The 7 Best Whole-House Alkaline Water Filters: Reviewed and Ranked (2024)

Reviewed by: James Layton
Updated on:
February 28, 2024

Did you know acidic water can be a real pain for your plumbing and appliances? It can eat away at metal pipes, fittings, and fixtures, leading to leaks and damage. It can even shorten the lifespan of water heaters and appliances. Plus, it can make your drinking water harmful to your health, as well as tasting and smelling a bit off.

To keep these issues at bay, you should install a water treatment system like a whole-house alkaline filter, and give your plumbing some TLC. I’ve reviewed the best alkaline water filters you can buy to raise the pH of your water. Let’s get into it! 

1. SpringWell Calcite pH Neutralizer: 9.70/10

  • Best price and durability
  • $1,534.53

If the pH of your water lies in the range of 6–6.5, SpringWell’s Calcite pH Neutralizer will work for you. Its effective performance, long life, accessible price point, and lifetime warranty make it number one on my list.


The calcite filter in the SpringWell system adds calcium, and as the pH of your water increases, you’ll notice a decrease in blue stains in fixtures, metallic taste, and weird smell. 

The system also effectively reduces the leaching of copper and lead from an aging plumbing system. Infact, my test results showed a significant decrease in the concentration of heavy metals within just two days of installing this unit. 

Typical whole-house filters will offer you a water flow rate of 8 GPM, but SpringWell’s Calcite pH Neutralizer is equipped with 12 GPM, which means you can do laundry, run your dishwasher, and water your plants at the same time without experiencing any pressure drop. This makes it perfect for big families. 

Another benefit of this system is its innovative Bluetooth head that lets you control your calcite system from your smartphone. You can control the regeneration and backwash cycles according to your water usage. This saves gallons of water wasted by automatic backwash cycles.

You’ll get a lifetime warranty and six-month money-back guarantee. This is the longest warranty you can find on my list. Plus, unlike other brands, SpringWell maintains your warranty regardless of whether or not you hire a licensed plumber for the installation.


The system is a standalone pH neutralizer and doesn’t remove any contaminants in water like Crystal Quest’s system. You will need to install a whole-house water filter before this system to remove toxic pollutants. 

Another slight downside is it doesn’t come with preloaded calcite; you’ll have to load it yourself during installation. 


The SpringWell Calcite pH Neutralizer is durable, strong, and works effectively in improving the pH of water from all the taps around the house. You’ll notice a big change in the taste, color, and smell, as well as the concentration of metallic ions in your water. 

For the affordable price of $1,534.53, you can say goodbye to water acidity issues forever and enjoy a lifetime of pure, balanced water. Get your SpringWell pH Neutralizer today

2. Crystal Quest Eagle Whole House Water Filter

  • Removes contaminants and raises pH
  • $2,000

If you’re looking for a whole-house filter that tackles both contaminants and pH levels, the Crystal Quest Eagle Filter is the bomb! Just a heads up though, it does come with a slightly high price tag.


This whole-house filter is equipped with a pre-filter that captures any solid particles, debris, and sediment. The next stage is a 0.2 micron ultrafiltration membrane — the heart of the system — that removes any pollutants greater than 0.2 microns, covering bacteria, protozoa, some viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, and chemicals. 

Next is a carbon filter that removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other chemicals. 

The filter also features Crystal Quest’s proprietary Eagle Redox Alloy 6500 & 9500, which removes a variety of contaminants, including iron, hydrogen sulfide, and algae. 

Once your water is clear of contaminants, this whole-house filter elevates the pH by adding calcium ions. The alkalizing Eagle filter combines calcium carbonate and infrared balls. You’ll get fresh, clean, and alkaline filtered water from all the taps around your home. 

I like that Crystal Quest provides two models with different sizes and flow rates. Also, you can select either stainless steel or fiberglass tanks to suit your requirements. You can further outfit your filter with a salt-free conditioner or a water softener. 


One downside to this unit is its price. It is costlier than standalone alkaline water filters. Plus, you’ll need to swap the filters after 12–18 months. 

Another issue is that I couldn’t find certifications proving that this filter removes water contaminants.

You’ll need to hire a licensed plumber to install this unit, which means only one thing — extra cost. 

Lastly, you’ll only get a one-year warranty, which is incomparable to SpringWell’s limited lifetime warranty. 


If you want to tackle both acidity and pollutants with one whole-house filter, the Crystal Quest Eagle filter is what you need. It features strong filtration that can neutralize contaminants as small as 0.2 microns while elevating the overall pH. 

3. US Water Systems Matrixx pH Balancing Backwashing Filter: 7.50/10

  • For pH as low as 5.8
  • $1,525.50

For acidity as low as 5.8, US Water Systems’ pH neutralizer is the best choice because it utilizes calcite and magnesium oxide to raise pH. You might need to install a water softener after this filter because it also hardens water.


US Water Systems’ whole-house alkaline water filter uses a blend of calcite and magnesium oxide to address acidity as low as 5.8. The bed then requires regular backwashing, and the calcite bed needs frequent replenishing because it gets used up during the process. 

One additional benefit of this alkaline water system is it can lower the concentration of iron in water by neutralizing carbon dioxide. Many users reported a decrease in iron contamination after installing this unit. 

Like the SpringWell unit, this model has a control head that automates the backwash cycles and regeneration. You can also connect it to your smartphone or tablet and program it to backwash according to your needs. You can set up the backwashing frequency and even the time of the day you want it to happen. 

I like that the filter quality is top-notch, and the brand uses FDA- and NSF-certified components. And you can choose from either a 10 GPM or 20 GPM flow rate to suit your household needs. 

Lastly, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on its tank and a ten-year warranty on its electronics and valves. 


This whole-house water filter may increase the hardness of your water. For best results, you should install a water softener after this filter. If you have soft water now and you’re not interested in investing in more appliances for your home, this is a real downside.

Plus, setting up this whole-house filter isn’t a piece of cake. You might need to call a licensed plumber to install the unit, which means some extra dough out of your pocket. 


It’s a robust, standalone water alkalizer that might alleviate some iron contamination. The filter is best suited for acidity levels between 5.8 and 6.5, but you might need to install a water softener.

4. US Water Injection System 

If your water is extremely acidic with a pH lower than 5.8, you need a whole-house system that uses soda ash to neutralize the acidity. This injection system by US Water Systems is a perfect solution for extreme cases. The best part is the soda ash doesn’t increase water hardness and is NSF certified to meet drinking water standards. 

The system doesn’t look like your typical whole-house filtration system. It comes with a 30-gallon solution tank, an injection pump, and a water meter. The system is very easy to set up and doesn’t require a professional plumber. 

The pump injects soda ash solution directly into your water at the point of entry, while the water meter regulates the amount of soda ash solution according to your incoming water pressure. The pump can tackle water pressure ranging from 1 GPM to 50 GPM. It also comes with a pH meter that adjusts the chemical pump rate to achieve the optimum water pH. 

US Water Systems provides two years of warranty on the solution tank and injection pump. And the system will cost you a reasonable $1,295. You might need to refill the solution tank periodically, depending on the quality of your water.

One issue that some people face with the injection system is if the water meter malfunctions, the system will not stop injecting the neutralizing solution and might end up making your water too alkaline to use. However, you can avoid this if you closely monitor your control head. Another slight issue is this system requires periodic maintenance and supervision.

5. SoftPro pH Neutralizer 

The Softpro pH Neutralizer is another alkaline water filter that uses calcite to treat acidity between 5.5 to 6.9. Like SpringWell and Crystal Quest, it has an NSF-certified electronic head that automatically or manually backwashes the filter. You can easily set it up according to your water usage. 

The brand offers three sizes with varying flow rates to suit your household:

  • 5–7 GPM
  • 8–10 GPM
  • 10+ GPM

Softpro’s 10+ GPM model is priced at $2,459, about $1,000 more expensive than SpringWell’s 12 GPM model. 

I appreciate that its tank and electronic head come with a lifetime warranty, and you’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee for six months. But you can get similar performance and even better protection for $1,000 less with SpringWell or Crystal Quest. 

Additionally, SoftPro might increase water hardness, so you’ll need to get a water softener with it. 

6. Flexx Pro Series Backwashing pH Neutralizer

Flexx Pro Series pH Neutralizer is priced at only $878.95 and uses a mixture of calcite and magnesium oxide to tackle acidity as low as 6.4. It is equipped with 10 GPM, which is good enough for a small household with one or two bathrooms. They’ve got another model that pumps out 20 GPM, but it’ll set you back $1,040.95.

The calcite media in the filter dissolves as acidic water comes in contact. The best part is the self-limiting property of this filter that adds just the right amount of calcite in water to keep an equilibrium. The filter also helps alleviate some iron concentration in water.

One knock against it is although you can connect it to the free Legacy View App on your phone and see the real-time situation of your filter, you cannot manually operate its electronic head and adjust your backwashing cycles. The system will automatically backwash the filter every three to seven days. 

Another downside is that it uses calcite media, which can increase the hardness of your water. You might need to install a water softener with this filter. 

I appreciate that you get seven years of warranty on valves and electronics and 10 years on the tank.

7. Crystal Quest Big Blue Whole House Water Filter

If you’re on the hunt for an affordable choice that works great for a small house or apartment, the Crystal Quest Big Blue Alkalinizer could be just what you’re looking for.

It’s a cartridge-based alkalizer with a 4-6 GPM flow rate and is priced at only $549.69. You can also choose double or triple cartridge configurations with slightly higher prices and outfit your filter with a leak detector.

Regarding configuration, all three models have a common feature: an alkalizing filter. Additionally, depending on the specific setup, you may also have the option of a SMART filter and carbon-block filter. 

One great advantage of Crystal Quest alkalizing filters is that they not only alkalize the water but can also remove common pollutants. This is something standalone alkalizing filters cannot achieve. 

What bothers me about this unit is I couldn’t find any certifications to prove it can remove contaminants in water. Another issue with cartridge-type filters is you’d need to swap the replacement filters every 12–18 months. 

Crystal Quest filters only come with a one-year warranty. When you consider that many other brands offer lifetime warranties, well, one year just doesn’t sound all that exciting, you know?

The Bottom Line

I’ve done some serious detective work on whole-house alkalizers, and out of all the contenders, only one had the moves to tick all the boxes for the ultimate alkalizer: the SpringWell Calcite pH Neutralizer

It’s affordable yet effective and durable. The filter uses a calcite medium to increase the pH of water and works best for water with acidity lying within the range of 6–6.5. This system will also decrease the iron concentration in your water. The certified electronic head allows you to control your backwash cycles from the palm of your hand. 

With a flow rate of 12 GPM, you can run multiple taps without any dip in the flow rate. 

For only $1,534.93, you’ll score an absolute powerhouse of an alkalizer. Not only will it neutralize the pesky acidity in your water, but it’ll also protect your plumbing and zap away those heavy metal ions. And the best part? It’s built to last and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll enjoy its benefits for the long haul.

Research Methodology 

Drinking alkaline water is a hot new trend in wellness. But since you’ll be shelling out some serious cash for a whole-house alkaline water filtration system, it’s totally understandable to be cautious about which recommendations you go with.

Here’s the methodology I used to determine the best alkaline water filter systems out there so you spend your hard-earned money on the right product. 

Step 1: A big list of every product and service available

When I began my search for the best whole-house alkaline filter, I made a massive list of all the filters available on the market. It was like going on a wild online exploration, checking out reviews and comparing features. Gotta cover all the bases before narrowing it down to the top contenders, you know?

I checked Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target and even asked some local distributors and professional plumbers to give their suggestions. 

Step 2: Online reviews

Next up, I delved into the world of online reviews, carefully analyzing the pros and cons of each product on my list. I surfed websites like Consumer Reports and Angie’s List and watched a few YouTube review videos.

I bid farewell to the filters that didn’t quite make the cut, eliminating the ones with the worst ratings. Only the top contenders remained as I narrowed down the choices.

Step 3: Product analysis

To deepen my understanding of whole-house alkaline water filters, I dug deeper into the subject by asking some hard-hitting questions:

  • What are the health benefits of alkaline drinking water? 
  • How can water acidity affect my plumbing system?
  • Do alkaline whole-house filters feature a reverse osmosis system?
  • Does every alkaline water filter come with a sediment filter as well? 
  • What are some of the best filtration media for improving the pH levels of water?
  • Should I be worried if my whole house filter is not certified by the NSF or any well-known organization?
  • Do alkaline whole-house filters feature water filtration as well?
  • How long should an alkaline water filter last?
  • Do I need a water softener with an alkaline water filter?
  • How much should I expect to dish out on a whole house water filter system? 
  • Will an alkaline water system result in better tasting water?

By asking these tough questions, I gained valuable insights and made informed decisions in my search for the ultimate whole-house alkaline water filter.

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

In the next step, I took a proactive approach and reached out to real-life customers for their experiences with whole-house water filters. Some were even kind enough to share their water test reports with me.

Their feedback helped me identify a few more filters that didn’t quite meet the mark, allowing me to further refine and narrow down my list. With each conversation, I became one step closer to finding the perfect whole-house water filter that not only met my requirements but also received positive endorsements from those who had actually used them.

Step 5: Interviews with the companies

Moving forward, I decided to shoot some friendly emails to the companies behind the remaining water filters on my list. 

I received great responses from some companies, providing all the needed information and answering my questions. However, I have to admit, a few companies didn’t get back to me at all, which was a bummer.

Step 6: Test drives

I rented the alkaline water filters on my list to see how they performed using both well water and city water. I conducted thorough tests to measure the pH levels and checked for any lingering contaminants in the tap water. Additionally, I carefully evaluated the ease of installation and maintenance for each filter, making sure they were user friendly.

Step 7: Ratings

In the final step, I consolidated all the gathered details into a spreadsheet. I rated every filter against the following characteristics:

  • Quality of the alkalizing medium
  • Quality and durability of the filter
  • Flow rate
  • Ease of installation 
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Certifications
  • Customer reviews

With the spreadsheet as my guide, I was ready to select the best whole-house alkaline water filter that ticked all the boxes for my needs.

Final Thoughts: Best Alkaline Water System for the Whole House 

The SpringWell Calcite pH Neutralizer is the best alkaline water filter in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost. Here are a few other features that make it stand out:

  • 12 GPM flow rate
  • Authentic certifications
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of installation 
  • Longest warranty 
  • Powerful electronic-control head

If you’re tired of dealing with acidity in your water, it’s time to grab yourself the SpingWell Calcite pH Neutralizer.

If you’re not ready for a whole-house alkaline water filter system, an alkaline water pitcher might be more your speed. Read my article all about the best alkaline water filter pitchers.

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