The 8 Best Hydrogen Water Machines: Reviewed And Ranked (2023)

By: Jake Gallagher | October 25, 2023

Hydrogen water is touted for its energy-boosting and antioxidant abilities. Health-conscious people and those undergoing medical treatment for a variety of ailments are turning to hydrogen rich water for its reported benefits. 

To avoid buying bottled hydrogen water all the time, you need to invest in a reliable hydrogenator that adds just the right amount of pure hydrogen to your drinking water. 

Unfortunately, this is a relatively new technology, and it’s not easy to find the best filter out of dozens of machines. That’s where I can help you.

Here’s a well-researched list of hydrogen water machines that use the latest hydrogenating technology, are durable, and are easy to clean and maintain.

1. Piurify Hydrogen Water Generator: 9.70/10

  • Equipped with a strong filter & self-cleaning technology
  • $259.99

The Piurify hydrogen water pitcher uses top-notch SPE/PEM technology to infuse up to 1.3 PPM of hydrogen into your water while also increasing the pH. Its easy user interface, with various options, self-cleaning ability, and one-year warranty make it the best on the market.


Piurify’s water hydrogenator uses a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) to infuse pure and rich hydrogen gas into your drinking water. It’s the most durable and efficient technology on the market right now because it prevents harmful by-products, such as ozone, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide from entering the water.

I like that Piurify gives you some control over the concentration of infused hydrogen. You can either choose the mild hydrogenation setting that infuses 0.7–0.9 PPM of H2 in eight minutes or go for strong hydrogenation that adds 1.3 PPM H2 in thirteen minutes. 

The unique feature of this hydrogenator is the magnetic vortex technology that creates a vortex in water, which helps dissolve atmospheric oxygen, making it fresher and healthier. Another enjoyable benefit of this induced vortex is the outgassing of dissolved CO2 and volatile organic compounds in water. As CO2 exits, the pH of water rises, making it slightly alkaline and more beneficial for you

Piurify advises using the magnetic vortex feature before hydrogenating so that your water can retain H2 three times longer than the H2Wellness and New Pacific models below.  

Typically, hydrogenators are only meant to add H2 and not filter your water, but Piurify is equipped with a calcium sulfite filter that traps 90% of chlorine and chlorine by-products in tap water. If you have only chlorine contamination, this hydrogenator pitcher eliminates the need to filter your tap water before using it. The filter lasts for three months and costs $39.99 to replace.

It’s a stylish and durable unit equipped with a detachable water pitcher that can hold and hydrogenate 1.5 liters of water at a time. The brand claims that 1.5 liters of hydrogenated water equals the antioxidant benefits you can get from eating about 516 apples! 

Another major highlight of this unit is its self-cleaning ability. This function washes its electrodes and increases the life of the system after every 10 catalytic processes.

What makes Piurify stand out from its competition is it owns certifications by a number of organizations, including TUV SUD, IEC and FDA and IWA.  

Using the detailed instructions provided on the website, this device is easy to set up in 30 minutes or less. I also appreciate that Piurify provides a one-year warranty, which you can extend for 18 more months by registering your unit on the website. This is the best warranty you can find in this category. 


The one noticeable downside to this unit is that it elevates the pH of water only slightly. If you expect highly alkaline water from this hydrogenator, I suggest you look for an alkaline water ionizer instead. 


The Piurify water hydrogenator is the best you can find at such an affordable price. It produces fresh and delicious hydrogen-rich water using solid SPE/PEM technology and also provides some control over the concentration of H2 you want in your water. It stands out because of its magnetic vortex feature, self-cleaning ability, and calcium sulfite filter. 

If you want the highest quality hydrogen-rich water on the market, get the Piurify Water Hydrogenator now

2. H2Wellness Molecular Hydrogen Water Bottle: 8.50/10

  • Hydrogen inhaler and infuser
  • $99

The H2Wellness hydrogen water generator not only infuses pure hydrogen into your water but also features hydrogen inhalation. With this unit, you can drink and inhale pure hydrogen anywhere you want.


H2Wellness’s portable hydrogen generator creates pure hydrogen using SPE/PEM technology with platinum-plated electrodes for extra durability. It is equipped with a rechargeable 1800 mAh battery with an average life of 500 charges.

The major highlight of this bottle is that you can inhale hydrogen using a cannula breathing tube that comes with the package. You’ll get a detailed manual to set it up for inhalation. 

This portable bottle has a self-cleaning mode, and though not as advanced as Piurify’s, it does the job. Any harmful gases produced during hydrogen generation are expelled through a small vent at the base of the bottle. 

This water bottle allows you to choose from two settings for infusing hydrogen. The first setting adds a mild concentration of hydrogen, up to 1 PPM, in under three minutes. The second option infuses up to 1.6 PPM hydrogen and takes about ten minutes.

Another great feature of this unit is that you can screw an Evian water bottle onto this generator and infuse H2 into your favorite mineral water.  

Lastly, you get a one-year warranty on this hydrogen generator, which is 18 months less than what you’ll get on Piurify hydrogenator, but still decent.   


First, the H2Wellness hydrogen generator’s automatic self-cleaning function is not as efficient as Piurify’s. You’ll need to clean it manually once every week so no harmful by-products mix in with your water. You might also need to descale the electrodes manually once a month, depending on the mineral content in your tap water. 

Second, it’s big and heavy, which reduces its portability. 

Third, the bottle adapter is compatible with only Evian water bottles.

And lastly, unlike Piurify, this brand has no certifications whatsoever. 


The H2Wellness rechargeable hydrogen generator has great membrane quality and generates pure and clean hydrogen for you to either drink or inhale. Plus it can infuse both mild and high concentrations of hydrogen. 

If you’ve got the time and energy to clean this hydrogenator manually every week and are not bothered by the lack of certifications, you can buy it here.  

3. New Pacific Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator: 7.43/10

  • Great portability 
  • $79

New Pacific portable hydrogen 200 mL water bottle adds up to 1.3–1.6 PPM of hydrogen to your water. The bottle lights up while generating H2, making for a pretty sight on the countertop.


New Pacific uses DuPont SPE/PEM tech with platinum-coated titanium rods to generate pure hydrogen in the water bottle in under five minutes. It can produce water with a negative oxidation-reduction potential between -350 to -600 mV. FYI, the lower the reading, the higher the antioxidants in water.   

It has a dual chamber, at the bottom of which is a small hole that releases Cl2 (chlorine) and ozone out of the system. 

You can take this bottle anywhere, from your office to your gym, but make sure you charge it before going out. When you start the H2 generation cycle, the bottle lights up with dancing colors, and you can see bubbles of hydrogen gas inside the water through the glass bottle. 

The New Pacific hydrogen water bottle comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. 


The instructions to set this up are unclear, so you’ll have to spend some time priming this bottle before hydrogenating your water. 

The product description indicates an elevation in pH, which is a false claim. This bottle doesn’t increase the pH level of water. 

Plus, it has a weak self-cleaning system that leaves scale on the electrodes after some time. 


This portable hydrogen generator bottle is easy to carry and recharge anywhere. It infuses an adequate concentration of hydrogen in water in just under five minutes. It looks beautiful with dancing colors when it generates hydrogen. 

It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles like Piurify and H2Wellness, but if you need a portable hydrogen generator, you can buy it here

4. H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water Generator

Here’s another portable hydrogen water generator equipped with inhalation and self-cleaning features. The H2 USB Sort MAXX uses high-quality SPE and DuPont PEM technology to produce clean hydrogen gas while expelling ozone and chlorine out of the waste chamber valve.  

This generator can infuse 1–1.5 PPM H2 in a seven-minute cycle. The brand further claims you can achieve 2 PPM if you run the cycle twice. This claim doesn’t make sense because hydrogen solubility in water at atmospheric pressure maxes out at 1.6 PPM.

It comes with a 400 mL borosilicate glass bottle. You can plug your unit into a standard wall outlet or USB port anywhere. Plus, it comes with the inhaler accessory included.  

The downside to this generator is its cheap build. It started leaking after a few weeks. When a product costs about $200, you expect it to at least have a strong and durable build. 

If portability is your priority, you can get better value from the New Pacific water bottle, which isn’t even half as expensive.  

5. Level Up Way Premium Hydrogen Water Generator 

The Level Up Way—priced at $199.90 —uses a DuPont SPE/PEM membrane to infuse up to 4 PPM of hydrogen in water, or so the brand claims. But here’s the problem: the maximum solubility of hydrogen in water at normal pressure is 1.6 PPM. To reach a concentration of 4 PPM, you need to increase the pressure inside the water bottle and Level Up Way is not equipped with this technology.

I tested Level Up Way’s hydrogenated water and found that it infuses H2 concentration of 1.5 PPM, which is optimum for health. I don’t know why Level Up needs to lie and exaggerate when its H2 generator bottle is doing just fine. This creates some suspicion. 

This H2 generator is equipped with silicon-coated electronics that last a long time. You’ll find a pressure-release valve that helps increase the life of the SPE membrane inside. I like the solid build of this bottle.

What you need to know is that its power button is not waterproof. The bottle doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature, which makes its maintenance very difficult unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. 

Level Up Way claims this is a hydrogen water ionizer when it’s clearly not an ionizer at all and only infuses hydrogen in water—another fake claim.

Although this generator adds adequate hydrogen in water and is a good portable option, the fake claims taint its reputation. 

6. Davidlee Portable Hydrogen-Rich Generator

Davidlee’s portable H2 infuser uses high-quality SPE technology to infuse up to 1.2–1.4 PPM of hydrogen into any drinking water. Made from sturdy Tritan, this 300 mL bottle is equipped with a self-cleaning mode that expels harmful gases through a tiny vent under the bottle, though not as powerful as Piurify. You’d still need to clean and descale its electrodes thoroughly after a few weeks.

It has a 3000mA battery capacity that, once fully charged, can generate hydrogen 70–80 times. But my experience says otherwise. After charging for five hours, the bottle generated hydrogen for only three days. Maybe mine was a dud.  

The bottle is lightweight and easy to carry, making it suitable for hiking and jogging. Keep in mind the bottle can retain hydrogen for only an hour while Piurify’s hydrogenator can maintain hydrogen-infused water three times longer.  

Like H2Wellness, you can attach an Evian water bottle to this generator. But what makes this product stand out is the lifetime maintenance the brand offers. Even if it’s not the best, that’s a pretty unique feature in a sea of portable hydrogen water bottles that only have a one-year warranty and no maintenance at all.

7. Level Up Way 2 in 1 Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator

Here’s another portable hydrogen generator by Level Up Way. It uses DuPont SPE and PEM tech to generate up to 1.1 PPM of hydrogen in water in 5–7 minutes cycles. I like this bottle’s strong and sturdy build, but unfortunately, that’s the only good thing about it. 

The bottle has double insulation to keep the hydrogenated water hot or cold for a long time. But the manufacturers forgot to mention that a temperature greater than 60° can damage DuPont’s SPE membrane. 

Cleaning it is not easy, either, because the bottle opens on one end only. You’re better off with the New Pacific if your focus is portability.

8. ionBottles Rechargeable Portable Glass Hydrogen Water Generator

Priced at $89, the ionBottles hydrogenator is a USB rechargeable glass bottle that uses SPE/PEM technology for hydrogen generation. The only good thing about this unit is its stainless steel body with a glass bottle and waterproof power button.

The ionBottles brand uses old technology that makes this generator too heavy to carry around. Although it claims to use the latest SPE technology, its low-quality membrane doesn’t produce adequate hydrogen in water. My tests showed that it infuses only 0.8 PPM H2 in water after running for 10 minutes.  

I found quite a few fake claims on its website that made me a bit leery about using this product.

Bottom Line

After thorough research, I concluded that the Piurify water hydrogenator has the features that no other hydrogenator offers right now. I loved its ability to infuse hydrogen in two concentrations—0.9 PPM or 1.3 PPM—depending on your needs. 

Not only a hydrogenator, this unit also has a calcium sulfite filter that removes 90% of chlorine taste, smell, and odor. 

Its unique magnetic-vortex tech improves the oxygen balance in water and helps retain hydrogen for longer periods of time. 

Above all, the filter is easy to clean, maintain, and install. In fact, its self-cleaning ability makes maintenance even more convenient for the user. 

With a decent warranty and certifications from renowned organizations, Piurify ticks all the boxes for the best hydrogen infuser. 

If you want to drink hydrogen water without any interruption, get yourself a Piurify today


If you’re wondering how I decided which hydrogen water generator is worth your money, here’s the summary of the research process I used to rank hydrogen water generators.

Step 1: A big list of hydrogen water machines 

To start my research, I made a list of the popular hydrogen water machines available on online marketplaces like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot. But this wasn’t enough. I contacted my family and friends to help me find more brands that were making hydrogen water generators.

In the end, I had a list of 20 hydrogen water generators from different brands.

Step 2: Product analysis

I put on my nerd glasses and started researching how a hydrogen water machine actually generates hydrogen. Of course, I had to understand all the technical jargon behind this technology. Here’s the summary of what I learned:

  • The latest and most efficient technology used to infuse H2 in water is solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) and polymer electrolyte membranes (PEM) technology. This method does not infuse harmful by-products such as ozone and chlorine into the water. 
  • The optimum concentration of hydrogen in drinking water is 0.8–1.2 PPM.
  • The maximum concentration an H2 machine can infuse in water at atmospheric pressure is 1.6 PPM. Why? Because that’s where the solubility of H2 in water maxes out. To add more H2, you need a device that increases the pressure in the water bottle. So, any brand claiming to go higher than 1.6 PPM is duping customers. 
  • Hydrogen can seep from plastic water bottles, so it must be stored in a stainless steel vacuum-sealed container for longer retention. 

Keeping in mind the above information, I made a list of questions one should ask while shopping for the best hydrogen water machine:

  • Does it use the latest SPE/PEM technology? 
  • How does it expel harmful by-products? 
  • How much H2 does it infuse in water?
  • How long does it take to generate 1 PPM of hydrogen?
  • What is the material of this water bottle or pitcher?
  • How long can it retain infused hydrogen? 
  • What’s its water-holding capacity?

Step 3: Online reviews of hydrogen water generators

Now that I had enough information about hydrogen generators, I jumped to review websites like TrustPilot, Angie’s List, and Amazon reviews to read what people had to say about their units. This took a long time, but I got to learn about the efficiency of products on my list.

During this step, I also came across some incentivized and fake reviews, so I decided to dig deeper and find more evidence before removing any product from my list.

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

Luckily, I found a few customers who were willing to share their experiences with me in a Zoom meeting. Some people were kind enough to share their H2 test results and lab reports. While others promised to send a review of their units after using them for a few months. 

Thanks to these good people, I got to strike 10 filters off my list.  

Step 5: Interviews with the companies

Some customers reported bad customer service, so I confirmed it by contacting the companies myself. I emailed them a few concerns about their products and waited for their responses. Brands like Piurify and H2Wellness emailed back quickly and were willing to jump on a call with me. Some additional brands responded, as well, while others didn’t respond at all. 

This helped me remove a few more brands from my list. 

Step 6: Test drives

To give my hydrogen water generators a final ranking, I tested every unit at home using the Trustlex molecular hydrogen meter and blue hydrogen test kit. 

I judged the hydrogen concentration in water, the time it took to generate hydrogen in one cycle, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, and the size and portability of the machine. I also noted the hydrogen retention time and the material quality of the bottles and pitchers during my testing.

I removed the products that infused less than 0.8 PPM hydrogen in water.   

Step 7: Final ranking 

Now that I had everything I needed to rank the units on my list, I opened a spreadsheet and plugged in all the details.

Here are the factors I considered in the final ranking:

  • Quality of SPE and PEM membrane
  • Concentration of H2 generated 
  • H2 retention time
  • Product build
  • Portability
  • Self-cleaning function 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Durability 
  • Warranty and refund policy 
  • Cost 

Lastly, I ran a few formulas in Excel and sorted the list from #1 to #8. 

The Best Hydrogen Water Machine 

Drinking hydrogen water is super hot right now, with many reported benefits, but you need the right product to consume optimum levels of hydrogen. Piurify’s Water Hydrogenator is the unit that can take your water drinking game to the next level. Here are the qualities that make this unit the best on the market right now:

  • SPE/PEM hydrogenation technology 
  • Fast hydrogenation 
  • Adds up to 1.3 PPM of pure hydrogen 
  • Magnetic-vortex tech
  • Improved oxygen balance in the water 
  • Removal of chlorine and its by-products using calcium sulfite filter
  • Self-cleaning ability 
  • Improved H2 retention
  • One-year warranty

If you want to experience the benefits of fresh hydrogenated water without any interruption, get yourself a Piurify Water Hydrogenator today. 

Here’s to staying hydrated. 

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