The 7 Best Water Filter Pitchers: Reviewed and Compared (2024)

Reviewed by: James Layton
Updated on:
March 26, 2024

I tested dozens of filter pitchers using a rigorous seven-step review process. With input from our in-house water specialist, James Layton, I was able to identify the seven best, and the top three that stood out among those. 

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is the best overall water pitcher on the market, but Epic Water Filters is hot on the heels with its efficient well water filtration and fluoride removal. If it’s your first time buying a pitcher, check out our buying guide to learn more. 

Here are our recommendations for the best water filter pitchers.

Best Overall: Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Filter 9.65/10

  • Filters 365+ contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, lead, and sediment
  • Lasts up to 100 gallons before needing a filter change
  • Has a large 10-cup capacity and ergonomic design.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • High price tag
  • Not suitable for microbes

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher’s lifetime warranty and ability to remove more than 365 contaminants from tap water make it the best overall water filter pitcher on the market. 


Here are four things to love about the Clearly Filtered pitcher.

Pro 1/4: Does what it promises

The first reason the Clearly Filtered pitcher is so exceptional is its proprietary Affinity filtration technology that removes up to 365 contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, sediment, and forever chemicals. Additionally, the pitcher removes 99%+ of sulfates and sulfides, nitrates, iron, lead, and manganese, as well as various other contaminants commonly found in tap water. 

All activated carbon filters rely on adsorption, but this model uses a design that increases the water’s contact time with the filter, enhancing its purification. It is certified against NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401 & 473 standards. You can check out its test reports here. While we urge you to test your water, this filter pitcher is a good option for those who don’t want the expense of testing because it removes such a wide range of contaminants. While it filters many well water contaminants, the company recommends it only for city water, although it’s unclear why. 

If you want to ditch bottled water in favor of a simple filtration solution that works, you’ll appreciate the effectiveness of the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher

Pro 2/4: Long filter lifespan

The second benefit you’ll get out of this system is its long filter life. Clearly Filtered water pitchers can filter 100 gallons of water before needing replacement. 

You can fill this pitcher 200 times before you need to swap out the filter. For a household of up to three people with moderately contaminated water, the filter typically lasts two to three months, while those living alone can expect to get up to six months out of it. Just keep in mind that the more heavily contaminated the water, the quicker the filter expires. But that is true with literally any filtration media, and this filter lasts longer than most filter pitchers out there, which often require replacements every few weeks. 

If you want to save yourself the hassle of frequently replacing filters, get yourself a Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.

Pro 3/4: Large 10-cup capacity and ergonomic design 

The third great thing about this filter is that it can hold a lot of water — 10 cups to be exact — despite its sleek design. 

With the Clearly Filtered pitcher, you’ll have plenty of filtered water for your daily needs. The pitcher is also easy to carry, with a comfortable C-shaped handle. It’s not just practical but also fits easily on your fridge door, thanks to its narrow build. What makes this filter even better is that it’s designed with everyone in mind. The handle and design make it easy for older family members and kids to use. The plastic it’s made of is tough and, more importantly, certified BPA- and BPS-free.

If you want a filter that provides plenty of clean water in a container that you can store easily and actually pick up several times a day, you should definitely get the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.

Pro 4/4: Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee 

Lastly, the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means buyers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are covered in case of any issues.

Savvy consumers value brands that stand behind their products, and a decent warranty is a key indicator of this. The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher’s lifetime warranty against faulty workmanship or materials reflects the brand’s confidence in the product’s durability and performance. You can also try the filter for 30 days and return it if you aren’t satisfied.

If you’re looking for a product that comes with a lifetime warranty and a respectable money-back guarantee, the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is a no-brainer.


Like any other product, the Clearly Filtered pitcher has some limitations. Luckily, there are only two:

Con 1/1: High price tag

The first downside of the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is that its up-front price is about double that of more basic filter pitchers, and the replacement costs are a bit high, as well, especially if your water has a lot of impurities. 

But all is not lost: You can save money by signing up for a filter replacement plan or buying replacements in bulk. Not only that, but the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher does an excellent job at getting rid of all sorts of things in your water that you don’t want, many more than those basic $40 pitchers with cheap replacement filters. And you’re still saving loads of money that you could be spending on an under-sink or whole-house filtration system.

Even though you might be spending a bit more on the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, it’s an investment in clean and safe water. 

Con 2/2: Not suitable for microbes 

The second downside is that it is not suitable for filtration of microbes — bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc. These contaminants will bind to the activated carbon, where they will grow. Yuck. If you’ve tested your water and you know you have microbial contamination, check out the Epic Nano Filter below


If you’re dealing with microbes and germs in your tap water, install a UV light water purifier. Using a water pitcher to deal with microbes is really not ideal because it leaves you at risk of drinking contaminated water. For more information, read my detailed review of the best UV filters on the market. 

OVERALL: 9.65/10

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is the premium choice for the removal of over 365 contaminants present in tap water. This high-quality water purification comes with medical-grade BPA- and BPS-free materials and a lifetime warranty.

It might seem expensive for an everyday water filter pitcher, but compared to under-sink or whole-house systems, it’s a steal. 

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher outperforms other water filter pitchers, and it will protect you and your family from common water contaminants. For the best water filter pitcher of the dozens we tested, get the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher today.

Best Pitcher for Well Water: Epic Nano 9.45/10

  • Removes chemical contamination along with microbes.
  • Has an ergonomic design.
  • Lasts up to 150 gallons.
  • Holds 10 cups of water.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Counts down the filter life for you.
  • Epic Water Filters supports the environment.
  • Not suitable for fluoride removal
  • Expensive filter replacements

Epic Water Filters’ Nano Pitcher is the best water filter pitcher for well water thanks to its effectiveness against microbes and other common well water contaminants.


Here are the four compelling benefits you can expect from the Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher:

Pro 1/3: Effective filtration 

The first thing I want to highlight about the Epic Nano is its exceptional filtration. The pitcher’s top-quality sub-micron filter can banish over 200 contaminants, including sediment, chlorine, lead, PFOS/PFOA, nitrates, sulfates, and other heavy metals — PLUS microbes, such as E. coli, giardia, cysts, cryptosporidium. 

This effectiveness against microbes is what makes it the ideal well water filter pitcher. Microbial contamination in wells is relatively common, and not all filters, especially pitchers, are designed to remove it.

This means that if you’re worried about microbes in your well and want to ensure safe drinking water in a relatively low-impact and inexpensive way, you should get the Epic Nano pitcher.

Pro 2/3: Modern design and large filtering capacity 

The second-best thing about the Epic Nano is its chic and ergonomic design, which includes a “smart lid” with a user-friendly flip-top, facilitating effortless one-handed refilling and adding to its overall value. Despite these modern features, it still manages to hold enough filtered water to get you through the day.

The smart lid, counting down to filter replacement, is a welcome addition, helping you keep track of an otherwise too-overlooked task. No more guessing the filter life or setting reminders. Additionally, the Epic Nano water pitcher has a large filtration capacity. It can hold up to 10 cups of clean water and is capable of filtering approximately 150 gallons of tap water before requiring a filter replacement. For a medium-sized family, it will easily last about three to four months. But if you’re filling it up more than three times a day, expect it to last around two months. Not to mention, the filter life also depends on your water quality. If it’s removing a slew of contaminants, it’ll need replacing more often. This is normal.

If you want a 21st-century water filter pitcher, it’s the Epic Nano.

Pro 3/3: Sustainable, conscientious company

The third unique and cool thing about this pitcher is that it’s made by a company that’s not just in it for profit — it also pays it forward.

First of all, the Epic Nano filter pitcher is constructed from BPA-free plastic and comes packaged in compostable materials. Also, the company’s involvement in eco-friendly initiatives, such as being a member of the Inland Ocean Coalition (IOC) and 1% for the Planet, further enhances its appeal, making it more than just a functional item but also a product with a conscience. To support its customers as well as the environment, the brand offers a recycling program, a lifetime warranty, and a hassle-free money-back guarantee on its units. However, we just don’t know if it’s an “epic” lifetime warranty because the company is rather opaque about it on the website.

If you want to partner with a brand that contributes to eco-friendly initiatives, consider the Epic Nano Pitcher


As “epic” as the Nano pitcher is, it isn’t without a few cons. 

Con 1/3: Not suitable for fluoride removal 

The first con is that this model cannot remove a great deal of fluoride. If you’re in an area with high natural fluoride, or you want fluoride removed from your city water, this isn’t the pitcher for you. If you want to remove fluoride specifically, go for Epic’s fluoride filter pitcher.

Con 2/3: Expensive filter replacements

The second downside of the Epic Nano is that it’s not a particularly budget-friendly water pitcher. Its purchase price is lower than the Clearly Filtered pitcher, but you may balk at the frequent and costly filter replacements. 

That said, you can get a 20% discount by subscribing to a monthly package, and it’s still cheaper up front than the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.

OVERALL: 9.45/10

The biggest win for the Epic Nano filter pitcher is its ability to trap disease-causing bacteria and viruses, along with many other pollutants in both city water and well water. 

While it may not remove fluoride, that’s not as much of a concern for most people as bacterial contamination, which this filter pitcher can handle with ease.

No other filter pitcher can handle well water and microbial contamination like the Epic Nano, so head to the Epic Water website now.

Best for Fluoride Removal: Epic Pure Pitcher 8.95/10

  • Removes fluoride, heavy metals, and PFAS.
  • Lasts for 150 gallons.
  • Holds 10 cups of water.
  • An ergonomic and sustainable design makes it easy to use.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Limited application

Epic Water Filters’ Pure Pitcher is the best choice to get rid of fluoride, foul odor, and bad taste from drinking water.


Here are four features you’ll love about the Pure Pitcher:

Pro 1/4: Effective filtration

First, the Pure Pitcher boasts a truly effective filtration.

The Pure Pitcher can filter heavy metals, chlorine and chloramine, sediment, VOCs, pesticides, and more, all thanks to its sub-micron carbon filters, which trap contaminants efficiently. Additionally, it effectively removes per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS), otherwise known as “forever chemicals,” which are really harmful to human health. Pure Pitcher also improves the taste and odor of tap water and is safe to use for municipal supply and private well water. It can also remove fluoride, which I’ll get into below.

Upgrade to Epic Pure pitcher for efficient filtration of many common contaminants.

Pro 2/4: Large capacity and modern features

Second, just like its sister model, the Epic Nano, the Pure Pitcher also boasts a large capacity and modern, ergonomic design.

You’ll get a whopping 150 gallons of filtration and a 10-cup capacity. For a small to medium family, it guarantees three to four months of fresh, pure, and contaminant-free drinking water. A smart LED indicator will prompt you when the filter needs changing, making this even more convenient. Also, the ergonomically shaped reservoir prevents it from being top-heavy, making it easier to use without spilling. It’s also narrow enough to fit on the fridge door, saving valuable fridge space for those items you never want to put on the door.

A modern design paired with a large capacity makes a killer combo in the Epic Pure pitcher.

Pro 3/4: Sustainability

Third, you’ll enjoy all of Epic Water Filters’ sustainability practices with the Epic Pure pitcher just as you do the Epic Nano.

As I discussed before, the Epic Water Filter brand spends a lot of resources on sustainable practices. These include monthly creek clean-up initiatives, donations to the Inland Ocean Coalition, and the Honnold Foundation, which promotes solar energy. Additionally, the filter replacements are 100% recyclable and BPA-free. You can learn more about their recycling program here. Epic Water Filters also offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products, although you need to email the company for specifics. 

If you like the idea of partnering with a sustainable corporation, you’ll feel comfortable getting the Epic Pure Pitcher because you’ll know in addition to clean water, you’re contributing to a good cause.

Pro 4/4: Fluoride removal

The final standout feature of the Pure Pitcher is its ability to remove 98% of fluoride from drinking water. 

While fluoride levels in city water typically fall within safe limits, if you prefer to have it removed, this pitcher is your best choice. Fluoride contamination in well water may not be as common, but it can pose serious health risks and consequences where it happens over the same limit. The Epic Pure pitcher can efficiently address fluoride contamination limiting overall filtration, as in the case of dedicated under-sink or countertop fluoride filters which may have restricted filtration capabilities for other contaminants. This makes it more practical to reserve more general filters for other uses while relying on a fluoride pitcher solely for drinking water.

Get your Pure Pitcher now for fluoride-free drinking water!


Despite its many fine features, the Pure Pitcher does have one notable downside.

Con 1/2: Limited application 

As they say, you can’t have it all. The Epic Pure Pitcher is meant for fluoride, PFAS, and heavy metals, but it’s not effective against microbial contaminants. 

Setting clear expectations for your water pitcher can shield you from unexpected health issues down the road. If you need treatment for microbes, the Epic Nano pitcher is better suited for bacterial and viral contamination of tap water. 

OVERALL: 8.95/10

The Epic Pure Pitcher is a solid pick if you want an effective solution for fluoride in drinking water. The sub-micron filtration will also get rid of heavy metals, PFAS, and other chemical nasties from your tap water. 

While it’s not suitable for microbial contamination, it’s not common in city water, where most fluoride is found, and what the Pure Pitcher lacks in range, it makes up for in how well it removes what it promises to. Few filters have the necessary technology to remove fluoride.

If you want to remove fluoride from your water with an easy-to-use water filter pitcher, grab your Epic Pure Pitcher today.

Honorable Mentions 

Waterdrop Chubby Pitcher Water Filter 

The Waterdrop Chubby Water Pitcher targets chlorine, iron, mercury, magnesium, calcium, and copper in its seven-stage filtration system, which features activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Its sleek, rounded shape with wooden handles, hence the name “Chubby,” makes for an elegant addition to any kitchen. It has unique features that include an easy-to-fill system, allowing you to add water without removing the cap.

However, it didn’t make the top picks list primarily due to its rather limited filtration abilities. It can’t reduce TDS (total dissolved solids), which Clearly Filtered is “clearly” much better at, and it doesn’t remove microbes, nitrates, or sulfides, like the Epic Nano does. It’s also not certified for the removal of lead, which all three of the top contenders do to over 99%. I wouldn’t trust it if I had lead contamination if I were you. And I’m a bit skeptical about its use of ion exchange technology, a process that usually includes some kind of backwash.

The low price tag of the pitcher, coupled with its long filter life of up to 200 gallons and its 400% faster flow rate (both of which can be attributed to its limited filtration) than its competitors, still make it a worthy consideration for those dealing with specific and minor purification needs. Should you require filtration specifically for chlorine taste and odor, the Waterdrop Chubby Pitcher Water Filter may be the right fit.

Brita Denali Water Pitcher

The Brita Denali Water Pitcher is designed for individuals or couples, since it’s much smaller in size compared to others on my list, and fits seamlessly into small living spaces. It can remove chlorine, copper, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals. It also features a locking lid to prevent spills and an electronic indicator to let you know when to change the filter.

The Brita filter did not make the list of our top picks primarily due to its low capacity of only six cups (48 oz) and its limited purification capabilities, such as not effectively removing lead, PFAS, or nitrates when compared to other water filter pitchers on the list.

Despite its limitations, the Brita Denali Water Pitcher offers effective basic filtration, a compact design, and a low price, which make it a cost-effective option for those with minimal purification needs.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear water filter pitcher is suitable for removing common contaminants, including chlorine, lead, microplastics, and forever chemicals. This pitcher has a 10-cup capacity, and it can purify up to 120 gallons of water before needing replacement filters. It also has a lifetime warranty, and this, coupled with its purification capabilities, makes the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher an attractive solution to those with specific water purification needs. 

Aquagear Pitcher is priced similarly to Clearly Filtered and Epic Nano. However, it lacks the 365+ contaminant-removal capability of the former and the microbe-removing ability of the latter.

A high-ish price point and limited filtration capability are the primary reasons this pitcher did not make the top list. If I’m going to pay higher than average, I at least want comprehensive filtration. Despite the downsides, the Aquagear pitcher is still a solid choice for those in need of purification of their tap water.

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

The Nakii Water Filter Pitcher is a good water filter pitcher for those looking for low-cost filtered water. With a capacity of 48 oz, it’s able to purify up to 150 gallons of water before needing a filter replacement. Of course, this depends on what’s in your water, so it’s hard to really predict. 

The best thing to do is simply replace the filter every few months. The low cost of filter replacement for the unit makes this more feasible. 

It may not have quite the filtration ability of some of our top picks, like Clearly Filtered, but it’s still a sound and cost-effective choice for those looking for the most basic purification of their well water. 

The Bottom Line: The Best Water Filter Pitcher

Of all the water filter pitchers we tested, the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher stands out. Its ability to remove more than 365 contaminants commonly found in city water, coupled with its 80-ounce capacity, sleek, compact, and easy-to-handle design, and its capability to purify 100 gallons per filter, makes it the top choice among leading filter pitchers.

However, if you’ve got microbial contamination, then I strongly recommend the Epic Nano Pitcher. Its ability to trap microbes and bacteria effectively ensures your daily hydration is safe. Folks concerned about fluoride but unwilling to pay Clearly Filtered prices should look into the Epic Pure Pitcher.

Do you prefer filter pitchers over other types of filtration? Don’t be shy — drop a comment below and share your pitcher tales!

Research Methodology: How We Test and Review Products

In our commitment to unbiased product evaluations, we follow a seven-step methodology at Drinking Water to test water filter pitchers. By combining quantitative and qualitative assessments, this rigorous process allows us to thoroughly analyze and compare products on the market. Teaming up with experts like James Layton and Tommy Stricklin enhances our insight into the best water filter pitchers.

If you wish to delve deeper into how we review products, learn more about our water filter product testing methodology. Here’s an overview:

Use analysis

First, we look at each water filter to see where it works best. In this review, we check different types of filters for specific dirty stuff in the water. This helps us find the right product for the specific problem we’re looking to solve. We also check how each filter works and what it’s meant for.

Our goal is to suggest filters that match exactly with what you need for your water. Once we have a bunch of filters, we make sure each one does what it’s supposed to do.

You can learn more about our use analysis here.

Tech Check

Next, we take a close look at how each water filter works. We check the technology it uses to make sure it does what it promises, targeting the bad stuff in your water. We look at how long it lasts and how well it works to suggest reliable and effective solutions tailored to your water needs. We make sure not to be influenced by fancy words or marketing language from companies.

Learn more about the tech check portion of our review process.

Water test report

Next, we make sure water filters do what they claim. We check certifications, ask companies for test results, and look at data from independent labs. Sometimes, we even do our own tests. This careful process ensures our reviews give you the full picture of how well a filter works.

Learn more about how we collect and use water test data.

Installation tests

In this phase, we check water filter installation, ensuring all needed materials are included, and whether it’s DIY friendly or requires professional help. Our review process covers warranty details and prioritizes filters with clear instructions, giving you a heads-up before you buy.

Learn more about how we run our installation tests.

Cost-of-ownership analysis

Next, we dive into the upkeep costs of whole-house filters, a crucial aspect often overlooked. Some filters may seem affordable up front, but customers might face unexpected maintenance expenses later. We perform a cost-of-ownership analysis, factoring in financing, installation, filter lifespan, replacement availability, and water/electricity usage. This helps provide a clear financial picture for choosing a system.

Learn more about how we conduct our cost-of-ownership analysis.


Now, we turn our attention to company warranties in our water filter assessments. We thoroughly examine the duration, coverage, and fine print, ensuring you invest in a reliable product. Our focus includes easy access to warranty services, and we prioritize brands with clear, flexible refund policies, aiming to recommend filters that offer both confidence and reliability.

Learn more about how we do our warranty checks.

Customer service test

In our final step, we prioritize your experience when choosing a water filter. We delve into reviews, assess the ease of online assistance, and evaluate the accessibility of real-person support. Clear user manuals and fair return policies are also crucial considerations. From research to ownership, we strive to ensure your entire experience with a filter is top-notch.

Learn more about our customer service test.

Before You Buy a Water Filter Pitcher 

Here are some important things you should do before you decide on a filter.

Test your water.

You could trawl through online stores for days trying to find the perfect pitcher, but it would all be in vain if you’re unaware of exactly what lurks in your drinking water. That’s why you need to test your water, especially well water but even city water.

According to Jess Goddard, Ph.D., from SimpleLab, “Most utility users don’t know that the water that comes out of their faucet may be different in quality from the water tested at the utility. Piping materials can contaminate the water with heavy metals, and chlorine added for disinfection can mix with organic matter and lead to high levels of carcinogenic disinfection byproducts.”

The problem is that different products excel at filtering different contaminants. You can’t buy any old pitcher and trust it will make your water clean and safe. That’s why I strongly recommend having your water tested, so you know which kind of pitcher suits your requirements the best.

Learn more about filter pitchers.

If you’re thinking about getting a filter pitcher rather than another type of system, you need to know how they work, what their limitations are, and more. 

How filter pitchers work

Most water filter pitchers use granular activated carbon (GAC) along with some other, sometimes patented, technology, and depending on the design, remove common or serious contaminants like chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, and forever chemicals. Some pitchers are good for overall general filtration, like Clearly Filtered, while some are specialty filters, like the Epic Pure fluoride-removing pitcher.

All filter pitchers work on the principle of gravity. As the water slowly passes through the filter in the top part of the pitcher, the filter retains the contaminants and clean water drops into the bottom reservoir. 

However, it’s a relatively slow process, and the filtration isn’t on par with bigger systems that can produce more water, filter more contaminants, and last longer — reverse osmosis and whole-house filters come to mind. 

For information on filter pitchers’ competition, check out the best whole-house filters and the best tankless reverse osmosis systems.

How to replace your filter cartridge

Typically, a water pitcher can filter between 100–200 gallons of water before the filter needs to be changed, which means two to four months for an average-sized family of four. Some pitchers, like the Epic Water filters and Waterdrop, come with an LED timer, which takes away the guesswork. With those that don’t, you can either replace it when the flow gets restricted, indicating clogging and reduced efficacy, or simply change the filter once it passes the 90-day mark.

Replacing a filter pitcher’s cartridge is extremely simple. They pop out and in easily. However, how you dispose of your used filter is important. Check with the manufacturer or your local recycling center to learn how to dispose of your specific filter in your specific area.

How to clean your pitcher

You can easily clean the pitcher with water and soap. However, the filters are not reusable and need timely replacement. Additionally, most pitchers are not dishwasher safe, so it’s essential to confirm this with the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary damage.

Know what it can and cannot filter.

Not all pitcher filters are built the same. Most are equipped with carbon filters and good for certain contaminants, such as chlorine, sediment, microplastics, and heavy metals. Some are specifically designed to treat microbial contamination. However, if a pitcher brand claims its product can remove bacteria and microbes while relying solely on a carbon filter, it’s just bogus talk. Carbon filters can indeed trap some bacteria initially, but over time, microbes accumulate and can become a serious issue, leading to bacterial growth. Only specialized filters, such as the Epic Nano Water pitcher, excel at handling microbes and bacteria effectively.

If your filter pitcher isn’t designed for microbes and you experience acute or ongoing microbial contamination of your water, you may need a UV purifier. We’ve found the best UV purifier, so bookmark this page in case you ever need it.

Although sediment itself isn’t a big deal and ranks pretty low on the list of dangerous contaminants, it plays a major role in the drinking water aesthetic and clogging of water filters and appliances. Especially if you’re on well water, you need to be sure the pitcher can handle the sediment that may come with it. NSF Standard 42 covers sediment, and both Clearly Filtered and Epic Water Filters are certified for Standard 42, but extremely high sediment content may reduce the efficacy of your filter. If you have well water and you want to use a water filter pitcher, consider installing a sediment filter. It’ll help protect your appliances too. 

Here’s a list of the best sediment filters for well water.

Back to product recommendations

Dive Deeper: In-Depth Water Filter Guides

At Drinking Water, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have all the help and information necessary to understand and treat your water supply. To further assist you, we invite you to explore these additional resources available right here on our site:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which water pitcher removes the most contaminants?

The Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants, effectively removing 365+ contaminants found in city water, such as lead, fluoride, arsenic, PFOA/PFOS, and various chemicals. This filter pitcher applies a proprietary filtration technology that is NSF/ANSI certified against standards 42, 53, 401, and 473.

What is the best filtration pitcher?

The Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher has the best filtration capabilities, making it the best filtration pitcher. It uses proprietary Affinity® filtration technology that targets hundreds of pollutants by ionically binding to them and capturing them in the filtration media. The filtration technology prolongs water contact, enabling it to remove a boatload of pollutants.

Which brand of water filter is best?

Clearly Filtered is the best water filter pitcher brand. Why? A good water treatment brand is measured not only by the products it sells, but also the services it provides. That means a good warranty and a money-back guarantee are paramount. Clearly Filtered produces high-quality products and backs them up with a lifetime warranty and a decent money-back guarantee.

Is ZeroWater better than Brita?

No. We’ve compared all the specs, and the Brita pitcher is the better choice over the ZeroWater pitcher. While ZeroWater can filter only 45 gallons, Brita filters 120 gallons, and its replacements are also much less expensive. 

Both pitchers excel at removing common contaminants like chlorine, lead, dirt, and PFOA/PFOS. Although Brita can store only six cups at a time compared to Zerowater’s 10-cup water filter pitcher, its longer filter life and effective filtration give it an edge.

If you want even better filtration than you can get from either Brita or ZeroWater, look into Clearly Filtered. Its pitcher removes over 365 contaminants.

Is Brita good for well water?

The Brita pitcher is not an ideal solution for well water. While it can remove some well water contaminants, such as VOCs, herbicides, and pesticides thanks to its included activated carbon, but it is not effective against microbial contamination. Since this is common in well water, we cannot recommend Brita pitchers as filtration options for those on well water.

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