By: Jake Gallagher | September 4, 2023

Water distillers are getting more popular each year as people learn the potential hazards regular tap water poses to their health.

Water distillation is by far the most effective way to remove contaminants, so much so that regular water filtration doesn’t even come close. 

However, many options are available on the market, and most of them are similar in design. Coincidence? I think not.

If you’re confused by all the options and cheap marketing gimmicks, I’ve got your back. Here, I’ve reviewed the 10 best water distillers for drinking water based on authentic research, reviews, and my test results.

Let’s get started. 

1. Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller: 9.3/10

  • Best bang for the buck 
  • $262.49

The Megahome Deluxe takes the lead as the best water distiller due to its exceptional water quality, performance, and easy-to-use design. 


Megahome Corp. is a well-known UK brand and pioneer of home-use water distillers. 

During my research, I noticed an uncanny similarity between H2oLabs, VivoHome, DC House, and many others with Megahome Deluxe, so I dug deep into this matter and found out that most water distillers just copied this design.  

Its stylish and ergonomic design fits right on the countertop and doesn’t make much noise. The outer body has some plastic parts, but the insides are all stainless steel. 

The inner body, boiling chamber, and condensing coils are all made of 316 marine-grade steel, which is amazing considering all other water distillers use 304 grade. You see, 316 steel is corrosion resistant and more resilient against chlorides and acidity. 

Even though the distillation process is simple, not every product delivers the same quality, so I had the sample tested. The results showed the absence of all organic, inorganic, biological, and radioactive contaminants, in short, everything except the good old H2O. 

The Megahome Deluxe distills one gallon every 5.5 hours, and the water also passes through an activated-charcoal filter, making drinking water pure and clear. 

It’s energy efficient and consumes 580 watts per cycle, roughly costing 0.25–0.30 cents/gal—much more economical than bottled water.

The Megahome Deluxe has a built-in shut-off valve preventing the heating element from burning.

Moreover, it’s Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certified, which not only makes this distiller extra safe but will also help with insurance claims if any unfortunate accident occurs.

Megahome Deluxe is priced at $262.49, and apart from the water distiller, you’ll get a glass collection bottle, six charcoal filter sachets, and a residue cleaner. You’ll also get two years of extended warranty on this product.


I might be nitpicking here, but there are a couple of minor design flaws that slightly bothered me. 

First, you have to make sure that the spout and the narrow lid opening of the glass jug are precisely in line with each other. A minor nudge can displace it, causing water to spill. It takes 20 minutes for the first water drop to come out of the spout, so you may need to wait for it till then to adjust the bottom jug accordingly.  

Second, the shut-off switch only triggers when all the boiling water evaporates. Even though it’s standard, this leaves a hard scale at the bottom that is difficult to clean. 

I recommend setting up a timer for five hours and switching it off manually so that you have buffer water in the boiling chamber, making cleaning easy. 


The Megahome Deluxe checks a lot of boxes. It’s a compact, durable, and energy-efficient water distiller that delivers pure drinking water 24/7. 

The build quality is amazing, and with a UL certification to back it up, it’s certainly the best bang for the buck. 

If you’re ready to begin drinking distilled water from the best system in the business, buy it today here.

2. Pure Water Mini-Classic CT: 8.6/10

  • Best build quality but expensive
  • $750

Pure Water Mini Classic CT has everything you expect from a high-functioning water distiller, but this premium quality comes at a huge price. 


Pure Water is a name you can rely on when it comes to water distillation machines. It’s a US-based family business with over 50 years of experience in the industry. This countertop water distiller is one of the finest machines for treating water.

It has a complete stainless steel body, and the jug fits right into the assigned space, much like a coffee maker, making it really compact. 

I really like the safety mechanism that won’t allow it to heat past the minimum water level, unlike all the other distillers on my list. It saves heating elements from expiring early and makes cleaning easier.

The dual volatile vent in the condensing coil is Pure Water’s own take on distillation technology, which removes contaminants that can escape the regular distillation process. 

The Pure Water Mini distiller runs on a standard distillation cycle involving evaporation and condensation, and it ends with activated-charcoal filters.

But what separates it from the rest is its steam-sterilization option, which you’ll not find anywhere else, except the AquaNui CT. This self-cleaning option prevents any bacterial contamination.

It can distill 0.8 gallons per 3.5 hours (one cycle), which is pretty decent, and consumes 800 watts per cycle. Moreover, it’s much quieter than the distillers down the list.  

The Pure Water Mini costs $750, and the brand offers a 15-year warranty for the mechanical body and a 2-year warranty on electrical parts, which is the most any brand offers in the market. 


The Pure Water Mini distiller costs almost three times that of Megahome distillers, but there isn’t any significant difference in performance that justifies such a price hike. Also, I expected a UL certification from the brand but didn’t find any. 


The Pure Water Mini Classic CT water distiller’s patented distillation technology keeps contaminants away from your drinking water.

The higher-quality condensing coils, sterilization function, compact design, energy-saving technology, and extended warranty make it a worthy second option. 

If you’re willing to pay a lot more for a better warranty, learn more about this product here.  

3. AquaNui Countertop: 8.3/10 

  • Good performance but slower distillation rate 
  • $650

The AquaNui CT water distiller is an effective and efficient option, but it takes longer to distill water than the above two options. 


AquaNui is a subsidiary of the Pure Water brand I reviewed above. Even though the parent company is the same, the designs are different. 

The AquaNui is sleek and compact, and it fits right on the counter. You’ll also get a glass container for distilled water. 

It can distill 0.8 gallons per batch in about 5.5 to 6 hours and requires about 650 watts. Even though it takes longer to distill than Pure Water, it consumes less power overall. 

AquaNui’s countertop water distiller features steam sterilization, which makes cleaning fully automatic. You can also refer to the maintenance schedule on its website, which keeps the efficiency consistent and the performance optimal if you follow it.

AquaNui CT is priced at $650 and offers 15 years of warranty, just like Pure Water.

The brand also provides a cleaning liquid for removing scale buildup as well as a polish to keep the body looking fresh and straight out of the box for years.  


I observed several minor design flaws during my use. The glass jar opening doesn’t fit the post-carbon filter spout unless the water distillers are raised 1” above the ground. I had to buy a wooden board and place the AquaNui distiller above to match the height. 

Also, the spout is behind the water distiller, which means you need space between the distiller and the back wall. Not good for narrow counters. 

Its 0.8-gallon (3 liters) distilling capacity per 5.5 hours is not impressive. Moreover, it’s not UL certified. At this price range, I expected better features from the brand.


AquaNui Countertop water distillers work efficiently and distill contaminated water effectively. It is a long-lasting and durable product with numerous features like shutoff valves and steam sterilization. But it’s a bit overpriced when you consider that distillers of equal quality are available for a fraction of the price.

You can learn more about this product here

4. H2oLabs Water Distiller

H2oLabs distiller looks similar to Megahome, and it’s no coincidence. H2oLabs is an American company with exclusive rights to Megahome products and sells its rebranded version from the US. 

As expected, most features are the same and the performance is identical. It can distill one gallon in five to six hours and consumes 580 watts of power. However, it’s noisy compared to the Megahome water distiller. 

Also, its interior is made from 304 stainless steel, unlike Megahome, which uses 316 stainless steel, a superior version.  

The water quality is superb, and the design is quite practical. It comes with a glass carafe and a post-charcoal filter spout.

H2oLabs water distillers cost $279, which is $17 pricier than Megahome, even though they are essentially the same.

It offers a one-year warranty, which is less than what Megahome offers. 

Even though both products come from the same parent company, I find Megahome a better option. Find out more about this product here

5. VIVOHOME Water Distiller 

Next up is the VivoHome water distiller, made from BPA-free plastic and brushed stainless steel, with an ergonomic design and user-friendly features.  

It takes about four hours to distill one gallon of water and consumes 750 watts of power.

The four-bladed aluminum fan on the top is noiseless and efficient. However, the overall build quality could be better. 

VivoHome is not breaking new ground when it comes to technology—it runs on a standard distillation cycle. It also doesn’t have a charcoal filter, which is a bummer.

I have mixed feelings about VivoHome’s temperature detector, which stops the distiller from overheating.

Because, theoretically, it won’t stop when the water level is down (like Pure Water) or when the water evaporates (like Megahome) but will only shut off once the temperature reaches a certain threshold. 

Though safe, it negatively affects the heating element and performance. Switch it off manually or use a digital timer outlet to stop it from running bone dry. 

All the other water distillers down the list have a similar safety mechanism. Megahome and Pure Water have superior safety features.

VivoHome water distiller is CE certified, which is a European standard that monitors product quality.  

It’ll cost you only $99 with a one-year warranty, which is reasonable considering the low price. 

6. VEVOR Medical Pure Water Distiller

Securing the sixth spot is Vevor’s medical water distiller, which is lightweight and compact. 

The brand claims to have designed it for CPAP machines and other medical devices, but you can also use it for drinking water without any issues. 

Unlike the distillers I’ve reviewed so far, Vevor has an entire outer body made from BPA-free plastics, reducing the weight but making it less sturdy than stainless steel ones. However, the inner parts are all stainless steel. 

I am also not very pleased by the plastic jug, which they claim is made from food-grade material. 

The fan is louder and gets overheated in summer. Though, there is a heat detection switch that turns it off after a certain temperature.  

The Vevor water distiller can deliver one gallon every four hours and requires 750 watts each cycle. There is also a charcoal filter attached to the outlet for extra filtration. 

These water distillers will cost you only $69.99 and come with a one-year warranty, making it the least expensive option on my list. 

7. DC House Water Distiller

DC House is a Chinese brand that makes water purification systems. This water distiller is a low-budget option with average distillation and build quality.  

Like other distillers, it has a stainless-steel lower-half body and a plastic upper body and fan.

It comes with a food-grade plastic (polypropylene) container, which is fine, but I prefer glass. 

Though the distiller is sturdy, the outlet spout becomes loose after some time. Also, the cap on the water jug doesn’t fix properly.  

The DC House stainless steel distiller takes four hours to distill one gallon. It’s rated 750 watts, costing you $0.3 per gallon. It features an overheating safety switch and an activated-carbon filter. 

It costs $169.99, but the brand offers only a two-month product warranty and a one-year service warranty.  

Though the product functions as advertised, it’s not sturdy, and adding a poor warranty to the mix, it certainly becomes a less desirable option. 

8. CO-Z Water Distiller

CO-Z’s water distiller has much in common with the DC House filter, from performance to looks. It can distill one gallon in four hours and shut down when it reaches the peak temperature.  

I don’t like the pitcher design, but you can always replace it with your own. The distillation quality is good but not on par with my top recommendation. It also gets heated quickly, so keep it in a well-ventilated area.  

CO-Z costs $129.99 with a one-year warranty. During my research, I found that some customers struggled with finding replacement parts for this product. 

9. ROVSUN Water Distiller 

Rovsun offers the same features and performance parameters as the previous two distillers, costing only $79.99. Its body is made of aluminum, and the insides are stainless steel.  

The instruction manual says you must dump the first few gallons of distilled water, which I find inconvenient.  

It generates a lot of noise, indicating its poor build quality. Also, the boiling chamber started to rust after a few distillation cycles. At this price range, I didn’t expect much.

10. Waterwise 4000 Countertop Distiller

The Waterwise 4000 distiller is the last product on my list. Not sure what’s the significance of the number 4000, but I couldn’t find any explanation on the website.  

Performance-wise, it’s pretty average, with a distillation speed of one gallon in four hours. It requires 800 watts in each cycle, which is pretty energy inefficient. 

Waterwise’s water distiller costs a whopping $369. In my opinion, the cost is unjustified, and you can find better value for money in the Megahome and H2oLabs water distillers.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, many water distillers are available with similar base designs. Still, there is a clear winner when it comes to performance, features, durability, and value for money. And that is the Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller. 

Why? Because I say so. Just kidding! 

Its supreme distillation speed of one gallon per 5.5 hours makes it a viable option, consuming only 580 watts of power, which is pretty economical.

The Megahome is noiseless, and the seals are tight, preventing any leakages. It’s also UL certified, so you don’t have to worry about any accidents. 

The design is sleek and sturdy and made from the most durable 316 stainless steel, making it much more resistant. No other distiller uses this. 

It also features a safety switch that stops the distiller once no water is left. There is also a steam sterilization option that makes cleaning easy-peasy. 

Megahome has excellent customer service, and all the spare parts are easily available online. The brand also offers two years extended warranty on all its products.  

If you want pure and distilled drinking water free from bacteria, germs, inorganic compounds, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and chlorine all year long, then the Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller is your best bet. It also comes with an extended two-year warranty. 

Buy it now here

Research Methodology

After reading my reviews, you might be interested in my research methodology. Here are brief details of my entire thought process, which helped me rank the best water distillers for drinking water.

Step 1: A list of water distillers

I find the first step is always the most daunting one. But I had to start somewhere, so I visited the local stores and made a list of the most selling water distillers.

People mostly buy products online, so I also included the popular choices on e-commerce sites. 

Step 2: Product analysis 

I first observed that most distillers have the same design and features. So, I needed a comprehensive ranking system to differentiate good from bad. 

There is a famous quote by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.” I knew I had to define my end goal before moving forward.

So, I came up with the following points to evaluate water distillers.

  • Company details
  • Product design 
  • Inner technology 
  • Features (capacity, distilling time, etc.)
  • Power (watts)
  • Certifications 
  • Safety
  • Noise
  • Price, shipping, and warranty

 Each point has different scores depending on its importance. 

Step 3: Online reviews  

Next, I started actually going through hundreds of verified reviews by authentic customers. To name a few, I skimmed through Amazon, Google reviews, Home Depot, Trustpilot, and Gizmodo. I also watched YouTube reviews to see what people were talking about.

There was a discrepancy between what companies claimed and what people experienced. I thought as much.

Step 4: Interviews with real customers

Even with utmost scrutiny, fake and bogus online reviews are always possible. So, I decided to interview people in person. 

Thanks to social media, I managed to find customers who have been using water distillers for some time. This gave me great insights into the performance and durability of the product. I included all of this in my final ranking. 

Step 5: Interviews with brands 

To avoid biases, I allowed the brands to defend their product. I asked them about the regular complaints people brought up about their products. Moreover, I also inquired about the certifications, availability of spare parts, and warranty policies. 

Some brands were quite open about their policies and offered satisfactory answers. In contrast, some didn’t even bother to reply to me. 

I include separate points for customer care in my final ranking. 

Step 6: Test drives

Finally, it was time to test all the water distillers and observe their performance myself. For that, I asked all the brands for a test sample. Luckily, I got all 10.

I then started running water distillers 24/7 with one hour of rest between each cycle for one week. I collected purified water samples periodically and had them tested.

Moreover, I observed, among other things, their distillation speed, power consumption, ease of use, and noise. 

Step 7: Ratings

Once I got all the data, I organized it in a spreadsheet. The water distiller that scored the highest secured top positions on my list.

Here is a brief summary of the ranking criteria I used to review water distillers.

  • Company details and origin 
  • Product ergonomics 
  • Online and in-person reviews 
  • Certifications
  • My own testing
  • Costs 
  • Warranty 
  • Customer service 

Best Water Distiller for Drinking Water

Finding the right water distiller for pure drinking water isn’t child’s play. It demanded a lot of attention and time, but it was worth it in the end.

The Megahome Deluxe performed well in all areas and is the best water distiller for drinking water. From customer reviews to my own testing, Megahome gave a consistent performance. The design is classy, and the build quality is certified. 

The Megahome countertop water distiller is made from high-quality 316 stainless steel. It’s corrosion-resistant and can even distill seawater. 

It has one of the finest distillation processes, removing all organic and inorganic contaminants from tap water. Moreover, the pH levels of pure distilled water also remain neutral, which other water distillers struggle with.  

If you want a high-performance water distiller with modern features that can last years at a reasonable price, then my number one recommendation is Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller. If you’re ready to drink distilled water instead of contaminants, buy the best distilled water system here.