to provide sufficient storage for pressurized water, allowing the pump system to deliver consistent water flow and pressure to your entire household.


One of the notable features of the BurCam well jet water pump is its stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and suitability for various water conditions, making it an excellent choice for pump components that come into contact with water.

The BurCam shallow well jet pump is equipped with a 3/4 HP motor that enables efficient water extraction from wells up to 25 feet deep. Operating on a motor voltage of 115/230V, the pump offers versatility for various power supply configurations. 

With a maximum capacity of 16.4 GPM and a maximum pressure of 65 PSI (and a pressure switch factory set to 30/50 PSI), this pump delivers a consistent and steady water flow, making it suitable for a range of residential and light commercial applications. 

The included 6.6-gallon pressure tank maintains stable water pressure, further enhancing its reliability and performance. It also comes with a 0–100 PSI pressure gauge. 

The pump is also covered by a two-year warranty, and if you encounter any issues during installation or everyday use, the customer care personnel are ready to help.


Depending on your budget, the upfront cost of the BurCam 506547SS may be higher compared to some other shallow well pump models. 

The installation package doesn’t include any wiring. There is no way to plug it into the wall. I had to use the wire plug from a different pump during my test. This is, however, a small inconvenience. 

Also, if you have acidic well water, you should be aware that the pump has a few brass components that can corrode and fail after years of use and cause leaks. You should have your well water properly tested before considering installing a well pump.


The BurCam shallow well jet pump stands as a reliable and durable solution for efficient water extraction from shallow wells. With its robust 3/4 HP motor and stainless steel construction, it delivers consistent water flow of up to 900 gallons per hour and a maximum pressure of 65 PSI. The pump’s dual voltage motor offers versatility in power supply options, while the integrated 6.6-gallon stainless steel pressure tank ensures stable water pressure.

Ignoring the lack of wiring cables, and compatibility issues with acidic well water, if you’re seeking a dependable shallow well pump that combines durability, versatility, and consistent water delivery, you should strongly consider the BurCam 506547SS shallow well jet pump.

3. Acquaer Shallow Well Jet Pump: 8.2/10

  • Best budget shallow well jet pump
  • Price: $138.99

The Acquaer Shallow Well Jet Pump’s 0.5 hp electric motor can provide an adequate flow rate with strong suction power for household applications. It is designed for wells up to 25 feet deep and it’s one of the most affordable shallow well pumps on the market.


The Acquaer 0.5 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump is a versatile and cost-effective solution for extracting water from shallow wells. Sporting a 0.5 hp motor, it strikes a balance between power and efficiency, making it suitable for residential water supply and light commercial applications. 

This heavy-duty shallow well pump runs on a dual voltage motor design 115V/230V. With a commendable pump capacity of 11 GPM, it can deliver a flow rate tailored for shallow well use, catering to the water demands of various household tasks and irrigation needs. 

Whether it’s for maintaining a flourishing garden or meeting everyday water requirements, this pump stands out as a reliable and accessible option. The built-in automatic thermal overload protection will prevent the motor from overheating and burning. When the water in the pump runs out, the intelligent pump will automatically switch off to safeguard the motor.

This water pump includes an automated pressure switch that begins pumping when the pressure is less than 20 PSI and turns off when the pressure reaches 35 PSI. As a result, you can have running water in your home at all times. The pump housing is fitted with a pressure gauge.


Due to its 0.5 hp motor, the pump may have a relatively lower flow rate compared to models with higher horsepower, potentially limiting its suitability for larger water supply needs.

Also, while the built-in automatic thermal overload protection can be an important feature, a few customers have complained that their pumps failed to stop automatically, resulting in storage tank overflows and flooding issues. However, these were random cases, and most customers confirmed they received replacement units with little difficulty.

Also, despite its cast iron construction, the pump’s durability and long-term performance may not be as robust as some higher-end models.


The Acquaer 0.5 hp shallow well jet pump offers a practical and cost-effective solution for shallow well water extraction. 

With its balanced 0.5 hp motor, it efficiently caters to residential water supply needs and light commercial tasks, delivering dependable water flow for household use and irrigation. Its compact design simplifies installation, while its competitive pricing makes it an appealing choice for those seeking affordability without compromising performance.

4. Wayne Shallow Jet Well Pump

The Wayne SWS100 Shallow Well Jet Pump features a potent 1 hp motor that efficiently draws water from shallow wells. 

Operating at the standard household voltage of 120V, the pump ensures easy compatibility with common power supplies. It has a dual 120V/240V motor design and a 30/50 pressure switch included. With an adequate pump capacity of 8.6 GPH, it can deliver water at a maximum flow rate suitable for a variety of light residential applications.

However, while the Wayne SWS100 offers a commendable flow rate, it may not be ideal for larger water supply needs where higher flow rates are necessary. 

There may also be leaks caused by a broken seal between the pump and the motor. The housing is also not as durable as the models above, and some customers have reported that their pump’s housing broke after a year of use.

At $346.91, the Wayne SWS100 is cheaper than the Red Lion jet pump, has the same motor horsepower rating, but it is the less durable and less reliable option of the two.

Despite these shortcomings, the Wayne SWS100 has 268 five-star ratings on Amazon, which makes it a worthy contender on this list. This pump’s user-friendly design and relatively quieter operation add to its appeal, making it an attractive option for customers seeking a reliable, hassle-free water pumping solution for their shallow well needs. 

Check it out here.

5. Goulds J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump

The Goulds Pump J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump stands as a robust water pumping solution, often equipped with a potent motor delivering 0.5 hp, suitable for efficiently extracting water from shallow wells. Operating within a standard household voltage range, typically 115/230V, the pump ensures compatibility with common power supplies. 

With a commendable pump capacity, it can deliver water at a maximum flow rate of 16.5 GPM, catering to a spectrum of residential water supply needs. The Goulds Pump J5S’s reliability, durable construction, and user-friendly design collectively position it as a dependable choice for homeowners seeking a consistent and efficient water source from their shallow wells.

However, for $680, this pump is quite expensive. Especially considering some of the user complaints that have been leveled against it, including rust on the outer coating, pump shaft seizing up, and overheating.

Still, the pump has 191 positive online ratings (out of 212), which implies that the majority of users are satisfied with its performance.

Visit this page for more specifications.

6. Superior Pump Shallow Well Jet Pump

The Superior Pump 94705 shallow well jet pump is equipped with a pre-mounted, fully adjustable pressure switch with a preset pressure of 20/40 PSI. A dual voltage motor can be tuned to 120 or 240 volts and has a built-in thermal overload safety feature. 

The impeller and diffuser are made of high-quality, glass-filled thermoplastic and can provide a maximum capacity of up to 11.8 GPM at 40 PSI of pressure.

The 0.75 HP motor provides enough power for different household applications. Its cast iron design also helps to increase the pump’s durability and longevity. 

However, priming the pump has proved tricky not only for me but for numerous users I’ve talked to. The problem is it has no check valve to prevent water that has been pumped to pressure from exiting back out through the pump once it reaches pressure and shuts off. 

There are also complaints about bad packaging, with some users reporting broken components after delivery.

But one endearing aspect is Superior Pump’s customer support. Its support personnel are friendly and were quick to assist with every issue I came across when testing the pump. There is also a three-year warranty on every purchase.

For more information about specifications and pricing, check it out here.

7. STA-Rite Industries Shallow Well Jet Pump

The STA-Rite Industries SNE-L Shallow Well Jet Pump is a rugged pumping solution designed to draw water effectively from 25-foot wells. 

Operating with a dual voltage of 115/230 volts, a 1-horsepower motor, a pressure switch setting of 30–50 PSI, and a good pump capacity that can deliver water at a maximum flow rate of 21 GPM, it ensures a reliable and steady water supply for a diverse range of applications. 

It has a close-grained cast iron design with a drain port for easy winterizing and a carbon ceramic mechanical shaft seal that enhances durability and efficiency.

It is, however, too expensive compared with other models on the market. With a price tag of $725.99, you can buy five Acquaer jet pumps for the same amount! It also has the same power output as the Red Lion water pump (which is $300 cheaper) but with less capacity.

In addition, users have lamented the pump’s poor packaging. There are numerous reports of customers receiving pumps that are dead on arrival. 

Check out this link for more specifications.

Bottom Line

When it comes to securing a steady and dependable water supply from shallow wells, the Red Lion RJS-100 shallow well jet pump emerges as a top contender. With its impressive 1-horsepower motor, this pump boasts the power necessary to ensure a consistent water flow for various residential needs.

Its durable cast iron construction not only ensures longevity but also enhances its performance in a range of environmental conditions. Furthermore, the Red Lion RJS-100 is known for its relatively quiet operation, ensuring a less intrusive environment while it diligently keeps the water flowing. 

If you consider the third-party certification and hundreds of positive online reviews, the Red Lion RJS-100 stands as a reliable companion for those seeking an outstanding pump to fulfill their shallow well water needs. 

If you need a dependable, efficient, and durable solution for pumping water from your 25-foot well, the Red Lion RJS-100 is your best choice.


No donut you’re curious about my research into the best well pumps. In this section, I explain in detail every step I went through while reviewing the seven best shallow well jet pumps on the market.

Step 1: A big list of all available products

To begin my review process, I needed to compile a list of every product available in the shallow well water pump industry. This included combing through hundreds of retail and manufacturer websites to determine whether the pumps had generated enough sales to merit a review. 

I also contacted a handful of water pump vendors in my area to extend the scope of my investigation. In the end, I had a list of 20 different brands. 

Step 2: Online reviews

Now that I had a list of models, I wanted to figure out how to exclude the less trustworthy models from the list. 

As a result, I returned to the internet, but this time I was looking at user opinion and feedback on websites like Consumer Affairs, the Better Business Bureau, Amazon, and Walmart to see how each product was performing in the market. 

Ultimately, I was able to reduce the number of reliable brands to 14.

Step 3: Product/service analysis

In order to figure out which characteristics to be on the lookout for, I had to ask myself important questions about shallow well jet pumps:

  • How does a shallow well jet pump work?
  • What is the difference between jet water pumps and centrifugal jet water pumps?
  • What is the common pipe size for a shallow well jet pump?
  • Can a shallow well jet pump be installed with another pump system?
  • How many feet into the ground should a jet pump reach?
  • What are the common accessories that come with a jet pump?
  • How do jet pumps differ from submersible pumps?
  • What are the maintenance procedures for different types of jet pumps?

How do pressure tanks affect pump functionality?

Step 4: Speaking with real customers

I came up with a strategy for this next stage where I would track down real customers and get their opinions on the shallow well pumps they had purchased. This wasn’t going to be an issue for me since nearly all of my neighbors have private wells, and I live in a somewhat rural area. 

I therefore developed a questionnaire study within a 20-mile radius of my house with the support of a few friends, and I spoke with a few pump providers just to find out their opinions on this matter. It was an expensive and time-consuming process, but I had to see it through to the end.

Step 5: Interviews with manufacturers

I was curious as to whether these well-water pumps had undergone any independent testing or third-party certifications. Therefore, I sent an email to every manufacturer asking for proof of certification for each model on my list. It turns out that only one brand had official third certification for its product.

Step 6: Test drives

This was by far the most time-consuming part of my evaluation process. It is not enough to just read reviews and go about chatting with random folks. I needed to talk from a position of authority. This meant that I had to do my own testing.

I called several pump dealers in my hometown and requested that several pumps be sent over for testing. Despite a few negative answers, one dealer agreed to provide all seven systems on the condition that its technicians be present during the testing. I had the seven units delivered to my property and tested each unit over a one-month period using my two wells.

Step 7: Ratings

For this last step, I had to rank the pumps based on the following characteristics:

  • Price and affordability
  • After-sales support
  • User reviews
  • Accessories
  • Build quality
  • Pump capacity
  • Motor voltage and pump output power
  • Safety features

After meticulously rating the seven models on an Excel file, I had everything I needed to sit down and write my review.


In the world of shallow well water pumps, one name consistently rises above the rest: Red Lion. Boasting a formidable 1-horsepower motor, Red Lion’s RJS-100 shallow well water pump efficiently draws water from shallow wells. Its versatility knows no bounds, delivering water to homes, gardens, and irrigation systems with ease. 

Crafted with durability in mind, its cast iron construction ensures a long-lasting performance that can weather various environmental conditions.This pump is third-party tested to industry standards, and its dual voltage functionality also helps to reduce energy costs when necessary.

Whether you’re tending to your garden or meeting household water needs, back yourself up with the Red Lion RJS-100 and ensure a seamless flow of water to your home.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge about well water pumps, here are some extra sources available that can offer you comprehensive information:

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