How to Remove a Stuck Water Filter (2024)

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January 6, 2024

The water filter in your filtration system needs to be swapped out periodically to keep your water as clean and drinkable as possible. Sometimes, though, that’s easier said than done. Occasionally these filters can get stuck, making it harder to replace them. 

A stuck water filter housing can have several causes. The most common culprits include over-tightening the stuck filter, a buildup of contaminants, and too much pressure in the filtration system.

I’ll teach you how to get your stuck filter canister unstuck, as well as going over all the possible causes so you know how to prevent this for next time. 

How to Fix a Stuck Filter

If your water filter housing is stuck, don’t panic. Here’s are the steps you can try to remove it:

  • Relieve back pressure by turning on a faucet after turning off the water supply: This can help reduce the pressure on the stuck filter cartridge.
  • Tap the water filter: A gentle tap can help loosen the stuck filter.
  • Turn the filter the other way: Sometimes, turning the filter in the opposite direction can break the seal and make it easier to remove.
  • Apply heat: Use a blow dryer to warm up the filter housing, but be careful not to overheat any plastic parts. Applying heat to the connection, as well, can help expand the materials and make the stuck filter cartridge easier to remove.

If none of that works, here are a few other options:

Try using tools

If you don’t have them handy, you can get all of these at your local hardware store.

  • Plastic filter housing wrench: This tool is specifically designed to remove filters. If you don’t have one, you can use a dish towel or similar item.
  • Metal filter housing wrench: If the filter wrench doesn’t work, a metal filter wrench can provide more leverage.
  • Two wrenches: If one wrench isn’t enough, try using two for extra leverage.
  • Rubber strap wrench: This tool can provide a good grip without causing damage to the stuck filter housing.
  • Lisle strap wrench: This is a specific type of strap wrench that can be very effective.
  • Strap wrench and 36″ pipe wrench for really stuck filters: These tools can provide a lot of leverage.
  • Needle-nose pliers: These can be useful for removing small parts or reaching into tight spaces.
  • Your hands: Sometimes, a good grip is all you need. Try wearing gloves for a better grip on the filter housing.

Use lubricants

  • Apply WD-40: A little bit of this lubricant can help loosen the stuck filter cartridge. Remember to clean it off thoroughly before installing a new filter.
  • Add lubricant: A little bit of lubricant can make a big difference.
  • Smear Vaseline or plumber’s grease on the cover threads/gasket: This can help prevent the filter housing from becoming stuck in the future.

Causes of a Stuck Filter

They can become stuck for a variety of reasons, and understanding these can help you prevent the issue from happening in the first place. Let’s delve into these causes in more detail:

Over-tightening the filter

This is one of the most common reasons they get stuck. When installing the filter, it’s natural to want to ensure it’s securely in place. However, overdoing it can cause the threads of the filter and the filter housing to bind together, making it difficult to unscrew later. 

The key is to tighten the filter until it’s secure but not overly tight. A good rule of thumb is to tighten the filter by hand until it’s snug, then give it another quarter turn.

Buildup of contaminants

Water filters work by trapping and holding various contaminants present in your water. Over time, these trapped particles can accumulate and harden, essentially cementing the filter in place. 

This is particularly common in areas with hard water, where mineral deposits can build up quickly. Regularly changing your water filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations can help prevent this issue.

Too much pressure in the system

Water filters are designed to withstand the pressure of your home’s water system. However, if the water pressure is too high, it can push the filter against the housing, making it difficult to remove. 

This can happen if the water isn’t shut off when you’re trying to change the filter, or if your home’s water pressure is generally high. Always make sure to shut off the water supply before changing the filter, and consider installing a pressure-reducing valve if your home’s water pressure is consistently high.

Issues with the release button

Some filters feature a release button that’s designed to relieve pressure and make it easier to unscrew the filter. However, if this button becomes stuck or broken, it can make it difficult to remove the filter. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the release button can help ensure it works properly when you need it.

Age and maintenance of the filter system

Over time, the components of your filter system can wear out, warp, or corrode, especially if they’re not properly maintained. The O-rings, for example, can become brittle and break, causing the filter to get stuck. Regular maintenance, including replacing worn-out parts, can help prevent this.

Incorrect installation

If the filter isn’t correctly aligned with the filter housing when it’s installed, it can cross-thread and become stuck. Always make sure to carefully align the filter with the housing when installing it.

Temperature changes

Extreme temperature changes can cause the materials of the filter and housing to expand or contract, which can lead to the filter getting stuck. If your filter system is located in a place where it’s exposed to extreme temperature changes, consider relocating it.

Release button

Many filters feature a pressure release button that’s designed to relieve pressure and make it easier to unscrew the filter. However, if you’re not fully pressing this button, it can make the filter difficult to remove. Make sure you’re pressing the button all the way in before you try to unscrew the filter. 

If the button is stuck or hard to press, it might need cleaning or maintenance. A stuck release button can often be freed by applying a small amount of lubricant or by carefully cleaning around the button with a soft cloth.

How to Prevent a Stuck Water Filter

Prevention is the best cure. Here are some tips to prevent your filter from getting stuck:

  • Replace the filter cartridge on time: Regular replacement can prevent buildup and keep the whole-house water filter running smoothly.
  • Grease and replace the worn-out O-rings: This can help create a good seal and prevent leaks in the water house filter.
  • Check for old O-ring seals stuck inside the water filter housing: These can interfere with the seal and make the filter harder to remove.
  • Use plumber’s clear silicone grease on the O-ring: This can help create a good seal and make the filter easier to remove.
  • Don’t over tighten the canister: Over-tightening can cause the filter to become stuck.
  • Keep the unit in a warm location: Cold temperatures can cause materials to contract and make the filter harder to remove.


Navigating stuck water filters can be a challenge, but with the right know-how and tools, it’s a hurdle you can confidently overcome. The secret to effortless filter removal lies in regular upkeep, proper installation, and avoiding over-tightening. 

Whether it’s a whole-house water filter, an under-sink cartridge, or a refrigerator filter, the strategies I’ve explained can help liberate that obstinate filter, ensuring your water remains clean and fresh. 

And remember, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Balancing a well-functioning household is about knowing when to DIY and when to bring in the experts. Here’s to clean water and smooth filter changes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a stuck water filter off?

Always turn off the water supply first. Next, ensure you’re turning opposite to the installation direction. If necessary, use rubber gloves for a better grip. If particularly stuck, pour warm water or a lubricant, like a food-grade silicone grease, on the O-rings and over the connection point to loosen hardened seals.

Other options include using the provided filter wrench or a rubber mallet around the housing base. If you reach this point, though, you may want to consult a professional instead. 

Why won’t my water filter come out?

Hard water might cause mineral buildup. Improper installation can also prevent easy removal. For example, cross-threading can make removal difficult, as can over-tightening. In other cases, swollen O-rings can jam the filter. Try the above techniques and make sure you’re installing your replacement filters correctly. 

How do you remove a stuck water filter from a Whirlpool refrigerator?

Push in slightly, then twist. If that’s not enough, use rubber or a damp cloth to enhance your grip. 

In extreme cases, you may need to turn off and defrost the refrigerator. If you’re unsure, get professional assistance.

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