The 7 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water: Reviewed and Compared (2023)

By: Jake Gallagher | October 23, 2023

Water straight out of the ground is as natural as it can get, but groundwater has its fair share of contaminants that can be extremely harmful. 

Even if you install a whole-house filter, which you definitely should do if you’re on a private well, there is no harm in being extra cautious about the water that will keep you and your loved ones healthy and hydrated. 

Water filter pitchers serve this purpose well, and many people love how convenient and portable they are. Here I’ve researched and ranked the most effective water filter pitcher for well water. Let’s dive into it. 

1. ZeroWater ReadyPour Water Filter Pitcher (9.80/10) 

  • Best filtering ability
  • $34.99

ZeroWater’s ZD-010RP filter pitcher is the best when it comes to purifying well water. It uses a multistage filter to trap total dissolved solids (TDS), organic and inorganic compounds that pollute groundwater. Moreover, it has a genuine NSF certification.


ZeroWater is a US-based company that makes high-quality filters. Its ReadyPour line of water filter pitchers uses a five-stage ion-exchange filter to filter most of the contaminants lurking in your drinking water. 

ReadyPour technology targets TDS, lead, chromium, PFOA/PFOS, and microorganisms like bacteria and parasites present in tap water. Browse through ZeroWater’s complete list of targeted contaminants here. Rest assured, these are not empty claims; my tests showed similar results.

The ZeroWater pitcher filter has a ten-cup capacity, which is pretty common, but its extraordinary filter speed separates it from the rest. It takes only a few minutes to get a full jug of clean water, ideal for busy families on the move.

This pitcher has a sleek body made of BPA/BPS-free plastic. You can easily fit it inside a refrigerator. If you fancy a larger capacity, the brand also sells 20-cup and 40-cup varieties of this product. And the package also includes a free TDS meter, which displays the brand’s confidence in its product. 

ZeroWater filter pitcher is priced at $34.99. The filter itself lasts one month, or forty-five gallons, and the replacement filters are inexpensive. A single replacement filter only costs $14.94, which is a bargain considering the high-quality filtration.

You might be tempted to stretch that $14.94 past a month, but it’s probably not a good idea. You’ll want to change the old filter regularly because there is a risk of bacteria buildup. Changing the filter is easy and takes less than a minute.

The ZeroWater filter pitcher is NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 certified. That means the quality is top-notch and monitored by an authentic safety agency. Many water filter brands claim to have tested their products up to the standards set by NSF but are NOT actually certified. 


Most water filter pitchers have a poor defense against viruses. So, have your well water tested and use a UV filter at point-of-use for extra safety.

Unfortunately, ZeroWater doesn’t offer free shipping, but you can subscribe to its yearly plan and get discounted products and shipping costs, which can offset the costs of replacement filters. 

ZeroWater offers only a 90-day guarantee on all its products, which is a bit disappointing. All other brands offer at least a one-year warranty.


The ZeroWater ReadyPour is the best line of water-filter pitchers on my list for effectively cleaning well water. It uses multistage ion-exchange filtration to target the most common contaminants found in groundwater. 

It removes heavy metals, sediment, bacteria, and inorganic and organic compounds, as well as reducing TDS. Above all, you get a high-quality product genuinely certified by the NSF. 

For a water filter pitcher that cleans your water and delivers it in a quality product, visit ZeroWater’s official site and get ReadyPour technology in your refrigerator today.

2. Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher (8.35/10)

  • Best for untreated well water but expensive
  • $70

The Epic Nano filter pitcher is most effective against untreated well water as it can remove chlorine, lead, fluoride, bacteria, and viruses. 


The Epic Nano water filter pitcher is an American-made, high-quality water filtration product that works well with untreated well water. 

It has a sub-micron mesh filter that removes most heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses from tap water. A water filter pitcher that is effective against viruses is a rare find, so props to the company. However, I still recommend installing a whole-house filter with a UV light to be on the safe side, as viruses can be extremely hazardous. 

Epic Nano pitcher has an ergonomic design and a filter life indicator at the top, which is convenient. It’s compact and you can easily place it in your fridge. The filter has a 10-cup capacity and can treat 150 gallons of water, which means it needs a change every two to four months.

This water filter pitcher is priced at $70 and has a lifetime warranty. Epic Nano also offers free shipping across the US. The brand also puts effort into eco-friendly initiatives and is an active member of the Inland Ocean Coalition (IOC) and 1% for the Planet. It’s always nice to see companies putting in effort for mother earth. 


Even though the filtration quality is top-notch, the overall cost is heavy on the pocket. The replacement filters cost $46, which you may have to purchase three to six times a year. Delaying the filter change results in a significant decrease in the filter’s flow rate.

Other than that, Epic Nano’s products were tested by independent labs and aren’t actually certified by NSF. You can learn more about its testing here


The Epic Nano water filter pitcher is a good product because it filters many harmful contaminants from well water. It’s highly effective against giardia, cysts, viruses, and other microorganisms. It has a sturdy and appealing design. 

Though I am satisfied with the filtration, the higher cost is a concern. However, the brand spends its profits on eco-friendly projects, which somewhat justifies the higher prices. 

Learn more about the Epic Nano pitcher here

3. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher (7.8/10)

  • Best for fluoride removal
  • $90

The 10-cup capacity Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is the most expensive product on the market. But it’s extremely effective against fluoride, lead, glyphosate, PFOAs, and hormones present in the well water. 


Clearly Filtered talks a lot about its Affinity Filtration Technology and how it removes hundreds of contaminants from well water. The filter has multiple stages: a mesh layer, a coconut-granulated carbon membrane, and a composite shell. What’s unique about this filter is its greater capacity to remove fluoride from well water than other pitchers I tested. 

Though my own tests showed promising results, Clearly Filtered’s claim of removing 300 plus contaminants is probably a marketing gimmick. Even the EPA only talks about fifteen tap water contaminants that we should be wary of.

The filtration speed is good, and it has a built-in dam of the sort that lets you pour filtered water without having to wait for complete filtration. The filter lasts for two months, or 100 gallons, which is pretty standard.

Clearly Filtered offers free shipping and a lifetime warranty.


People are often happy to spend a lot of money on clean water, but even for them this pitcher will be expensive. It’s priced at $90 and the replacements cost $49.50. That’s a bit much for a water filter pitcher. 

Another issue I faced is that the filtering rate decreases after the first month until it gets completely blocked close to filter expiration. So there’s pretty much no chance of stretching your filter past its recommended replacement date, and it may not even function that long.

Clearly Filtered doesn’t have an actual certification, but the brand claims to have independent lab test results comparable to NSF 42, 53, 401, and 473 standards. 


The Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher has high filtration quality and a strong ability to remove fluoride from well water. It’s made of BPA- and BPS-free medical-grade material that makes the filtered water extra safe. However, it’s expensive to maintain. 

Overall, it does the job and is a good alternative to my top two choices. 

4. Waterdrop Chubby Pitcher Water Filter PT-04

Waterdrop’s PT-04 is nicknamed “Chubby” because of its cute round shape and elegant wooden handle. This water pitcher purifies contaminated water using a multistage filter. It mainly targets chlorine, arsenic, and some heavy metals, as well as the foul odor and taste that come with it. If you suspect the presence of bacteria in your water, then avoid using this filter alone. 

What I like about this company is that it doesn’t make extravagant claims. It’s good for limited contamination, and the brand is open about it. 

All waterdrop products are “independently” tested to NSF standards. It’s a fancy way of saying the product has undergone rigorous quality checks but doesn’t have an actual certification. 

One thing I liked about this pitcher is its easy refill. You don’t need to remove the lid thanks to a small hole dedicated to refilling. Filtration is fast; it takes less than two minutes for the water to purify. The Waterdrop PT-04 only has a 10-cup capacity, the same as the others, despite being “chubby.”

It also has a long filter life and can last up to four months or 200 gallons. A helpful indicator lets you know when the filter needs a change. 

Unlike other filters, this one needs some time to prep initially. First, you have to soak the filter and then rinse it thoroughly, which takes around fifteen minutes. If not done properly, it’ll leave a blue residue at the bottom. 

The Waterdrop water filter pitcher is pretty inexpensive and costs only $28.99, and the replacement filters are priced at $11.33. The brand also offers free shipping and an extended one-year warranty.

Though inexpensive, it’s only good for removing a limited number of contaminants. When it comes to water consumption, I don’t recommend taking any chances. By spending just $6 more, you can get yourself a ZeroWater filter pitcher with much better performance. 

5. Brita SoHo Water Pitcher

Brita is a European brand that makes high-quality and certified water filter pitchers. It uses cleaning methods such as ion exchange and activated-carbon granules for filtration. This filters out chlorine, copper, mercury, and cadmium. 

It has a sleek and elegant design that can easily fit in the fridge door. SoHo can hold only six cups, so it’s best for one or two people. It takes five minutes to filter out all the water. The pitcher can filter 120 gallons and last for a month. It also comes with a filter-life indicator. 

Though it’s quite effective, the number of contaminants it can hit is limited. I would rank it higher if it could filter the sediment, heavy metals, and bacteria that are common in well water. So though popular, this isn’t the best water filter pitcher for well water. 

The Brita water filter pitcher is priced at $21.99, and the replacements cost $5.62. The brand offers no free shipping or warranty on the products. 

6. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher 

Aquagear’s water pitcher filters chlorine, lead, microplastics, and trace pharmaceuticals from well water. My tests showed good results. However, this filter will clog up quickly if your water is full of dirt and other sediment. 

The Aquagear pitcher has a 10-cup capacity and can clean 120 gallons. The pitcher quality is average at best, as it started leaking after some time. I expected better quality plastics since the brand charges $69.95 for this pitcher. Oh, and replacement filters cost $49.95, which is outrageous. 

ZeroWater charges almost half the price and gives better performance. 

The brand tries to compensate for the high price by offering free shipping and a warranty on all its products. 

7. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher 

FInally, we have Nakii’s water filter pitcher. It has the most stylish design compared to all pitchers on my list. Unfortunately, that’s the only highlight of this water filter. 

The brand claims this water filter pitcher removes chlorine, lead, and fluoride from well water, but my test showed otherwise. It was ineffective at reducing fluoride levels. 

A Nakii water pitcher can hold 10 cups of water and clean 150 gallons. It’s also the cheapest product on my list, priced at only $20.87, and the replacements are $10, which you need every two months. The brand doesn’t offer free shipping or any sort of warranty. 

Nakii’s low cost is appealing, but if you really want value for money, ZeroWater and Epic Nano are better options.

The Bottom Line

Choosing among the oodles and oodles of water filters out there is not easy, especially with so many good options available. I tried my best to focus on well-water purification, and with rigorous scrutiny, I finally managed to pick seven effective water-filter pitchers. Among all the pitchers, ZeroWater stood apart and scored a top position on my list. 

ZeroWater filter pitcher is best suited for well water that is polluted with arsenic, TDS, lead, chromium, PFOA/PFOS, and bacteria—all the most common well-water contaminants.

The filtration is effective and the flow rate remains consistent with time, even close to the filter expiration date. It’s cost effective and easy to replace. Moreover, it has authentic NSF certifications, which speaks a lot about its quality. 

The brand only offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is a little disappointing, but based on the reviews and my own testing, this filter pitcher will last. 

If you’re interested in the best clean water you can get from a filter pitcher, order it straight from the website here

Research Methodology

Here is a quick sneak peek for those of you who are interested in the research process that enabled me to rank the best water-filter pitcher. 

Step 1: A list of water filter pitchers 

With so many water-filter pitcher brands, it was confusing at first, but I managed to narrow down the most popular products on e-commerce sites. Next, I went to local supermarkets and department stores to see the products available there. By combining the data from both sources, I came up with a list of 10 water-filter pitchers. 

Step 2: Product Analysis 

I live in Florida, which happens to have the most private wells in America, so I had a pretty good idea of what to look for in a water-filter pitcher. The most common contaminants that pollute the well water are the following: sediment, bacteria, viruses, parasites, nitrates, arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, and fluoride. 

It’s naive to think that a mere water-filter pitcher can remove all such contaminants from well water as efficiently as a whole-house or under-sink filter. Still, these pitchers provide significant defense against many contaminants. 

So moving on, I made a list of product characteristics that would help me rank the pitchers better.

  • NSF/ANSI or WQA certification
  • Filter type 
  • Targeted contaminants 
  • Filter life, speed, and capacity
  • Pitcher capacity 
  • Costs of pitcher and filter replacements 
  • Warranty 

Step 3: Online reviews 

To get a fresh perspective, I looked online and read through hundreds of reviews by verified customers. I also surfed through product-review sites like Trustpilot, Spruce, and Amazon. I included the experience shared by customers in my ranking system. 

Step 4: Interview with a real customer

There is something about real-life interaction that triumphs over online communication. So, I contacted real-life customers and had a chat with them. 

Some complained about their pitcher even though it had good online reviews. These new insights helped me analyze my data and improve my reviews. 

Step 5: Interviews with brands 

It’s only fair to include the other side of the story. So, I contacted all the popular brands and talked with their customer service representatives. 

Frankly, I was amazed by some of the quick responses by the brands like ZeroWater, Epic Water Filters, and Waterdrop. Others were not very helpful. I included all their responses in my final scoring. 

Step 6: Test drives

Once I gathered all the info, I proceeded with my own testing. I made a small testing rig and ran the untreated well water through all pitchers. I examined the flow rate and filter life of each water pitcher. 

Moreover, I took out the filtered water samples after specified intervals and sent them to a reputable testing laboratory. These tests told me not only what each filter actually removed, but also if the filtration lived up to the companies’ promises.

Step 7: Ratings

I had all the data I needed to rank the best product by this point. I started with 10 products, but only seven made the final cut. I used the following criteria to rank the best water filter pitcher for well water: 

  • Authentic certifications
  • Targeted contaminants
  • Filter life
  • Customer reviews
  • My own testing
  • Cost
  • Warranties and guarantees

Water filter pitchers that scored higher in these criteria took the top spots on my list. The process took a week, but the results were worth the effort. 

Best Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water

ZeroWater ReadyPour is the best water filter pitcher for removing water impurities from well water. The filtration is top tier and specifically designed to treat well water. Here are some key benefits:

  • Targets the most common contaminants in well water
  • Authentic NSF/ANSI certification
  • Cost-effective replacement filters
  • Free shipping and extended warranty
  • Helpful customer service

If you want a quality but affordable product that filters well water contaminants, then ZeroWater ReadyPour is the best choice. Buy it here and stop drinking contaminated well water. 

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